35 Useful Tricks for Cleaning Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Truly useful!

We are all looking for useful tricks everyday to make our live easier. Most especially in cleaning! I daresay, cleaning up a house is no joke and we're all just wishing someone would clean for us all the time!

Here are 35 cleaning tricks we have gathered that won't require you to use harsh chemicals!

1. Clean the soles of your sneakers with baking soda, toothpaste and a toothbrush

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2. Clean the inside of your microwave by mixing water and vinegar in a bowl and set it on high for 5 minutes

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You can add a slice of lemon for a fresher scent!

3. Use bread to pick up tiny broken pieces of glass

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4. Clean tufted chairs with Windex and a brush

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5. Clean silver and bronze using tomato ketchup

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6. Use a lint roller to clean up dust, crumbs, dirt or pet hair

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7. Use vinegar to clean cloudy glassware and glass windows

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8. Use dish soap and vinegar to clean shower scum

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9. Use toothpaste for clearer car headlights

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10. Use a microfiber cloth, some alcohol and a few drops of olive oil to clean your stainless steel appliances

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11. Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda to get rid of pet odor

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Just spray on the affected area.

12. Use salt to remove stains from fabric

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13. Clean your blinds using old socks and some dishwashing detergent

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14. Clean your cheese grater using  a slice of a lemon

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15. Add white vinegar to your laundry for better results

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16. Use 2 cups white vinegar to clean the inside of your dishwasher

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17. Soak a rag in vinegar and wrap it around a butter knife and use it to clean your vents

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18. Clean your sponge by microwaving it

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19. Clean your drain using Coca Cola and rinse it with hot water

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20. Use salt and baking soda to clean the bottom of your cooking pots

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21. Water and lemon slices can clean the pans of your oven.

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22. Clean the hard to reach areas of your oven using a toothbrush and a soapy solution

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23. Clean your blender using dish soap and warm water

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24. Spray your couch using a mixture of denture-cleaning tablets and water

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25. Strip off the burnt food from your frying pan using some vinegar and baking soda

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Cover the surface of the frying pan with a little water, pour one glass of vinegar, boil it on medium heat, turn off the stove and then add two tbsp of baking soda.

26. Mop your wood floors using this apple cider and baking soda mixture

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Make some soapy water out of four liters of warm water and one cup of apple cider vinegar or apple vinegar.

27. Use Coca Cola to remove oil stains

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28. Wash your pillows with detergent and boiling water

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29. Clean your carpet using a pumice stone

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30. Clean your shower curtain using laundry detergent, baking soda and white vinegar

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31. Clean your oven racks in the bath tub by soaking them with dishwasher tablets

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32. Clean dusty spaces and things using an anti static cloth

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33. Deodorize your garbage bin by cutting up lemons and spreading the slices over the top of the garbage

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34. Use baking soda and your favorite essential oil to deodorize your mattress

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35. Use baking soda to clean your silverware

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