40 Cheat Sheets For When You’re Trying To Eat A Little Healthier

Trust me, it's not easy to eat like a healthy person. But there's always a way, right?

1. Try the meal prep thing everyone has been so fond about.

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The secret should be planning your meals in advance and mix and match!

2. Try a post workout drink that has both the benefits of protein and caffeine.

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Your love for coffee shouldn't get in the way with your need of protein and vice versa.

3. Allow yourself to be mindful of what you eat and when you eat.

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To each his own, especially when it comes to eating. But a little mindfulness won't hurt.

4. Have some quick and healthy lunch ideas.

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Mix and match!

5. Improve your bowel system and regulate it by adding a lot more fiber into your diet.

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Aside from the fact that fiber keeps excretion “regular” it also keeps you full and slows down your body's ability to absorb sugar.

6. Make a healthy salad that doesn't suck

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Finally, a salad that you'll surely enjoy!

7. While you're at it, make your own salad dressing that's yummy and healthy!

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You know how to whip a mean salad, you must know how to whip a meaner dressing!

8. Know the “healthy”fats by heart.

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Unsaturated fat is really important for our heart so eating a good amount of it is a good call.

9. You should know how to whip up a high protein recipe by yourself.

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Anything low-carb is a healthy treat!

10. Start consuming breakfast bars that aren't filled with sugar and other whatnot that are not healthy.

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And you don't need to bake!

11. Ice cream made of fruit? Yes please!

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Easy to make and a healthier alternative!

12. Sugar has a lot of forms!

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Different name, same taste, same unhealthiness!

13. You know all the low carb alternatives to the usual things you eat.

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Slowly transition to switching to low carb.

14. Eating vegetables is never a chore to you.

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When prepared properly, vegetables will taste so good!

15. Protein can be found in a lot of food other than meat!

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Plant-based protein it is!

16. Overnight oats is the answer to everything!

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Yes, I mean everything!

17. You perfectly know how to marinate your food.

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…..without stripping it of nutrients.

18. You know the difference between Paleo and non-Paleo

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Because it matters.

19. Also the difference between organic and non-organic.

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Taking note of non-GMO brands is a huge help.

21. Also, know the difference between starchy vegetables and non-starchy ones.

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It pays to eat the healthier alternative.

22. Also take note that there is “The Dirty Dozen” and “The Clean Fifteen.”

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Choose your dream team!

23. For when you need to make a yummy yet healthy stir-fry recipe.

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Taco chips with some healthy things on top of it is truly a treat!

25. And did you know that there is vegan ramen?

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Yep, fight me!

26. And when you need some reminding…

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….remember, you are what you eat.

27. Knowing what 100 calories is worth.

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And if it's really worth it.

28. Make a DIY sauce in your own kitchen!

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You reap what you sow!

29. Create your own flexible healthy recipe that you can mix and match any time of day!

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You are busy and you somehow need flexibility even in your food.

30. Creating a myriad recipes and meal ideas.

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Because we're all about creativity right?

31. A healthy use for your mason jars?

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For packing your lunch!

32. For using the right kind of oil in your cooking.

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Less oil, less regret.

33. For turning to pasta alternatives.

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Still as tasty, but lesser calories.

34. For incorporating more whole grains in your diet.

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35. For identifying how macronutrients affect your body.

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Kinda like nutrients, but MACRO. LOL!

36. For creating less boring and more healthy oatmeal.

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Oatmeal for any time of the day!

37. For trying out “healthy” baking.

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Yes, there is such thing!

38. For knowing what portions are.

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Enough is enough.

39. For leaning towards fish in your diet.

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Go fish!

40. Veggie soup?

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Yes please!

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