40 Expensive Looking Handbags That Are Incredibly Affordable

When buying handbags, choose quality over quantity!

It's not all about quantity. It's about quality. These handbags look expensive but they are super affordable.

1. An Abstract Alloy Metal Clutch

Image result for An abstract alloy metal clutch
via Amazon.ca

Add an artistic touch to a gorgeous evening look. $57.

2. A Round Rattan Straw Purse

Image result for A round rattan straw purse
via eBay

Guaranteed to complete your beach babe aesthetic while you're on your next vacation. $23.

3. A Cotton Canvas Tote

Image result for A cotton canvas tote
via The Knot Shop

Has a relaxed look and multiple inside pockets. You can throw everything you need inside and still keep it somewhat organized.

4. A Versatile Leather Bag

Image result for A versatile leather bag that can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag and looks so good, everyone will think you paid a fortune for it.
via Amazon.ca

Can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag and looks so good, everyone will think you paid a fortune for it. $20.

5. A Sling Shoulder Bag

Image result for A sling shoulder bag with two sides open slots
via LuckinMe

A bag with two sides open slots so you can have quick access to your phone or keys on the outside, while still being able to stuff the inside with all of your random necessities. $44.99

6. An Envelope Clutch

Image result for An envelope clutch with a cut-out pattern
via Ikrush

A clutch with a cut-out pattern, gold background, and detachable chain strap perfect for a night out with your friends or for adding some personality to a formal look. $16.

7. A Cylinder-shaped Bag

via Missguided

A bag with tortoiseshell details, because it's unique and interesting, while still casual enough to wear with anything in your closet. $8.

8. A Luxe-looking Burgundy Crossbody

via Target

A crossbody that is so chic and polished. $34.99.

9. A Straw Cactus Crossbody Bag

Image result for A straw cactus crossbody bag
via DTKAustin

This bag is adorned in pom-poms that'll make any outfit photo-ready. $30.

10. An Acrylic Marble Clutch

Image result for An acrylic marble clutch
via Amazon

Makes even the simplest outfit look trendy and chic. $28.99.

11. A Velvet Roll-top Clutch

via Asos

A clutch that's perfect for an evening dinner or holiday party. $24.

12. A Medium Leather Tote

Image result for A medium leather tote with a flower pendant decoration,
via Amazon

A tote with a flower pendant decoration, two hand straps, and a removable shoulder strap that makes it a wonderful daily piece, but with a little bit of sass. $23.99.

13. An Edgy Messenger Bag

via Amazon

A bag with patches and chain details for nights when you're going for more of a rocker look. Just add a leather jacket and some black boots. $25.

14. A Structured Colorblock Purse

Image result for A structured colorblock purse
via Amazon.com

A purse with a retro vibe that'll look great with a summery dress or a fall sweater and boots. $52.

15. A Roomy Bucket Bag

via Amazon

Minimalist-chic but majorly sophisticated. It comes with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap! $39.99.

16. A Metal Cage Mini Duffle

Image result for A metal cage mini duffle
via Boohoo

Mini Duffle to wear with some gold jewelry and strut into an event or a dinner date. $24.

17. A Neon Mini Lock Bag

via Boohoo

A bag you can use to add a fun pop of color to any neutral outfit. $18.

18. A Small Zip-around Dome Satchel

Image result for A small zip-around dome satchel
via BuzzFeed

A satchel that won't take up much space, but you'll be surprised at how much you can fit in it. $25.50.

19. A Sunny Structured Purse

via Modcloth

The perfect combination of fun and professional. $49.

20. A Floral Circle Purse

via Nordstrom

A purse for days when you're feeling whimsical and your outfit just needs one more pretty thing to make it perfect. $42.99.

21. A Geometric Reflective Handbag

Image result for A geometric reflective handbag
via Luminesk

A handbag that'll definitely give your purse collection a ~glow up~. $24.39.

22. A Bucket Bag with a Patterned Scarf Drawstring

Image result for A bucket bag with a patterned scarf drawstring
via AliExpress

A bucket bag for a fun, yet sophisticated look. This bag is great for an everyday style statement. $6.66

23. A Chic Leather Backpack

Image result for A chic leather backpack you can carry to work or class
via Pinterest

A backpack you can carry to work or class, and still feel professional and stylish. $23.99.

24. A Large Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

via Amazon

A bag that has so much room to stuff things in, it'll be great for a road trip or long flight. $33.99.

25. A Classic Pocketbook

via us.asos.com

Perfect for holding all the essentials of an old-school screen siren, or you. $45.

26. A Faux Croc Ring-handle Bag

Image result for A faux croc ring-handle bag
via Tias Place

A bag that is simple, yet fabulous and can be worn with your favorite heels, boots, or sneakers. $42.

27. A Gem-encrusted Mini Bag

via shop.nordstrom.com

It's basically a scientific fact that more glitter makes you less bitter. $34.80.

28. A Zip Closure Crossbody Bag

via Target

A bag that's not bulky or heavy — it's just the right size for running errands. Plus, it's super cute! $17.99.

29. A Trendy Transparent Purse

via BuzzFeed

Clearly great for events where you have to get your bag inspected. $37.99.

30. A Scalloped Fabric Clutch

Image result for A scalloped fabric clutch
via DSW

It can instantly add some glam to a solid dress or blouse. $29.99.


32. A Washed Vegan Leather Satchel

via Amazon

A satchel with tons of pockets so you can keep all of your pens, chargers, snacks, and makeup organized. $33.99.

33. A Multifunctional Leather Hobo Bag

Image result for multifunctional leather hobo bag
via Supfashion.com

A bag for those days when you just need to quickly throw everything in a bag and run out the door. $82.48


35. A Kendall + Kylie Neon Hip Pack

via Walmart

So you can have a ~dash~ of Kardashian/Jenner style, without the Kardashian/Jenner price tag. $8.

36. A Faux Alligator Satchel and Matching Wallet

Image result for A faux alligator satchel and matching wallet
via Zulily

You can pair with a blazer and walk into the boardroom feeling like you own it. $21.99

37. A Stylish Saddle Bag

via Amazon

With an embellished handle and removable shoulder strap that effortlessly combines fashion and function. $35.98.

38. A Quilted Crossbody

via us.boohoo.com

Guaranteed to make everyone green with envy. $16.

39. A Sleek Three-piece Set of Matching Bags

via Amazon

Bags in different sizes that you can use individually or all at the same time. You can get across town with all of your odds and ends while still looking professional and put together. $38.99

40. A Sporty Puma Bag

Image result for A sporty Puma bag
via Puma

A bag with contrast piping that you can pair with jeans or leggings for a casual, cool look. $25.

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