40 Protein Packed Dinners Without Meat

Same some bucks!

Need more protein but want to go meatless? Here are 40 meatless protein recipes you will love!

1. High Protein Salad

via Contentednesscooking.com

Nothing beats a protein-packed salad filled with lentils, beans, peanut butter & tahini for dinner.

2. One-Pot Vegan Lentil Soup

via Minimalistbaker.com

A colorful way to fill yourself with protein for dinner will always be the fun way. So, have a bowl of this.

3. Fall Farro Protein Bowl

via Veganyackattack.com

An easy-to-make vegan Fall Farro Protein Bowl for a delicious and filling meal.

4. Smashed White Bean + Avocado Sandwich

via OneGreenPlanet.org

Whether in a sandwich or used as a healthy dip for pita chips, this can't be beat.

5. Black Bean & Quinoa Balls

via Greenevi.com

Crispy, hearty, and flavourful quinoa balls that go so well with pasta or spiralized zucchini. They are also great simply as a snack with your favorite dip. Easy to make and, of course, healthy!

6. Broccolini Mushroom Stirfry

via OneGreenPlanet.org

This vegan stir fry is great with soba noodles, quinoa, or even just by itself.

7. Autumn Lentil Salad with Chickpea Pancakes

via Thestingyvegan.com

Make use of the best of the season’s produce with this protein-packed meal that’s easy to make. Enjoy warm or cold, as a main or as a side.

8. Vegan Buddha Bowl with Avocado

via Wellandfull.com

A healthy and hearty buddha bowl that's great for diner. Top it with a DIY sauce of red pepper + lemon + paprika + cilantro.

9. Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos

via Vnutritionandwellness.com

A delicious and easy meal that's both sweet and savory, you ask? Try these protein-loaded Teriyaki Tempeh Tacos and experience a new and healthy take on tacos.

10. Spicy Kimchi Quinoa Bowls

via Simplyquinoa.com

Do an Asian way of enjoying your dinner with this quinoa bowl. It goes well with a fried egg.

11. Green Pea Fritters

via Wallflowerkitchen.com

Enjoy green peas like never before with these delicious and kid-friendly green pea fritters!

12. Healthier Egg Salad

via Wellplated.com

This egg salad is best served on lots of fresh greens or simply made into a sandwich. For a different take of this dish, use Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

13. Easy Black Bean Soup

via Veggieinspired.com

This protein-filled Black Bean Soup is perfect for a weeknight meal.

14. Soba Noodle Stir-Fry

via Cookieandkate.com

Soba noodles plus a cup of edamame makes a great amount of protein. This for an enjoyable dinner is a must on your list.

15. Vegan “Chicken” Garlic Slaw Burgers

via Elephantasticvegan.com

Purple garlic slaw and Flavorful TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) slices in homemade pretzel buns are exactly what you need for a meatless protein-loaded dinner. Perfection? It's what this burger should be called.

16. Sheet Pan Nachos with Black Beans + Fried Eggs

via Melaniemakes.com

Leave the pork sausage out and still taste a ton of flavor with this recipe.

17. Lentil Loaf

via Wallflowerkitchen.com

Looking for a gluten-free, meat-free, and nut-free dish that's perfect for roast dinners and even on your favorite holiday season? This is a must on your table.

18. Veggie-Loaded Egg Bake

via Littlespicejar.com

Make a delicious protein-packed dinner using the leftover vegetables in your fridge. Easy-to-make, cheap, healthy, and perfect!

19. Spicy Crispy Breaded Tofu

via Veganricha.com

For an incredibly delicious meatless meal, try this recipe that uses tofu as a meat alternative. It's a good source of protein and great for lunches or dinner.

20. Easy Egg & Black Bean Enchiladas

via Littlespicejar.com

Enchiladas are never better without meat – it's the best! And of course, never forget to top it with a DIY ranchero sauce.

21. Chickpea Sweetcorn Veggie Burgers

via Thelittleplantation.co.uk

This burger recipe is what you need for a protein-packed meal that's both delicious and satisfying.

22. Homemade Fried Rice

via Minimalistbaker.com

Have this version of fried rice that swaps out meat for protein-filled tofu.

23. Easy Vegan Samosa Pot-Pie

via Wallflowerkitchen.com

This Samosa Pot-Pie is an easy, flavorful dinner that will surely fill you up. You can make this, as well, in advance.

24. 15-Minute Sesame Soba Noodles

via Damndelicious.net

Made from buckwheat flour, soba noodles contain a good amount of protein per serving. It's great for weeknight dinners.

25. Vegan Spanish Omelette

via Wallflowerkitchen.com

A naturally gluten- and grain-free vegan Spanish omelet is what you need for a simple yet delicious and comforting dinner!

26. Vegan Stuffed Peppers

via Minimalistbaker.com

An easy recipe that makes up for a protein-loaded delicious meal can also be in a form of peppers filled with quinoa, black beans, salsa, spices, and corn.

27. Vegan Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

via Thisvibrantworld.com

Enjoy a delicious lasagna without adding meat using this recipe. It's naturally high in protein and low in fat so have zero worries.

28. Smoky Potato  Chickpea Stew

via Budgetbytes.com

Have a cheap, healthy, and delicious dinner using super-affordable ingredients with this recipe.

29. Vegan BBQ Lentil Loaf

via Thevegan8.com

A loaf that's bursting with barbecue flavor and is oat-free, sturdy, and hearty – this is one of the perfect options for a healthy dinner.

30. Vegetarian Slow Cooker Lentil Sloppy Joes

via Ambitiouskitchen.com

Slow-cook your lentils and swap the buns for spaghetti squash. This dish makes an absolutely great dinner.

31. Red Lentil Quinoa Fritters

via Veggieinspired.com

These crispy fritters are oil free and baked, not fried. Spice it up with cumin, turmeric and a touch of cinnamon then you'll an easy, high protein, meatless dinner.

32. Taco Bowl With Crispy Chipotle Chickpeas

via Killingthyme.net

A colorful taco bowl that will surely delight your senses.

33. Mongolian Seitan

via Yupitsvegan.com

This beef-less beef recipe is a surefire way to have a meatless yet protein-filled dinner.

34. Crock-Pot Low-Carb Lasagna

via Allcreated.com

Swap the pasta noodles for eggplant and zucchini zoodles, toss the cheese, and have a delicious meal.

35. Mexican Lentil Soup

via Yummymummykitchen.com

This one-pot meal recipe makes a hearty and nourishing meal. It's vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

36. Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes

via Minimalistbaker.com

Slice the sweet potatoes, bake, put the other ingredients, and enjoy. Just 30 minutes then you're good to go!

37. Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry

via Vegetariangastronomy.com

Just a quick sauce plus a mixture of veggies and you'll have a dish the whole family will love! Enjoy this over a bowl of quinoa for added protein.

38. One Pot Cheesy Mexican Lentils, Black Beans, & Rice

via Reciperunner.com

Can't get enough of cheese? You'll definitely love this dish. This one's a pot of wonders.

39. Easy Vegan Chili Sin Carne

via Wallflowerkitchen.com

This flavorful meat-free dinner boasts of 25g protein per serving!

40. Homemade Veggie Burgers

via Caseyjade.com

Just bake these in the oven and freeze if you want to preserve some!

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