41 Food Facts That Are Totally And Undeniably True

You have to see it to believe it.

It is a fact that foods provide nourishment. But for a moment, let us discover some fun facts about foods that are undoubtedly true.

1. Mac & cheese is better with shapes.

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2. Mountain Dew is partly made of orange juice

Mountain Dew
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3. When an Oreo has colored frosting, it is immediately better.

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4. Apples taste better sliced.

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5. Honey is the only edible food that doesn't go bad.

Image result for honey is the only edible food that never goes bad
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6. These taste totally different.

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7. Chimichanga means ‘thingamajig’.

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8. Avocados last one minute.

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9. Gatorade is way better out of this bottle.

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10. Expensive food doesn't make any sense.

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11. Pizza Hut used to be the nation’s biggest purchaser of kale.

fresh green kale
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12. Food tastes better when it's not yours.

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13. None of these bottled waters taste the same

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14. Bananas are inbred.

Bunch of Bananas
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15. Pudding tastes better with a plastic spoon.

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16. Tomatoes don’t come from Italy but from Mexico and South America.

cherry tomatoes
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17. Eating a lollipop is just swallowing flavored saliva

red-haired young woman with a colorful candy
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18. Reese's are always better in tree or egg form

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19. Fritos are made from just 3 ingredients: CORN, SALT, and CORN OIL.

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20. These taste totally different

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21. Pringles once filed a lawsuit to prove that they weren’t potato chips. They are “Savory” snacks.

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22. Every liquid is better out of a glass bottle

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23. Humans share 60% of our DNA with bananas.

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24. Potatoes are 80% water.

Two hands holding freshly harvested potatoes.
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25. Spinach is a magician.

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26. This is pure garbage

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27. These cookies taste way better than they should.

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28. Shredded cheese contains wood pulp. The ingredient cellulose is considered safe.

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29. Figs sometimes contain dead wasps. Figs are inverted flowers. They are not fruits.

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30. Everyone has eaten the paper.

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31. Scientists can make diamonds out of peanut butter

Jar of peanut butter with nuts. On wooden texture.
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32. Mini M&M's are better than normal-size

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33. String cheese is next level when peeled.

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34. Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.

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35. Candy corn is best in pumpkin form.

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36. Strawberries aren’t berries but “Accessory fruits.”

hulled strawberries
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37. Slicing a sandwich makes it three times as delicious.

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38. And the words “free food” makes everything taste better.

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39. Altitude can change the way your food tastes.

child eating in the airplane
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40. Apples are made of 25% air, which is why they float.

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41. Your cup wants to betray you.

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