42 Healthy Lunches For Work That Aren’t Dull

Meal prep ideas for every kind of eater!

Do you find it hard to prepare brunches every day? Are you spending too much for the best healthy brunches and save nothing of your hard-earned money? Well, you came to the right place because we have prepared here 41 healthy lunches for work that will surely satisfy your appetite. Check 'em below!

1.Arthichoke and pearled spelt salad recipe

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Healthy, tasty and simple—what more could you want?

2.Chicken and rice salad with ginger-sesame dressing

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Great recipe to prepare earlier in the day, because it can be enjoyed cold, straight from the refrigerator.

3.Crunchy raw veggie and sprouts salad

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This veg-packed salad is for fans of raw vegetables and light lunches.

4.Honey sriracha glazed meatballs

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Deliciously filling and healthy meal all ready to go!

5.King prawn and pulse salad

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Zingy with lemon and herbs, but ready in minutes,

6.Honey sesame chicken lunch bowls

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This recipe is mildly spicy. Feel free to reduce or leave out the red pepper flakes for a less/non-spicy version.

7.Tomato and carrot coconut daal

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Offers the ultimate creamy dairy-free hot pot!

8.Easy homemade hummus

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Incredibly simple, so smooth and it tastes amazing.

9.Lentil falafel with buckwheat flatbreads

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A big tasty plate of all the best carbohydrates.

10.Mini wonton quiches

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An easy breakfast or lunch recipe that's good for you!

11.Noodle and raw veg slaw salad

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This noodle-filled take on a slaw is delicious.

12.Corn and black bean baked falafels

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These baked falafels are a tasty, healthy, protein-packed snack.

13.Mexican Quinoa bowl

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Packed with flavor and wonderfully filling—the perfect vegan lunch meal.

14.Turkey Taco Lunch Bowls

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Not only are these bowls loaded with fresh veggies, but they are actually filling!

15.Vegan squash and sesame seed salad

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This squash and sesame seed salad is a perfect make lots and enjoy for a week of easy lunches.

16.Lighter Mongolian beef meal prep

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Healthier Mongolian beef and it not only is great for a weeknight dinner but re-heats nicely for a meal prep lunch as well!

17.Kale salad with beetroot and goats cheese

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This tasty dish is packed full of flavor, healthy and easy to prepare.

18.Hot smoked salmon and egg and lentil salad

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Hot-smoked salmon has a great texture, more akin to poached salmon than smoked.

19.Carrot, chickpea and feta salad jar

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Sliced carrots in this recipe not only sit in the dressing and marinate, but also keep the dressing away from the more delicate ingredients!

20.Salmon, pea and asparagus frittata

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This healthy frittata recipe makes the perfect speedy midweek lunch!

21.Freekeh and roasted squash salad

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These fritters are jam-packed full of slow release carbs and the perfect high-protein option if topped with eggs.

22.Prawn, tenderstem broccoli and freekeh salad

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Packed full of calcium and iron, and with four times the fiber of brown rice!

23.Aubergine ‘bacon' ALT sandwich

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Just because you're vegetarian, doesn't mean you have to miss out on bacon.

24.Prawn, mange tout and noodle soup

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Cold nights were made for steaming hot bowls of this flavor-packed prawn and veggie soup.

25.Raw slaw mezze

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Bursting with nutrient-dense foods to keep you going for the rest of the day.

26.Miso Fish with spring onion and sesame seed

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A Japanese-style fish recipe that'll keep you full all the way until dinner time!

27.Quinoa salad with avocado, tomato, parsley and pine nuts

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Fill up your tummy with quinoa, tomato, parsley, and avocado.

28.Bahia-style fish stew

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High protein, warming, and filling!

29.Spanish Chorizo stew

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A perfect comfort food, with chorizo low in calories and high in protein.

30.Matcha salmon with leafy greens

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Ideal to refuel post-workout. It's perfectly-proportioned and nutrient-packed!

31.Healthy nacho bowl


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Equally tasty and satisfying bowl!

32.Chicken Pho

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This soup is packed full of B1 and B6 vitamins, plus lots of aromatic spices and herbs.

33.Mini thai salmon burgers with wholemeal pitta

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Basically just salmon, and come with a zingy, zesty, crunchy salad!

34.Marinated chicken with artichokes, grilled lemon and red quinoa

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Try roasting a whole chicken on a Sunday evening and use the servings for a week worth of healthy lunches.

35.Chickpea and prawn stew with garlic potatoes

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Perfect for gloomy winter days.

36.Vietnamese chicken salad

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A delicious immune boosting winter salad.

37.Sweet potato falafels with pitta and hummus

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These homemade falafel balls use just a handful of ingredients plus!

38.Chicken satay with peanut sambal and Asian slaw

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This recipe sees the traditional chicken satay get a healthy upgrade.

39.Feta, caremalised red onion and pine nut cous cous

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Sweet, salty and tangy vegetarian grains mix.

40.Pea and mint soup

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This simple soup is best packed full of fresh peas and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

41.Chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes

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Great to reheat for when your tummy needs a hot veg-packed meal!

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