7 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At The World Forever

For such a long time it's been difficult to represent a 3D planet on a 2D map. The  Mercator projection was created as a way for it, but as the smart people at thetruesize.com show, all may not be as it seems…

1. This is the map of the USA that is compared with Europe. Look how big it is!

This map really helps you understand the relative positions of cities on opposite sides of the Atlantic with the exact latitude of the USA.

For instance, Paris actually sits just north of the Canadian border, Florida extends as far south as southern Egypt, and Chicago is found at nearly the exact same latitude as Istanbul!

Note: A tweet from @TBoneGallagher is where I got this idea.

2. It is clear that they are not as dissimilar in size as most people think if Canada is moved down to where the US is.

3. It is because Australia is so far away from other land masses, people often forget how big it is. Here is what happens when you move it over Europe.

4. This is Antarctica, a continent that usually takes up the whole bottom of a map.

5. When you overlay the five largest countries in Africa on top of the USA, this happens…

From largest to smallest: 1. Algeria (red), 2. DRC (pink), 3. Sudan (blue), 4. Libya (purple), and 5. Chad (orange).

6. A Reddit user while staying in States and had the great idea of seeing what would happen to a rectangular state, such as Colorado, as you move it north from the equator.

7. And lastly, here is what happens when you place the 10 largest countries in the world next to each other on the equator.

There are some rankings that say the US is larger than China because of dependencies and water.

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