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11 Toners That Will Make Your Skin Freakin’ Glow

Whatever your skin type is.

Beat the oil and all the other nasty stuff on your face with these toners.

1. Nutrient Toner

Best for normal skin or combination skin!

2. Pore Refining Toner

Best for aging skin!

3. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

Probably the best overall!

4. Immortelle Essential Water

Best for dry skin!

5. Energie de Vie: The Smoothing & Plumping Pearly Lotion

Best for sensitive skin.

6. Botanical Floral Toning Lotion

Best natural toner!

7. Facial Treatment Essence

Best for dull skin.

8. Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

Best for oily skin!

9. Neutrogena Alcohol And Oil-Free Toner

Best for those on a tight budget.

10. Lotion P50

Best for sun damage.

11. Essentials’ Oil-Free Deep Cleaning Astringent

Best for acne!


15 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

Avoid these mistakes now before it’s too late!

Treat your hair well if you want to achieve that lustrous shine you have been wanting. How you style, dry, or wash your hair can impact its ability to have that glorious appearance. Try avoiding these 15 biggest hair care mistakes you have been doing all your life.

1. Washing your hair too often

Cosmetologist Dr. Sama Rais said that a daily hair washing is not okay “as shampoos have harsh chemicals and can remove the essential oils from the scalp, causing an over-drying of the scalp. Thrice a week is good enough. Even if you perspire, just pour plain water on the hair. If your hair suffers from Hyperhidrosis (a problem of excessive sweating), you may have to wash every day. But use only a mild shampoo, which is suitable for your hair.”

2. You’re flat ironing wet or damp hair.

The solution to this is to blow dry or air dry your hair first, but just be sure it’s completely dry before you proceed with flat iron styling.

3. You don’t brush your hair before you wash it.

Brushing the hair gently a few times a day is an excellent practice, particularly when especially it’s long. It conditions the strands, distributes oils, and promotes a healthy scalp.

4. Using Hairspray Before Styling

Hairstylist Kirsten Patterson said, “Only use heat protectant sprays first. Hairspray and heat from the curling iron can really dry your hair out, so it’s important to only use it once you’re finished styling.”

5. Stop conditioning your scalp

Michon Kessler, the owner of Nevada’s Studio M, says: “Your ends need all the oil and nutrients, so condition from the ends in toward the scalp. Be careful to keep it away from your scalp, it will only make it oilier.”

6. Thinking You Can Mend Split Ends

The solution is to find a product, such as L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Break Proof Lotion, that creates a protective barrier against harsh UV rays and excessive heat styling.

7. Rough-drying your hair with a bath towel


Jenna Mast, a New York-based hairstylist, said: “It doesn’t matter how low-maintenance you are—don’t stretch and pull that wet, delicate hair! Instead of aggressively tousling it, twist it up in a nice, not-too-tight towel-turban.”

8. Under-Conditioning Hair (Especially If You Have Coarse, Curly Hair)

According to Kiyah Wright, a two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist, “If you have textured or coarse hair, ditch your shampoo and co-wash, washing with just conditioner. Using just conditioner will leave your curls healthier and easier to maintain when you hop out of the shower.”

9. Rinsing with hot water

Mast said, “It’s fine to use hot—not steaming—water to rinse out your shampoo. This allows your hair cuticles to open up and ensures your strands are clean from the inside out.”

10. Putting wet hair in a ponytail


According to celebrity hairstylist Deycke Heidorn, “hair ties and pins put too much pressure on hair shafts and are something to absolutely avoid using in the shower. Instead, consider using a large clip to hold up your hair on the top of your head, where there will be the least amount of pressure and pulling as you shower.”

11. Skipping Heat Protection

Renee Loux of Women’s Health Magazine suggests “Before blow-drying, let hair air dry until just damp… and opt for the warm setting instead of hot to avoid habitual heat damage.”

12. Using the Wrong Brush for the Style You’re Trying to Achieve

According to Vincent Sideli, a hairstylist at the Yves Durif Salon in New York City, “Natural boar bristle brushes are best for curly and straight hair. The boar bristle is gentle on the hair, smooth cuticles, moisturize hair and create a beautiful, glossy finish.”

13. Coloring or highlighting too often

Kim Vō, BLONDME global ambassador and celebrity colorist, said: “Take breaks between your color ‘relationships. If at-home temporary hair color isn’t enough of a shade shift, hair extensions can do the trick of transforming your tresses, adding dimension without the color commitment.”

14. Brushing While Wet

Mast said: “Giving your hair a nice detangle before you get it wet is the key to avoiding detangling afterward.”

15. Detangling Your Hair Too Roughly In The Shower

According to Waveney Antoine, owner of Koil Hair, “For curly and coily girls, one big no-no that can majorly stunt hair health is to detangle too roughly in the shower. In the shower, if you’re yanking overly hard on a gigantic clump of curls, the sound of the water beating down will muffle the sounds of breakage. Even though the brushing may not hurt much because of the slip from the conditioner, if you fail to be gentle enough, you can do a whole lot of damage because your fragile ends will still pop off and wash down the drain without you even noticing.”

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12 Things That Are Sabotaging Your Ability To Have Shiny Hair

Bring back the shine!

According to Francesca Fusco, M.D., a dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology in NYC, “Healthy hair is a reflection of what you put in your body and on your hair. The cuticle looks like shingles overlapping on a microscopic level. On healthy hair, those shingles lie smooth and flat—i.e., the prime position for reflecting light and creating shine. But with enough wear and tear, the cuticle of hair may appear broken or shredded.” You might be wondering, “What then can we do to counteract the things that are sabotaging our ability to have shiny hair?” Read on to find out.

1. Dry Shampoo


Solution: Limit the use of dry shampoo to only two or three days between washes.

2. Chemical Styling

Solution: Use gentler, natural, and organic options. The latest trend uses your favorite treats, like Nutella, to give hair a natural, gorgeous color!

3. Heat Styling

Solution: Frusco said, “Air-dry your hair a few days a week. When heat-styling your hair, minimize damage by first applying a heat protectant like Alterna Haircare Caviar anti-Frizz Blowout Butter. If you heat-style and color your hair, use a protein treatment like Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment monthly. Rinse well—protein residue can make hair brittle.”

4. Hair Dye

Solution: Sharon Dorram, master colorist at the Sally Hershberger salon in NYC, says “Anytime the hair is bleached, it becomes more porous and will not reflect light—and thus doesn’t look as shiny. Avoid products that contain alcohol, since it is harsh on hair and will only worsen dullness.”

5. Sunlight

Solution: Nunzio Saviano, hairstylist, and owner of his eponymous salon in NYC, suggests, “If your hair feels dry, just use conditioner.”

6. Genetics

Solution: Experiment on tools and tricks that can combat dry hair and give you the shine you are looking for.

7. Medications

Solution: Never stop or change prescribed medication without consulting with your doctor. Sometimes simply changing the medication can work wonders for dry hair.

8. Perms

Solution: Do perm once in a while.

9. Over or under hair washing

Solution: simply shampoo less—not necessarily wet and condition hair less.

10. Poor Diet

Solution: Fusco recommends “getting a mix of healthy fats and protein at every meal, like a chia seed pudding for breakfast and dermatologist-fave salmon for dinner.”

11. Excessive Brushing

Solution: Use wide-toothed comb.

12. Dandruff


Solution: Fusco suggests “using a shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione, which not only reduces flakes but also moisturizes hair.”

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10 Struggles All Girls Who Suck at Makeup Understand

You are not alone!

Most girls, if not all, struggle to achieve that perfect look. And what better way to enhance your appearance than putting on makeup. But makeup can be such a pain if you aren’t professionally skilled in applying it. Below are some of the struggles that girls who suck at makeup commonly experience.

1. Your lipstick never stays more than 1,2 hours

2. You spend hours watching YouTube videos to learn the newest looks.

3. Doing and Re-Doing Your Winged Eyeliner

4. You always beg your talented friend to do your makeup before special events

5. Looking Like a Clown When You Try to Wear Blush

6. Getting Really Excited About Going to Sephora…and Then Getting Really Overwhelmed

7. You always buy brightly colored makeup, but you’re afraid to use it

8. Wondering Whether Concealer Is Supposed to Go On Before or After Foundation

9. You are wearing the wrong makeup

10. Praying Your Eyebrows Are Naturally on Fleek—Because You Have No Idea How to Properly Fill Them In

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