Looking for the best barbie camping playset with tent?

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Whether you’re looking for a tent, cozy sleeping bag, folding chairs or cookware, we have everything you need to make your barbie doll camping trip a success.

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How We Choose the Best Barbie Camping Gear

Going camping for endless outdoor adventures can be a lot of fun, but it's hard to know with so many accessories what gear you need without spending a lot of time and money researching.

Camping can be a lot of fun, but it's hard to know what gear you need for kids without spending a lot of time and money researching.

We've done the research for you! We read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the 3 best Barbie camping gear items that will make your trip a success.

Barbie Camper Pop Up Play Tent

Best For Easy Fold Up

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Why We Love It

With this life-sized Barbie Camper, your little ones can create new stories and scenarios while they play. It even includes realistic details that make the experience much more fun and immersive! It is a playset with tent 2 little ones can accommodate with super cool string lights.

The cheerful design will draw plenty of smiles and make it a bright addition to any living room. You can get one or two woodland animals and get your little ones in tie dye shorts for an ultimate campsite environment.

Not only that, but the tent also has multiple openings for kids to explore. They can crawl through the hidden rear door entrance or look out from the roof opening for a whole new perspective on their adventures.

Whether used for pretend camping trips or starry night camping stories, this Barbie Camper is sure to bring an extra spark of joy into your home.

What You Should Know

If you are looking for a safe and durable pop-up tent that is easy to assemble, look no further than the Barbie Dream Camper. With this tent, setting up is hassle-free with no need for tools - simply pop it open and you're ready to go!

You can add a bunny's tail, some three to four dolls including roberts doll, barbie dolls, or others.  Once playtime is over, fold the tent flat and store it away without taking up much space. It's also an excellent gift idea for Barbie fans aged 3 or older!

Not only does this tent have engaging graphics, but it has been designed with safety in mind. Its rounded corners and extra roomy to keep the roberts dolls and pet puppy, no-floor design make it a great space where children can hang out without worry.

Barbie Pop Up Castle

Best For a Roomy Space

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Why We Love It

Let your child play out their wildest dreams with the life-sized Barbie princess castle! The magical Dreamtopia design will provide hours of creative and imaginative playtime.

Upon entering this majestic castle, kids can explore its many chambers and rooms, featuring a roll-down door for extra privacy or supervision if needed. Alternatively, they can play some card game, and have the time of their lives in this camping playset.

Get your kids in star printed pants and striped tank with one or two dolls, squirrel's tail and let them explore the camping playset with tent and themed accessories.

With its multiple mesh windows, adventurers can enjoy peek-a-boo play in their very own kingdom while they dream away faraway lands. Set up in any living room and let them live out all kinds of royal adventures with marshmallow roasters, firepit, folding chairs and more!

What You Should Know

Setting up a play tent couldn't be easier with its pop-up design with awning and string lights. Inserting the poles takes no time at all, so your little one can start playing in minutes. When it's time to store this extra large fabric tent away, it folds flat quickly and easily, leaving more time for playtime.

Keeping safety as their top priority, the design of this very own tent includes helpful features such as round corners and improved stitching that won't wear away over time. Hence, it makes way for some great outdoors or storytelling play in which the colors and decorations may vary.

The extra roomy design also leaves plenty of space for adventure and imagination, making it a super fun (not to mention safe!) place for kids to explore their wildest dreams.

Barbie Off-Road Vehicle

Best to Teach Kid Road Ethics

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Why We Love It

Young minds can explore and discover the wonders of the open road with this awesome, all-terrain Barbie vehicle! For tents barbie it takes two camping playset, but this car is for two in one option.

This car has a signature, open-air design that creates a cinematic experience that'll have little adventurers dreaming of grand adventures and stories to tell when they grow up. This playset inspires outdoor adventures and an ultimate camping trip.

Your kids can take barbie brooklyn roberts doll and their camping doll on a fun ride with this car. Plus, it is built well enough to take Barbie and a friend on wild rides or tranquil cruises.

Wherever their imaginations lead them, this powerful car will follow - let them explore wild new terrains today with this 5 stars awesome ride!

What You Should Know

This Barbie vehicle is sure to spark the imaginations of young adventurers ages 3-7, who will love its unique color scheme complete with a purple body, pink interior, and silvery accents like the grille and wheels.

It's even got tires that roll so all it takes is a push to set them on the open road. For an added touch of style, this toy comes with Barbie logo details as well as a personalized license plate. With Barbie leading the way, your little ones can explore any possibilities they wish!

Barbie Camping FAQs

How to make a Barbie tent?

Setting up a Barbie tent is easy - simply open the tent and insert the poles. This can usually be done in minutes, so your little one can start playing right away. When it's time to store the tent away, just fold it flat quickly and easily.

What themed accessories go with the Barbie Dream Camper?

The Barbie Dream Camper comes with lots of cool camping accessories to make any camping adventure come alive - from a sink and refrigerator to an outdoor kitchen, blanket, toys, and cute camping clothes. There's even a cozy bed for Barbie to sleep in! If you want extra accessories or two camping playset, you can purchase these separately or add them on when you buy the camper.

What age is the Barbie Pop Up Castle suitable for?

The Barbie Pop Up Castle is suitable for kids ages 3-7. With its round corners and extra roomy cute camping looks, it's a great space where children can hang out without worry. They'll have plenty of space to explore their wildest dreams - just provide the imagination!

What type of material is used for the Barbie Off-Road Vehicle?

The Barbie Off-Road vehicle is made from durable plastic which makes it perfect for exploring the outdoors. It also features sturdy tires that roll and unique color scheme with a purple body, pink interior, and silvery accents like the grille and wheels. Plus, it has the signature Barbie logo details so your child can drive around in style!

Who can use the Barbie Camping Set?

The Barbie Camping playset is suitable for children ages 3 and up, with everything they need to create their own backyard camping adventure. The set includes a camping playset with tent, camp, campfire, lantern, and BBQ grill accessories, so your little one will have hours of fun recreating outdoor scenes. Plus, the tent is easy to assemble and store away, leaving more time for playtime.


You can’t go wrong with any of the Barbie Camping sets on our list. Each one comes highly rated and recommended by verified customers on Amazon, so you know they’re sure to make your little ones' ears wiggle.

Whether you choose based on price or features, we are confident that your children will love playing with whichever set or two playset you pick. Happy camping!