Bottle Warmers That Will Not Destroy The Nutrients In Baby’s Milk And Food

Mommy's and baby's need! These bottle warmers are reliable in ensuring that your little ones get all the nutrients in breast milk or formula milk. They provide the optimum temperature of safely without losing the nourishment they need!

#7: Maxx Elite Smart

This bottle warmer keeps the constant temperature of the milk without having to start and wait in warming a bottle. It fits almost all size of bottles but the taller ones require to remove the nipple to allow the lid to close. To avoid water overheating, just ensure that the plastic isolate plate that the bottle sits on must be placed inside warmer with the feet facing down. This bottle warmer comes in two colors: blue and orange. Plus, it includes sterilizer basket!



#6: Dr. Brown's Deluxe

This bottle warmer has an adjustable basket that lets it hold a variety of bottle sizes. It features an alarm when warming cycle is complete. It has a water chamber that is large enough to warm several bottles before it needs to be refilled. It has LCD control panel and automatic shutoff. Plus, it automatically shuts off after eight minutes plus features a cycle memory to repeat preferred heating time.



#5: First Years Night Cravings

This bottle warmer keeps two bottles cool for up to eight hours with its removable rear cooler. It comes with a water vial you can pre-measure and nightlight built into the front. It can also sterilize pacifiers. This bottle warmer is not recommended for glass bottle but it's not a dealbreaker. This warmer will help you not to have an extra trip to the kitchen at 2 A.M.!



#4: Baby Brezza Safe & Smart

This bottle warmer features Bluetooth connectivity and a free app that alerts your phone when the bottle is ready. You can choose either warm water or steam mode. This warmer will also defrost breast milk safely. It includes instructions on the back of the unit. Plus, it has a one-year warranty!



#3: Born Free Tru-Temp

This bottle warmer features preset warming times based on the bottle size so it shuts off automatically when it reaches the optimum temperature. It warms a 5 -ounce bottle in approximately three minutes. It holds the bottle as large as 9 ounces in four to six minutes and no measuring required. Also, it has insulated cooler that keeps two bottles cool for up to eight hours. Plus, it includes a handy detachable insulated cooler and a once per day refilling.



#2: The First Years Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer can warm four-ounce bottles in a little under 3 minutes and eight-ounce bottles in about 4½ minutes. It is the cheapest and fastest compared to other units. In this warmer, you are required to measure a precise amount of water for each cycle. The steam chamber and heating plate should be regularly cleaned up with soap and water. Plus, it has a 90-day warranty!



#1: Kiinde Kozii

This bottle warmer can heat 4-ounce bottles in about 5½ minutes and 8-ounce bottles in 7 minutes. It is the fastest warmer to heat bottles of formula and breast milk compared to other water-bath warmers. It does not require measuring a precise amount of water or fiddling with multiple settings which is very convenient that put it at the top of our list for the best bottle warmers you can buy. It features a dial timer that allows you to easily add another minute or two if you need to heat the bottle a little longer. Plus, it can fit all the bottle sizes and shapes!



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