Are you looking for a new swimming suit?

The 5 best modest swimsuits are the perfect choice for women who want to enjoy the water while wearing modest swimsuits. These suits provide full coverage and are made from high-quality materials that will last long in the sun and chlorine.

You’ll feel confident and beautiful when you wear one of these stylish burkinis and modest swimwear. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find the perfect one to match your personality. And they’re comfortable too – so you can swim, play, and relax without feeling restricted.

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How We Choose the Best Burkini Swimming Suit

It can be hard to find a good swimsuit that covers everything without looking frumpy or like you're trying too hard. Finding the perfect coverage swimsuit is always a challenge, but it's especially difficult when you want something that covers more skin than a traditional bikini.

We've done the hard work for you and found the 5 best burkini swimsuits on Amazon. From sporty designs to feminine styles, we've got you covered (literally).

Burkini Swimsuits for Women Modest Muslim Swimsuit

Best For Vintage Full Cover Look

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Why We Love It

A must-have for modesty-minded beachgoers, this three-piece modest swimwear with an elastic closure is made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. Both of these are high-quality fabrics and are available at affordable prices for you to swim comfortably.

It’s designed with a hijab top, a full coverage coat with a retro printing pattern, and long sleeve leaves floral print leggings for a vintage full coverage look. Plus, the skirt's bottom offers complete protection from the sun’s harsh rays. And its one-piece design makes it easy to slip on and off in a hurry.

Women who desire modest clothing without sacrificing style or comfort will love the exaggerated covered-up look of this burkini swimsuit.

What You Should Know

Muslim women now have full UV sun protection with the development of conservative Islamic full-cover modest swimwear suits, creating a solution for stylish modesty in the water.

Ideal for recreational swimming, surfing, and watersports, these burkinis and hijab suits offer complete coverage with UPF 50+ sun protection and comfortable fabric.

The traditional Muslim headscarf is integrated into the design, giving a modest yet contemporary look, with a covered neck and chest. You can carry it with you or wear it for long-lasting sun protection and elegance.

This three-piece merging of classic swimwear along with full body coverage provides a comfortable but remarkably fashionable swim experience, made from lightweight smooth 80% Polyamide+ 20% Spandex fabric that won't cling or become see-through when wet.

Whether you are in the sea or poolside, Muslim women can be assured of appropriate sun protection without sacrificing their sense of style or religion.

Women Burkini Swimsuits

Best For Modest Yet Fashionable Swimwear

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Why We Love It

Who said modest swimwear can't be fashionable? Women's Muslim Swimwear sets are stylish, comfortable, and have full coverage while still looking great – perfect to take on a holiday beach getaway or use as a conservative swimsuit.

Ideal for women looking for Islamic Hijab Burkini Rashguard Swimsuits, they come in 3 pieces with a long sleeve top and two sets of tights to adjust the shape and fit exactly how you'd like.

The high-quality fabric is created of 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex making it swim-ready in no time. Handwashing only keeps it looking fresher for longer. It'll be your favorite go-to Muslim modest swimwear this season!

What You Should Know

Women of faith can now enjoy the wonders of swimming with ease thanks to an innovative selection of Muslim modest swimwear. The swimwear for women are available at different price ranges and many discounted products can be found for a particular body type.

This selection offers numerous modest options that allow women to embrace the sport without having to choose between covering up or feeling uncomfortable. The range boasts full-body swimsuits, elastic trousers, sports leggings, and even a burkini that provides total body cover for extra modesty.

With UPF 50+ protection and styles offered in sizes S to 3XL, this modest swimwear collection has something for everyone! Best of all, the last few years have seen added details like a skirt attached to the tight and a cap included to keep the garments securely in place as you take on the waves.

Enjoy an active lifestyle in total comfort and modesty this summer with Muslim modest swimwear models!

CaptainSwim Women Modest Burkini Swimming Suit

Best For Unique Lycra Blend

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Why We Love It

With summertime just around the corner, it's time to begin preparing your wardrobe for all the outdoor activities that come with warmer weather.

This Muslim slim modest swimwear three-piece conservative large size solid color suit is the perfect casual and stylish choice for sun protection beach and swimming waterproof conditions.

The relaxed fit includes cups, scarves, hats, clothes, and pants made of a unique blend of Lycra which consists of 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

It breathes well while remaining durable and strong, while the zipper closure ensures this suit can be adjusted to your comfort level. With fun and fashionable design combined with quality materials and low weight, you'll be sure to stand out in any crowd.

What You Should Know

Looking to shop for the perfect modest swimwear for girls only beach-going adventures? Look no further than this water proof, quick-drying and breathable specialty fabric!

Not only is it great for those impromptu beach trips but it is also comfortable and soft to the touch! Washing isn't something you have to worry about--giving it a gentle hand wash does the trick.

Be rest assured of the quality of this brand! All pictures are real pictures and color variations may occur due to different monitor settings but you can trust in its authenticity. Hence, you can spend a little for the perfect fabric for any beach day!

Burkini Swimming Suit FAQ

Can you swim in a burkini?

Yes, you can swim in a burkini. A burkini is a type of Islamic-style modest swimwear that covers most parts of the body aside from the face, hands, and feet. It is designed to provide modest coverage while still allowing for freedom of movement when swimming.

The material used in burkinis is usually lightweight and stretchy to ensure comfort and flexibility, making it ideal for swimming activities.

Additionally, some burkinis come with integrated hijabs or headscarves if desired for added coverage in public spaces or around watersport activities like surfing and diving.

Why do Muslims wear burkini?

Muslims wear burkinis for a variety of reasons, primarily related to modesty. The term “burkini” is derived from "burqa" or "abaya", traditional Islamic clothing that covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet.

For many Muslim women, covering their bodies with a burkini or modest swimwear allows them to practice modesty in line with their faith without compromising their personal style and swimming comfort.

Burkinis are also preferred over other forms of swimwear because they provide complete coverage from head to toe and keep the skin away from the sun's harmful rays. This helps protect Muslim women against sunburns while still allowing them to enjoy activities such as swimming or surfing on beaches around the world.

They help keep the body cool and reflect any excess sunlight. Moreover, it is perfect for all ages at any moment. Overall, wearing a burkini is seen as an important way for Muslims to express religious values as well as stay comfortable in any situation.

Can Muslims wear burkini?

Yes, Muslims can wear burkinis. According to Islamic teachings and principles, modesty is one of the primary values that should govern how a Muslim dresses. As such, many choose to don clothing that covers their body more than traditional swimwear.

Burkinis provide a way for Muslims to partake in activities such as swimming without compromising the tenets of their faith.

Is burkini comfortable?

Yes, the burkini is generally comfortable. It provides excellent coverage of the body while still allowing for movement and flexibility. Its lightweight material adds an extra layer of protection from the sun but also allows for breathability so you don't feel hot in it.

Many wearers have praised its comfort level, claiming that they were able to move and stay active without feeling too restricted or uncomfortable under their burkini.

What material is burkini made of?

The burkini is typically a produce of a stretchy, lightweight fabric such as Lycra or nylon. It usually consists of a tunic with drawstring-style pants and/or a skirt and features an attached hood that can be pulled up over the head when desired.

The fabrics used to make burkinis are designed to be comfortable, breathable, and quick drying for ease of use in aquatic activities such as swimming. In some cases, additional features like swimsuit liners may also be included for greater modesty and comfort while immersed in water.


If you are searching for the 5 best burkini swimming suits, you can trust our verdict. We have carefully sourced thousands of reviews from verified Amazon customers to ensure that your chosen product is one of superior quality.

Everyone desires to look stylish on the beach and the aforementioned burkinis provide a perfect combination between modesty and fashion.

Whether you want greater coverage in a swimsuit or just a moderate amount, these burkinis offer an optimal experience at greatly accessible prices and discounts. Try out one of these top 5 burkini swimming suits today and set yourself apart from the crowd!