Cast Iron Skillets That Will Give You That Chef Cooking Experience

Dreaming of becoming the best chef in the world? You will need one of these high-quality cast-iron skillets! They are nonstick cookware that is easy to clean and cooks yummy dishes for your family and friends. They are ideal for occasional home-use or any professional cooking lessons you have.

#3: Camp Chef

This 12-inch cast-iron skillet comes with a quite rough-textured surface. It handles is very comfortable to hold and the price is just right for your budget for an entry-level pan. Plus, it has a 90-day warranty, not covering misuse or rusting from abusive use. The cons are, it has the combination of the high sides and the 9½-inch cooking area that makes it difficult to maneuver a spatula under delicate foods and a shallow ridge on the bottom that could make cooking on glass and induction cooktops difficult.



#2: Victoria

This 12-inch cast-iron skillet has a bigger cooking area on the list. Its cooking area measures 10¼ inches, it has round sloped sides which is ideal for whisking pan sauces, and its shape allows to give more space a bit like squeezing a piece of bacon. It features bigger spouts for easy draining of meat drippings and allows to pour off hot oil without a single drip. The disadvantages are its factory seasoning is thinner so you will need some extra rounds of seasoning and the pan seems heavier with its long stick handle that throws off the weight distribution. Good news, a lifetime warranty from this cookware is a big relief!



#1: Lodge Pre-Seasoned

This 12-inch pan made it to the top of our list for the best cast-iron skillet you can buy on the market and one of the most iconic cookware brands. It has large cooking are, smooth cooking surface, and comfortable handles. It has the best quality of seasoning and has the largest cooking area compared to other models with its 10 inches diameter. A spatula can have a good maneuvering with its shape also. Another good thing, it is affordable and available on multiple websites. The only undesirable to this pan is the emphasized brand logo emblazoned on the helper handle. Anyhow, it would last a lifetime with proper care!



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