Chef Knives That Are Incredible For Those Who Spend Too Much Time In Their Kitchen

Professional knives for you! A lot of cooking in the kitchen? You will need one or more of these high-end chef knives that delivers the satisfaction of sharpness. They rated durable and the best among the rest for cooking!

#7: Suisin Inox

This chef knife has a metal bolster and three-rivet construction that help balance comfortably between your two front fingers during use. It weighs lesser than 6 pounds with a comfortable grip. It measures 13” (330mm) total length and 8.3” (210mm) blade. It also rust-resistant which is a good thing, of course. Plus, a touch of molybdenum in the stain-free alloy protects this one from nicks and chips!



#6: Misono Swedish

This chef knife measures over 9 inches long with asymmetrical right-handed bevel. It has an overall length of 405mm and blade length of 270mm. It only weighs 276 grams. Amazingly, its edge is easy to sharpen and it keeps a sharp edge with light steeling on a ceramic hone. This is a high-performance knife at a very affordable price. Plus, it has the coolest iconic dragon carved into the flat of the blade!



#5: Misono UX10

This chef knife is one of the finest knives on the market. Its construction is light and balance is flawless. It features Swedish aeb-l razor-blade steel and measures 210 mm length. It is also stain-resistant and is used by Michelin chefs worldwide. Plus, it has an asymmetrical edge which gives it a superior sharpness!



#4: Wüsthof Pro 4862-7/20

This chef knife is for budget-minded professionals who live in an apartment or travel a lot with their cooking kits. It has a smooth slicing action and the ability to make precise cuts easily. It has a rubbery and ergonomic handle for easy grip. Fortunately, it is NFS-approved and rust-resistant. This is the best budget-friendly knife among other budget models!



#3: Wüsthof Classic Ikon 4596/20

This chef knife looks like a German knife but compared to other German knives, it has a thinner blade. It has a comfortable handle with a more manageable curve for better leverage and control. It has double bolsters that provide heft and balance for effortless cutting. It measures 8inches and ideal for slicing, mincing, and dicing all kinds of food. Plus, it offers a limited lifetime warranty!



#2: Tojiro DP F-808

This chef knife has a design that is best for people who use a push-pull cutting style. It measures 8.2 inches, that is usable to both left and right-handed users. It has the razor-sharp blade that can cut through vegetables with precision. It is outstanding in performance at a very affordable price. An extremely sharp Japanese knife!



#1: Mac MTH-80

This chef knife has the best weight, balance, and durability compared to German or Japanese knives, that put it at the top of our list for the best chef knives you can buy. It is combined with Japanese design and German heft which many liked about it. It can make straight cuts through the thick center of butternut squash, clean cuts through fibrous carrots and cut edges of basil can stay mostly green with very little oxidation. It has 2.5mm blade length and 12.63 inches overall length. Plus, it features a Pakka wood handle and is very lightweight!



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