Digital Photo Frames That Will Bring Superior Display To Your Thousands Of Shared Memories

Oh, how we love good memories! We offer you these unique and amazing digital photos frames that will display your hundreds or thousands of beautiful pictures to share it with your family and friends. They support a range of image formats and offer myriad sequence, timing, and transition options. They also feature auto-rotation and the ability to play music or sound to bring life to every cherished moment!

#6: PhotoSpring

This digital photo frame is a 10-inch touch-sensitive display with 16GB internal storage. It supports common video file formats and has a built-in rechargeable battery. Unfortunately battery life is rated at only four hours so you will have it to plug in for everything but the occasional manual browsing of images. Also, the screen’s 16:10 aspect ratio is a mismatch for any smartphone or traditional-camera photos that is why uncropped smartphone images sent to the frame are enlarged to fit.



#5: Aura Frame

This digital photo frame will automatically select images to display from your smartphone, ignoring those that are blurry or low-resolution, have red-eye, or contain nudity. It is surrounded by an elegant anodized aluminum frame with the stunning 2048×1536-pixel display. In order to change images manually, you have to use the companion iPhone app (which of course means your phone needs to be with you) or stand within 2 feet of the frame. It will show a new photo each time it wakes up, but even if the room is unoccupied, the frame won’t go to sleep unless the room light is dim. However, it has no fit-to-frame option. Instead, the image displays full frame but cropped.



#4: Micca Neo

This digital photo frame is 15-inch that includes an 8 GB SD card. Another thing, it uses the same menu-interface software with our #3. Unfortunately, its TFT display is very disappointing. With the frame tilted just a few degrees in the vertical direction, severe bronzing made seeing the image nearly impossible.



#3: Ever Frames V08

This digital photo frame is for budget-minded people offers decent picture quality. It works only in landscape orientation, and it has a menu system and remote. You must load images via the frame’s SD slot or USB port because it has no Wi-Fi capability, (but only from one or the other at a time). It uses the older TFT technology that lacks the vibrant color and rich contrast of the pictures. It can display non-4:3 images with black borders or scaled to fill. You can set the image duration for a slideshow from three seconds to an hour. However, it has no motion sensor to automatically put it to sleep (though you can set a timed sleep and wake schedule) and can sit only in landscape orientation.



#2: Nix Advance

This digital photo frame offers great screen, motion sensor, and remote although it lacks Wi-Fi option. You will be loading images via SD card slot or USB port. It includes 8 GB USB stick but if you use your own USB stick make sure it is in the MS-DOS (FAT) format.



#1: Nixplay Seed

This frame made it to the top of our list for the best digital photo frames you can buy. Its panel’s 4:3 aspect ratio means it can display your smartphone photos full screen, without black borders, and you can position it in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is also easy to connect the frame to your Wi-Fi network and upload images. It includes remote or the company’s free app (iOS and Android), and an 8 GB of internal storage that will give you enough room for about 25,000 smartphone images. Although, it is quite expensive though.



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