Greyhounds are unique dogs with specific dietary needs.

That's why we've put together a list of the best dog food for Greyhounds based on their specific dietary needs. This will ensure that your pup stays healthy and happy!

Check out our list of the five best dog foods for Greyhounds and choose the perfect one for your pup today. With so many great options, you're sure to find the perfect food for your furry friend.

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How We Choose The Best Dog Food For Greyhounds

We consider key factors when selecting the best dog food for Greyhounds. We look at the following:

Ingredient Quality: We make sure that each of the dog foods on our list is made with quality ingredients that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of Greyhounds.

Nutritional Profile: We make sure that each of the dog foods on our list has an optimal nutrient profile to keep your Greyhound healthy.

Taste: We ensure that each dog food on our list is delicious and appealing to Greyhounds so they enjoy eating it.

Price: We make sure to select a variety of dog foods on our list that are all price-competitive so you can find the perfect one for your pup.

Now, look at the five best dog foods for Greyhounds and why they make great choices for your pup.

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe

Designed to nourish your greyhound according to its natural and biological needs.

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ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe

​Why We Love It

ORIJEN Original dog food is designed to nourish your four-legged friend according to their natural, biological needs. The Fresh Regional Ingredients in this Biologically Appropriate recipe are supplied by people we know and trust. They are delivered to our kitchen fresh or raw, in their most natural and nourishing form.

This grain-free diet contains a rich variety of fresh poultry and fish ingredients, providing your pup with a strong source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals. The food's unique shape and texture help keep their teeth clean!

What You Should Know

ORIJEN's Original Dog Food is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages of your pup. It features 85% quality animal ingredients, including fresh and raw poultry, fish, organs, and cartilage. With no grains or fillers added, this grain-free formula provides a diet rich in natural proteins that dogs have evolved to eat.

This biologically appropriate recipe nourishes dogs according to their natural, biological needs for a happy and healthy life. Plus, all the ingredients are supplied by people ORIJEN knows and trusts, so you can be sure your pup is getting only the best nutrition!

This dog food is available in Pellet form and is suitable for adult dogs. Be sure to talk to your vet before changing your pup’s diet or feeding routine. Shop ORIJEN Original Dog Food today and give your pup the nutrition they need and deserve!

Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food

A great option for greyhound owners looking to provide their puppies with an all-natural, healthy diet.

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Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food

Why We Love It

Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food is a great option for pet owners looking to provide their puppies with an all-natural, healthy diet. This delicious and nutritious meal features real chicken as the first ingredient. It is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-6 fatty acids to help keep your furry friend feeling strong and energized.

Plus, added prebiotic fiber helps maintain healthy digestion and support a balanced microbiome. With Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, your pup can enjoy a tasty meal that will help keep him living his best life!

What You Should Know

Purina ONE chicken and rice dry dog food is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help support your dog’s overall health. This recipe contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and helps promote healthy skin and coat for your pup. Purina ONE also promotes joint health in dogs with added glucosamine sources, making it a great option for those looking to give their pup the best care.

This recipe is also free from corn, wheat, and soy, giving your pup a wholesome meal that’s sure to be enjoyed. Finally, this dry dog food contains numerous antioxidants for immune support and prebiotic fiber for digestion. With Purina ONE natural dry dog food, you can feel good about feeding your pup the best.

Solid Gold Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Adult & Senior Dogs

The perfect meal for your active greyhound. 

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Solid Gold Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Adult & Senior Dogs

Why We Love It

Solid Gold Buck Wild, dry dog food, is the perfect meal for your active pup, providing them with an optimal combination of proteins and fiber-rich superfoods. Formulated with real meat as the first ingredient and a blend of natural omega fatty acids to keep your pet's coat looking healthy, our grain-free kibble also includes protected probiotics that support your pup's digestive and gut health. Buck Wild is a great way to ensure your furry friend stays hearty and healthy. So keep them wild with Solid Gold!

What You Should Know

This grain-free dog food is formulated to provide balanced nutrition for adult and senior dogs. It contains real venison as the first ingredient, providing a rich source of amino acids and proteins. It is packed with Omega-6 and -3 fatty acids, fiber, and protected probiotics to support gut health and overall well-being.

It does not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This product is made in the USA and has been delivering transformative pet nutrition since 1974. It provides a flavorful and healthy meal that your furry friend will love. With Solid Gold's holistic approach to pet nutrition, you can be sure your dog will stay healthy and active.

Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food

The perfect choice for greyhounds who need a nutritious and delicious diet to help them grow strong and healthy.

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Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food

Why We Love It

Nulo Freestyle, dry puppy food, is the perfect choice for puppies who need a nutritious and delicious diet to help them grow strong and healthy. This grain-free, high-meat formula provides 75% animal-based proteins, GanedenBC30 probiotics to support digestive health, and DHA to help with cognitive development. This dry kibble has no corn, wheat, soy, white potatoes, tapioca, artificial flavorings, or preservatives. With unbeatable nutrition and great taste, Nulo Freestyle Dog Food will be your pup’s favorite meal!

This quality dog food is made in the USA in an FDA-inspected facility to ensure your pup gets the best nutrition. Feeding Nulo to your puppy helps promote a healthy weight, shiny coat, and balanced diet.

What You Should Know

Nulo's Freestyle Dry Puppy Food is specially formulated for puppies and provides them with the essential nutrients and energy they need for healthy growth, development, and activity. The grain-free recipe also includes low glycemic ingredients like the GanedenBC30 probiotic to support healthy gut flora, aid digestion, and enhance the immune response.

The dry kibble helps your pup maintain a balanced diet, healthy weight, and shiny coat. Nulo also includes DHA to help your puppy's cognitive development and reduce potential destructive behaviors. Plus, it is manufactured in the USA using no corn, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavoring.

With Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food, you can give your puppy the nutritious and tasty food they need to grow up healthy and happy. You'll also give them a great-tasting meal carefully formulated just for their unique nutritional needs. Give your pup the best possible start in life with Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food.

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

Specially formulated for the needs of highly active and sporting dogs.

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Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

Why We Love It

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Adult Dog with Chicken and Rice is specially formulated for the needs of highly active and sporting dogs. It has a high protein content, real chicken as its main ingredient, added superfoods and vitamins, K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics, and omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.

It's family-owned and made in the USA with quality ingredients from trusted domestic and global sources. With this delicious meal, your active dog will have all the nutrition he needs to stay healthy!

What You Should Know

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food is a nutrient-rich high-protein formula designed to support the needs of highly active and sporting dogs. With real chicken as the first ingredient, this recipe provides 32% protein for sustained energy levels. Plus, vitamins and minerals from superfoods like blueberries and oranges, plus omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, make this the perfect choice for active dogs.

It comes with K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics to help further support your pup's digestion, immune system, and overall health. It is made in the USA with quality ingredients from trusted sources. So give your furry best friend, the nourishment they need with Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Food For Greyhounds

What is the best food to feed a greyhound?

The best food to feed a greyhound will depend on the individual dog and its needs. Generally, a diet high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, sweet potatoes, and supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals is recommended for greyhounds. It's important to look for foods specially formulated for large breed dogs, such as greyhounds, as they have different nutritional needs than smaller breeds.

Do greyhounds need high protein?

Yes, greyhounds do need a high-protein diet. Protein is an essential building block for strong muscles, healthy organs, and bones, and it must be provided in adequate amounts to keep your greyhound healthy. Look for foods that contain at least 20% protein content on the label (or higher).

Is menhaden fish meal good for greyhounds?

Menhaden fish meal is a great source of protein for greyhounds. It provides essential omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and other minerals important for maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

What are racing greyhounds fed?

Racing greyhounds are usually fed a high-performance diet formulated to meet their specific needs. This type of food typically contains more protein, fat, and carbohydrates than you would find in standard dog food. It is important to talk to your vet about the best diet for your greyhound if they are racing. Mostly, dog owners prefer wet food, including healthy fats and brown rice. Chicken meal is also preferred as it is natural dog food and is considered high-quality food.

What foods can greyhounds not eat?

Greyhounds should not be fed foods high in fat, as this can cause digestive issues and weight gain. Additionally, avoiding foods with artificial ingredients, fillers, and preservatives is important, as these can be toxic for dogs.

What food is poisonous for greyhounds?

Grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions, and garlic can all be toxic for greyhounds. It is important to avoid feeding your greyhound these foods as they can cause a variety of health issues. Certain human medications can also be toxic to dogs, so keeping them out of reach is important.

Should I feed my greyhound grain free?

Feeding your greyhound a grain-free diet is unnecessary, but some dogs may benefit. If you choose a grain-free option, ensure it contains adequate amounts of protein and fat and the essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

What raw meat is good for greyhounds?

Raw meat that is high in protein and low in fat, such as chicken or turkey, is a good option for greyhounds. It is also important to ensure the meat is free of hormones, antibiotics, and other additives. Also, could you ensure you follow proper safety guidelines when handling raw food?

What time of day should I feed my greyhound?

Feeding your greyhound twice daily, with meals spaced out evenly, is best. This will help keep their energy levels stable and prevent them from becoming too hungry between meals. You may want to adjust the feeding schedule for racing greyhounds based on their exercise routine.

Is cooked chicken good for greyhounds?

Yes, cooked chicken is a good option for greyhounds. Ensure it is cooked thoroughly to kill bacteria and avoid adding too much salt or other seasonings. Chicken can be part of a balanced diet as other proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.


Ultimately, there is a myriad of options and products on the market for you to choose from when it comes to the best dog food for greyhounds. From dry kibbles to wet canned foods to raw food or homemade dog meals - each will provide your furry companion with essential nutrients. So take this information and do further research as needed, then make an informed decision and find what works for you and your pet pooch!

With a bit of exploration, effort, and love, you will be sure to provide them with exactly what they need so all can enjoy their happy pup lifestyle together – starting with finding the perfect dog food!

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