Dogs are our best friends, and we want to keep them healthy and happy! To do this, providing them with the right vitamins is essential. Dog vitamins are specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of your beloved pup.

How We Choose The Best For You

With so many canine vitamins on the market, it's difficult to know which ones are of the highest quality and accurate dosage for your pup. We understand this challenge and have done all of the research for you!

1. Cordyceps Pet Support Mushroom Supplement

Potent Cat & Dog Vitamins with Measured Beta-Glucans: Beta-glucans are the main beneficial compounds in mushroom complex products that support our immune defense & white blood cells.

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Best for Performance, Energy, & Vitality - Vet Approved

Why We Love It

Cordyceps Capsules are made for your pet’s energy & vitality. Made using hand-picked and real cordyceps militaris mushroom extract, these dog supplements & vitamins are the ideal companion to offer your furry friend a burst of energy, vitality and fortified resistance against disease.

Giving your dog 1 capsule a day will give your pet a sufficient dose of beta-glucans, triterpenes, and other beneficial nutrients.

What You Should Know

Our supplement is crafted with 100% pure Cordyceps militaris mushrooms, instead of the more common Cordyceps sinensis.

Not like other mushroom-blend products for canine health on the market, our product does not contain mycelium, grains, additives or fillers.

Hot water extraction breaks down these tough cell walls to maximize bioavailability of their beneficial compounds. With us you get only real quality without any artificial ingredients!

2. NovaFerrum Bow Wow 18-in-1 Iron Supplement for Dogs

Gut Health & Probiotics - These chews also contain a three-strain Probiotic Blend (250 million cfu per chew).

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Best for Dog Blood Support for Anemia

Why We Love It

18-in-1 Formula - NovaFerrum BOW-WOW are functional vitamin and iron supplement chews with quality ingredients and multivitamins that support physical performance, antioxidants, hip & joint, heart, immune, skin, liver, & gut health for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

What You Should Know

Proven in a Clinical Trial: The Iron in NovaFerrum has been clinically proven to be Safe, Well Tolerated, and Effective at raising iron levels. (JAMA June 13, 2017 Volume 317, Number 22)

3. PetNC Natural Care Skin and Coat Soft Chews (60 capsules)

Your pet pal is a natural beauty, but seasonal changes, allergies or diets can sometimes run a toll on their skin and coat. Petnc Skin & Coat soft chews are veterinarian formulated with omega fatty acids plus vitamin C, D and E to support your canine companion’s overall skin health and coat appearance.

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Best for Skin and Coat Care

Why We Love It

  • Supports a glossy coat and healthy skin
  • Savory flavored easy to give chewable for finicky eaters
  • Human-grade ingredients

What You Should Know

  • Laboratory tested, veterinarian formulated
  • Made in the USA

4. Finn Vision & Tear Stain Support for Dogs

Finn Vision & Tear stain is formulated with omegas, vitamins, carotenoids and a proprietary plant-based antioxidant blend, Finn’s Vision & Tear Stain supplement promotes ocular function support for overall vision health and unwanted tear stains.

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Best for Lutein, Beta-Carotene, and Tear Stain Defense

Why We Love It

  • Helps maintain eye function and health.
  • Helps to maintain ocular integrity and structure.
  • Promotes long term eye health.
  • Helps reduce unwanted tear stains.

What You Should Know

  • May reduce eye irritation and discharge.
  • Antioxidant support for lens and retinal health.
  • With Eyebright extract – a homeopathic herb used for eye ailments.

5. Dr. Oscar New 3in1 Blood Aid, Immunity & Energy for Dogs

Contains important ingredients missing in leading competitors: Vitamin C and Beetroot. Vitamin C is important for iron absorption and increasing red blood cells count.

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Best Supplement for Dogs with Anemia and Blood Loss

Why We Love It

More complete blood support for dogs than competitors. Blood is made up of red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells suspended in plasma. Red blood cells carry the vital for the organism oxygen, platelets help wounds heal and prevent excessive bleeding and white blood cells promote normal immune function. Dr. Oscar Blood Aid for Dogs provides more essential vitamins, minerals and important nutrients for the support of all three blood cell types than competitors*

What You Should Know

Supports immunity, energy, synthesis of hemoglobin and red blood cells production for all dogs, including dogs with blood loss, internal bleeding and anemia.

Best Dog Vitamins FAQs

We've done the research for you! Based on our expert findings, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about dog vitamins and their answers.

What is the Best Multivitamin for Dogs?

If you're searching for the optimal multivitamin for your canine companion, there are a few points to keep in mind. To start with, evaluate your pup's overall health and well-being. In some cases, if they're in great shape and don't have any special nutritional requirements or advanced age, then perhaps a vitamin supplement won't be necessary at all. On the other hand, it may help guarantee that older pets get all of their required nutrients if they require an extra boost!

What Are the Best Supplements to Give Your Dogs?

To ensure your pup's overall health and wellbeing, it is important to consider adding supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate. Omega-3s play an essential role in keeping a dog's skin healthy and coat glossy as well as promoting joint flexibility and cognitive function.

What Are the Most Important Vitamins for a Dog?

Vitamins are integral for optimal health in dogs. Vitamin A is essential to maintain healthy vision and skin, while vitamin B contributes to energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Additionally, supplementing with Vitamin C fortifies immune systems and helps repair tissue damage; moreover, without adequate amounts of vitamin D calcium absorption becomes difficult – making staying strong more challenging.

Should I Give My Dog Vitamins?

Supplementing your canine's diet with vitamins is a great way to make sure they are receiving the essential nutrients. However, always consult with your vet before adding any dietary supplements as there can be potential side effects and interactions with other medications. Vitamins A, B, C and D should all form an integral part of their healthy eating habits for optimal nourishment!

What is the Number One Dog Vitamin?

Vitamins are essential for a healthy dog, and vitamin E is undoubtedly the most important one of all. This nutrient supports their immune system and guards against cell damage through its antioxidant properties. To ensure your pup gets enough Vitamin E, make sure to add wheat germ, salmon or spinach into their diet as these foods contain high levels of it. You also shouldn't forget other minerals like calcium, phosphorus and sodium which should already be in any good-quality pet food that you provide them with!

Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

There is some controversy over whether or not eggs are good for dogs. Some people believe that they are a nutritious food source, while others believe that they can be dangerous for dogs. However, there is no definitive answer and it ultimately depends on your dog's individual needs. If you choose to feed your dog eggs, it is important to cook them thoroughly to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Should I Give My Dog Fish Oil Pills?

A fish oil pill, or omega-3 fatty acid supplement, can be a good way to improve your dog's health if he doesn't get enough omega-3 fatty acids from his diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for maintaining healthy skin, coat, and joints, and they may also help improve cognitive function in older dogs.

What Human Vitamins Can I Give My Dog?

There are a number of human vitamins that you can give your dog, but it's important to consult with your veterinarian before doing so. Some human vitamins can be harmful to dogs if given in too high of doses. Vitamins A, D, and E are all safe for dogs and can be given in supplement form. However, it's always best to check with a vet before giving your dog any human supplement, even if it is safe for them to ingest.

What Does Salmon Oil Do for Dogs?

Some people believe that salmon oil can improve the health of their dogs in a number of ways. For example, salmon oil is thought to be beneficial for the coat and skin, helping to keep them healthy and looking glossy. It is also said to promote joint health and help to reduce inflammation, as well as improve cognitive function and heart health.

How Do I Know if My Dog Has a Vitamin Deficiency?

There are a few things that can help you determine if your dog may have a vitamin deficiency. First, look at their coat and skin. If they seem dry and brittle, or if their fur is falling out in clumps, this could be a sign of a nutritional issue. Another telltale sign is energy levels; if your dog seems listless and drained all the time, they may not be getting all the nutrients they need.

Dog Vitamins Benefits

A balanced diet alone can't give your pup the complete and total nutrition they need for optimal health. That's why it is vital to provide them with daily vitamin supplements, which can boost immunity, improve energy levels and create a healthier coat plus skin for your beloved canine companion! Moreover, supplementing their regular meals with vitamins helps ward off dangerous deficiencies that may lead to illnesses in the future. Delight your dog by treating them to beneficial doggie vitamins - they're sure be barking out thank yous!

Dog Vitamins Dosage

Most adult dogs need about one vitamin tablet per day, while puppies may require up to three tablets per day. If you're using a liquid vitamin supplement, one teaspoon is typically equivalent to one tablet. It's always best to consult with your veterinarian before starting your dog on any new supplement, as they can help you determine the right dosage for your pet.

Dog Vitamins Side Effects

People aren't the only ones who need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy—our canine companions do too. But beware! Over supplementing can be detrimental to a dog's wellbeing; for example, an overdose of Vitamin A could lead to joint pain, bone issues, and even liver damage. Similarly, excessive quantities of Vitamin D may cause kidney failure or death in your pup. Don't start randomly administering vitamins without consulting with your vet first.

What’s The Best Dog Vitamins Supplement For You?

Finding the right vitamin or supplement for your pup can be difficult, but we hope our research will assist you in making an educated decision that is beneficial to their overall health.

From boosting moods and skin issues, to improving liver function and pet wellness - there are many options out there! We wish both you and your four-legged friend all the best as you search for something that works best for them.