Fireproof Safes That Will Highly Protect Your Important Belongings Against Thieves Or Disasters

Keep it safe! Some of you really have to put their very important documents or cash in a reliable safe against bad people or disasters. We offer you these durable fireproof safes to keep your belongings safe and lessen your worries. They are equipped with sophisticated locking mechanisms, pry-resistant components, and ultra-thick steel constructions. Plus, it can withstand extremely high temperatures!

#4: SentrySafe’s CHW30100

This fireproof safe measures 0.4-cubic-foot with a honeycombed exterior. It is fire- and water-resistant to keep important papers, digital media, and other valuables secure and protected from fire and flood. The con is that its locking mechanism is installed on a plastic faceplate that you can pry off by hand which is extremely not reliable at all.



#3: First Alert 2030F

This fireproof safe can keep its important contents safe from fire and water. You can hold twice as much stuff or taller items compared to other safes. However, First Alert is phasing it out so you better pick it up if you find one!



#2: First Alert 2037F

This fireproof safe is a larger option with a 0.62-cubic-foot capacity which is perfect for those who prefer enough space to hang file folders. It comes with two entry keys and a locking mechanism. Plus, it has UL certification and five-year limited warranty!



#1: First Alert 2017F

This safe is a smaller version of our second safe on our list. It can survive through anything that put it at the top of our list for the best fireproof safes you can buy. Its locking mechanism is strong and very easy to use. It is large and deep enough to hold documents without taking up too much floor space with an internal capacity of 0.19 cubic feet, measuring 2.91 by 13.23 by 8.58 inches. It can withstand up to 1,550 °F for half an hour while keeping the internal temperature under 350 °F. It safely locks with a simple key and latch. It weighs 19 pounds so it is easy to move around. However, it lacks handles so you better grab underneath your arms if you want to move it form one place to another.



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