Flashlights That Can Easily Slip Into Your Pocket After Shedding Some Light

Little spotlight! These compact and durable flashlights will be your little guide in the dark. You can stick one in your backpack or slip into your pocket for camping or hiking. Also, you can use it in your basement or anywhere at home that needs some light if you are looking for something around. Great item to join your toolbox!

#3: Mini Maglite Pro

This two-AA flashlight has a reflector that provides a wide beam with the center spot. It is a very basic flashlight that doesn’t have multiple brightness settings, nor a two-button interface, and it has the least features overall. It lacks strobe feature, a pocket clip, the antiroll design, and the consistency of the light output. For durability, it has only a 1-meter drop rating and it’s not waterproof. Its interface is quite awkward because it has no button, you just have to twist of the head for activation.



#2: Manker E12

This flashlight offers more flexibility both in use and managing battery drain. It has the same two-button interface with the four brightness levels and the hidden strobe function. Also, it has a momentary-on feature. Plus, it has a waterproof ability that is going to 2 meters. However, it has no crenelated bezel, the lens has lesser protection when dropped and quite expensive.



#1: ThruNite Archer 2A V3

This high-end flashlight has an affordable price that put it at the top of our list for the best flashlights you can buy. It has a two-button interface that makes quickly cycling through the four brightness levels such as high, medium, low and very low firefly mode which is very useful. Its strobe setting is not part of the brightness toggle so it doesn’t get in the way of regular use. For durability, it has a high-quality fit and finish and can handle full submersion in water and a 1½-meter drop. Its two-button interface is very convenient because once the light is on, the brightness levels are controlled by a second button up at the head of the light. It also features a momentary-on that the light activates with a half press of the tail switch and stays on for as long as the switch is held. Unfortunately, its very low firefily mode gives a little problem to it but it can prolong your battery for weeks though.



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