Home Security Systems That Will Protect Your Family and Home To The Best Way They Can

Your family deserves the best home security system! They are control panels with wireless or wired security cameras, door and window sensors, apps and monthly monitoring fee. It is really wise to invest in something that would bring safety to the whole family!

#4: Protect America

This home security system is to set up and use but restrictive and expensive. Its Copper plan which is the cheapest cellular monitoring plan supports only three door/window sensors and a motion sensor. If you need more door/window sensors, instead of paying for the sensors, Protect America moves you up to the Silver plan. If you want to add video monitoring, your first camera is free, but your monthly fee goes up by $10. Additional cameras cost about $180 plus another $5 a month. The Silver plan, with cellular monitoring, nine sensors for doors/windows, and one video camera costs $60 a month. Unfortunately, this service will lock you into a three-year contract that you can’t break without paying for the full term. Also, navigating their website is a very bad experience.



#3: FrontPoint Security’s

This reliable home security system is easy to setup, has an outstanding customer service, one-year contract option and at a very reasonable price. It features fantastic cable companies which other security companies do not have a good reputation for customer service. It uses Alarm.com for their smartphone apps and backend. It has a default contract of three years that will cost $300 more for the initial equipment, and if you leave early, you will have to pay 80 percent of the remaining contract cost. Unfortunately, some representatives will deny this one-year contract and will push you to get the three-year contract.



#2: SimpliSafe with Interactive plan

This home security system is for people that would still want to get a security service for their families with no contracts at a higher rate. Its monitoring plan (which allows remote access) is just $25 per month, and you can get a free SimpliCam or $100 off your hardware package when you first sign up. Instead of using Alarm.com, it has its own app and does not integrate with any other smart-home devices. For $25 a month, you get round-the-clock professional monitoring, a cellular connection, and the SimipliSafe smartphone app. Monitoring is month-to-month, with no contract and no cancellation fees. If you cancel, you lose the monitoring and remote access, but the sensors and sirens still work. Its base station includes a cellular connection to the central monitoring station, a 48-hour battery backup (twice as long as most other systems), a blue light for alerts, and an 85-dB siren. However, there are reports that had enabled hackers to arm or disarm the system by intercepting and replaying the disarm signal between the keypad and the base station but it is very rare unless there is a skillful hacker that wants to break-in your home.



#1: LiveWatch Total Home + Video

This home security system that costs $100 plus a $20 activation fee to start, and includes a Simon XT touchscreen control panel, two contact sensors for doors or windows, an infrared motion sensor, an indoor Wi-Fi surveillance camera, and a keyring remote for arming and disarming. It requires $50 per month if you include a camera in Total Home + Video monitoring plan. You can use the $40 per month Total Home plan, which boasts the same 50 percent off offer, or the $35 per month Mobile Pro plan, which does not include any smartphone controls or home automation features if you don’t want video cameras. This security service does not trap you into a long contract that made it to the top of our list for the best home security systems you can buy. You are free to cancel the service at any time, even during the one-year contract, without a cancellation fee or paying for any remaining time. If you cancel within the first year, you have to return the hardware, and LiveWatch returns your money (as long as the equipment is still in good working order). After the first year, you can keep the hardware. The only con to this service is that the default package doesn’t come with enough sensors for a medium-size house.



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