Craving a scoop of happiness? Check out our list of the 5 best kids' play ice cream carts to make your kids' summer days even sweeter!

Introducing our 5 best ice cream carts! With five different designs, you're sure to find the one that's perfect for your kids. All of them feature high-quality materials and reliable construction, so you can trust that kids will get perfectly scooped cones every single time. Plus, each cart has a charming aesthetic that'll make kids love it even more.

The carts come fully equipped with everything your child needs for selling frozen treats in style – from display cases and benches to cold storage compartments and more. So no matter how much space or how many flavors you want to offer, we have just what you need! And with their lightweight design and easy maneuverability, they’re also incredibly practical.

Read this article today and take a look at our 5 amazing ice cream carts!

How We Choose the Best Kids Play Ice Cream Cart

Treat your little ones to the perfect pretend play experience with a Kids Play Ice Cream Cart. With so many different types and brands available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your family.

Our team of toy experts has read thousands of product reviews to find the best Kids Play Ice Cream Cart for your needs. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect cart for your child's playtime.

No more guesswork. No more wasted money. Just the perfect Kids Play Ice Cream Cart to bring hours of imaginative fun into your home! Check out our reviews today and get ready for some cool treats!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart

Best For Wooden Construction

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Why We Love It

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Snacks & Sweets Food ice cream cart rental is the perfect combination of playtime and imagination.

With 40 pieces of play food, kids can pretend to craft both savory hot dogs and sweet ice cream treats, with accompanying condiments and cones to top it all off. It doesn't just encourage imaginative play - the high-quality materials and durable wooden construction make it sturdy enough to last through years of play.

And it also comes with multiple convenient features like pull-out drawers, a working bell, sliding see-through doors, reversible awning, and a double-sided write-on menu, helping kids develop organizational skills while they run their own pretend food cart business.

What You Should Know

Kids ages 3 to 7 will love the fun and creative play experience with Melissa & Doug's Wooden Snacks & Sweets Food Cart!

It comes equipped with a range of convenient features, including pull-out drawers, a working bell, sliding see-through doors, a reversible awning, and a double-sided write-on menu that lets kids set prices.

Plus, the matching Sweet Toppings Dessert Play Food Set enhances their pretend play experience. This cart is sure to ignite your little one’s imagination as they roleplay as an ice cream practitioner or hot dog vendor!

PairPear Wooden Ice Cream Cart for Kids

Best For Play & Learn Time For Kids

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Why We Love It

With this amazing ice cream cart, kids can play store and make up their own fantastical concoctions! You can celebrate an imaginary daughter's grad party with an ice cream cart.

With three different scoops of your favorite flavors, three cones, the handy double-sided menu board to list items and prices, a scooper, four ice cream sticks to serve up treats on a wooden stand, and a bell to announce orders when ready – setting up a pretend shop has never been easier!

The perfect toy to promote motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they lift the handle, and wheel their delightful dessert cart around the room serving customers. This is a crowd favorite and you can plan any event and enjoy it with your kids.

Whether it's an afternoon in their playroom or part of their next birthday party celebration, this ice cream cart will allow for extended imaginative fun!

What You Should Know

Children will love playing with the PairPear Wooden Toy Ice Cream and Dessert Cart; made with high-quality wood and painted with kid-safe water-based paints, they'll delight at each realistic detail.

Serving their favorite treats from the removable trays and encouraging their imagination are all key benefits of this gift - recommended for kids three years and up.

It's easy to assemble so that children can join in on the fun, whilst the storage under the cart helps ensure accessories don't get misplaced after playtime. The sturdy wooden construction is sure to provide hours of imaginative and interactive play, making it an ideal item guaranteed to be a hit!

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

Best For Creativity and Construction Skills

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Why We Love It

With the Magic Scooper, kids can explore their creativity and construction skills by making cool and delicious edible art. The scooper gives them a canvas to create real-life works of art with four colorful ice cream scoops and three tasty toppings while also helping them to practice sequencing and memory skills.

Guided by fun cards featuring six adorable animals, they'll follow the instructions to make all kinds of yummy treats. When they're through playing, clean-up is a breeze so it's just as easy for them to get back in the kitchen for more ice cream-filled adventures.

What You Should Know

Taking a trip to the Ice Cream cart can be an adventure! When you press the syrup pump or coin button, let the countdown begin! You can teach kids delivery to certain events or indoor renting processes.

Not only will it provide hands-on learning experiences with colors and numbers but also a variety of delicious flavors. Culminating in a cool treat, pushing the cart around while listening to upbeat songs and music is great for fine and gross motor skills.

With six activity cards that consist of playful phrases introducing colors, numbers, and more, it's an activity that your little one will want to do again and again!

Toyvelt Ice Cream Toy Cart Play Set for Kids

Best For an Educational Experience

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Why We Love It

Who wouldn't love a cute and educational ice cream truck? With Toyvelt's Premium Ice Cream Truck for Kids, you get both - a uniquely fun experience, as well as an educational approach that makes learning enjoyable. This little equipment is brimming with color and all the tasty treats will have your child excited to learn.

There are 39 different colorful toys in the package that provide endless fun possibilities; from ice cream cones, lollipops, food, and utensil sets - all the way to coins – making it feel like a real-life ice cream truck. Your child can learn important lessons while also having lots of fun.

What You Should Know

The Toyvelt Educational Ice-Cream Pretend Play Set is the perfect combination of play, learn, ship, and fun for your toddler! We definitely recommend it.

Whether your little one is developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, or social skills, this interactive toy set has it all. From its iconic ice cream truck music to the stunning lights that dance their way around the included ice cream cart set, your kid will never be bored!

Plus, with our customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that you and your child will love it—100%! Make the perfect impression on their special day with this exciting toy as a birthday gift today—your kids will thank you later!

Playtime by Eimmie 18 Inch Doll Furniture

Best For Long-Lasting Play

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Why We Love It

Add some excitement to your doll world and let your 14 - 18 inch dolls have their own food cart and all the fun accessories that come with it! The wood furniture is finished with a glossy coat for long-lasting play. Your kids can load and unload the contact cart!

Enjoy 35 essential items like a cash register, silverware, sundaes, other tasty treats, and a great chalkboard. Get more out of your play and make sure all your kids' dolls share in the fun! It will surely exceed your expectations.

What You Should Know

If you know a doll lover, the food cart set is ideal for bringing new excitement to their 14 to 18-inch dollhouse! Your doll will not just be ready to sell some scrumptious treats but also explore any corner of their house with ease.

This furniture set is easy to assemble due to its simple instructions which means your 18-inch dolls will not have much waiting time between unboxing and hours of fun. Makes an excellent gift this holiday season!

Best Kids Play Ice Cream Cart FAQ

It can be hard to find the best kids' play ice cream cart for your child, especially with so many different models and features on the market. How can you be sure you're getting the best one for your money?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about kids' play ice cream carts so you can make an informed decision. From the size of the cart to the types of ice cream flavors available, we'll help you find the perfect cart for your child.

What age is an ice cream cart toy for?

Ice cream cart toys are typically designed for children ages 3 and up. They are colorful and interactive, making them ideal for young children who are beginning to explore the world of pretend play.

At what age can you use sensory toys?

Sensory toys can be used with children of any age. In fact, sensory toys can be used to help infants and toddlers develop their sensory skills and help older children with sensory processing issues. Sensory toys can help children explore different textures, sounds, smells, and colors. They can also provide calming and soothing effects to children who are easily overwhelmed or overly stimulated.

How do I turn on my LeapFrog ice cream cart?

To turn on your LeapFrog ice cream cart, press the power button located on the top left side of the cart. Once the power button is pressed, the cart will start up and the lights will turn on. You can then select your desired ice cream flavor and add toppings as desired. Enjoy!

What is similar to Melissa and Doug toys?

Other popular brands of toys similar to Melissa and Doug include Playmobil, LEGO, Little Tikes, VTech, Fisher-Price, and Hape. These brands offer a wide variety of educational, imaginative, and creative toys for children of all ages.

What flavors are in the Scoop and Learn ice cream cart?

The Scoop and Learn ice cream cart contains six delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, and Neapolitan. Each flavor is made with real ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors. The Scoop and Learn ice cream cart also comes with an interactive scoop that teaches children about counting, colors, and flavors.


Are you ready to treat your kids to the best play ice cream cart around? From realistic-looking scoops and syrup bottles to sturdy construction and vibrant colors, the five ice cream carts we’ve reviewed here are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

So don’t wait any longer - pick out the perfect play ice cream cart for your child today and get ready for plenty of imaginative play! With these top-notch ice cream carts, your kids are sure to have hours of fun pretending to make and serve up delicious frozen treats.