Media Streamers That Will Provide Excellent 4K and HDR Video Quality

High-quality streaming! These media streamers are powerful in streaming your music, videos or life events on your modern displays with the best video quality it can offer. There are amazing features such as gaming and voice control as well. Load up your favorite Netflix!

#4: Nvidia Shield

This media streamer is focusing on playing content from your personal media library. It can play content from hard drives and flash drives either locally (via USB) or over a network using apps like VLC or from a Plex server. The ability to run a Plex server allows you to share your media library throughout your house while it supports internal, USB, and networked storage. You can use this streamer to watch live TV. It is good for gaming and runs with good graphics. It includes a game controller and a Google Assistant built in with a microphone in the remote control that has the ability to navigate the system. Plus, it is user-friendly!



#3: Apple TV 4K

This media streamer has an attractive user interface that supports 4K and HDR, including the Dolby Vision standard, and Apple that gives 080p content free upgrades to 4K versions through iTunes. Perfect for ord cutters as well with apps that support networked TV tuners and online TV services. It has Siri to do voice searches. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include most music services like Spotify, Tidal, or Amazon Music and the search lags.



#2: Roku Streaming Stick

This media streamer only supports 1080p resolution and doesn’t have the external Wi-Fi antenna. It requires less power which it can boost power from a USB port. It features also an excellent Wi-Fi setup. Plus, it is slightly smaller to fit into ports depending on your TVs design.



#1: Roku Streaming Stick+

This media streamer has the best search and content selection, with the widest selection of content. It prioritizes search results for the lowest prices, channels you have not installed, or the expensive ones. You can also place your most favorite apps at the top of the home screen or you can remove them anytime. Its remote uses RF to communicate with the Roku Stick, plus an IR output for controlling power and volume on your TV or projector. You can also use headphones when you watch shows or movies, though the remote lacks a headphone jack so you have to use the iOS or Android smartphone apps.



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