Micro USB Cables That Are Extremely Handy For All Electronics Or Accessories

If you are looking for cables that can be easily put in your bag or pocket that will serve as charger connector or a host to any electronics and accessories, these micro USB cables are perfect! They function on Android phones, tablets, speakers or to Bluetooth headphones. Techy people must have one of these!

#5: Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB (3ft)

This micro USB cable has the extra durability of a nylon-wrapped cable. It has three ground wires that provide better EMI insulation. It claims that it can withstand 10,000 bends. Plus, it is available in the standard 3-foot length, as well as 1-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot versions.



#4: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (multipacks)

This micro USB cable has an aramid fiber construction and can withstand a 5000+ bend. You can purchase various configurations of three to six cables, with different combinations of lengths. This is great to supply the whole family's cable needs!



#3: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (1ft)

This micro USB cable is ideal for travelers who do not need 3 feet of cable. It is more lightweight and less clutter in your bag. Also, it can be one of those small things on your working desk in case you will be needing it without taking too much space. Plus, it actually measures about 11½ inches from tip to tip.



#2: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (10ft)

This micro USB cable can be very useful when you want to use your phone while it’s charging or any electronic device. You will need this if the outlet is a good distance away and you want your device to be put somewhere near you. Plus, the price is reasonable!



#1: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (3ft)

This cable is everything you are looking for in a cable that made to the top of our list for the best micro USB cables you can buy. It has a strong housing around both USB connectors: Each has a hard-plastic casing holding the plug, with a slightly more flexible material covering the connection between the plug and the cable. It is designed for a lifespan of more than 10,000 bends. Plus, this has the most reasonable price for a great cable!



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