MP3 Players Every Music Lover Must Have


We spent 42 hours on researching and reading over 7,000 buyer reviews to find the best MP3 players you can buy for 2018. Even though iPod is a thing of the past, MP3 players are still handy and very popular little gadgets to have in your life. With a long list of MP3 player options to choose from such as shape, size, and hardware capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Today, you can finally take a step up from your smartphone when listening to your favorite music with these top MP3 players on the market. Enjoy!

iPod Touch MP3 Player

Without question, Apple is still king of the hill when it comes to MP3 players and the iPod Touch is their best in class. It comes in several color options and four storage sizes, so you can select the one that best fits your needs and style. It has a massive 4″ retina display with multi-touch IPS technology.




Zune HD MP3 Player

This MP3 player has a very high-end look that you can tell was built with the idea of knocking the Apple iPod Touch off its throne. The Zune HD has a sensitive touchscreen and a battery that can provide up to 5 hours of Michael Jackson video playback or all day music listening.




Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV Mp3 Player

This high-end, compact, slim design digital MP3 player is specially engineered to deliver high-resolution audio for the audiophile crowd. It has the longest battery life of any model we reviewed, at up to over 50-hours of MP3 playback and 30-hours of High-Res HD video playback.




Astell & Kern AK Jr MP3 Player

This MP3 player is the high-end audio company’s slimmest, most affordable portable music player in their lineup. It has 64GB of internal flash memory along with a single 200GB microSD card slot. While it’s not cheap, it’s blessed with good looks and superb sound quality to make it very enjoyable to take your High-res audio on the go.




#FiiO X1 MP3 Player

Coming in at under a hundred bucks, it’s a great gift for teens. Its high-performance Bluetooth chipset allows peaceful enjoyment of music with reduced latency and high sound quality. This is their 2nd generation X1 supports all the main lossless music formats such as WAV, FLAC, APE, FLAC, WMA, and ALAC, at up to 192kHz/32bit.




AudioFlood iPod Shuffle MP3 Player

If you’re going to be out in the rain or around water, then this is the MP3 player for you. The AudioFlood iPod Shuffle is the highest rated waterproof shuffle in the industry with a 2-year warranty and outstanding customer services. It also comes with short cord headphones, 2GB of storage (which is enough for about 500 songs), 15 hours of battery life and a water depth rated to 200 feet.




Pono NY001BB MP3 Player

This MP3 player is the culmination of Neil Young’s vision to bring the quality of music that artists experience in the recording studio to everyone. It plays high-fidelity music files and other formats better than any other portable device with up to 192kHz/24 bit resolution including DSD.




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