Is your pup in need of some new playthings?

Check out our list of 5 best plush dog toys that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours!

Your pup will love these toys! From the cutest lamb to the squeaky elephant, these toys are sure to bring hours of joy and entertainment.

They’re made from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

Plus, they’re all machine washable, so you can keep them clean and looking like new.

These plush dog toys are great for interactive play, exercise, and mental stimulation.

They’re perfect for fetching, tugging, and chewing.

And they’re sure to bring out your pup’s natural instincts.

With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect toy for your pup.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to shop and find the best plush dog toys you can buy on Amazon!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Also, LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business).

How We Choose The Best Plush Toy To Keep Your Pup Happy!

Having a pup can be so much fun, but finding the best plush dog toys for your furry friend can be quite a challenge.

With so many different brands and types available, it's hard to know which ones are safe and durable enough for your pup.

Our team of pet experts has read through thousands of reviews on Amazon and compiled a list of the best toys to suit your pup's needs.

We've done all the hard work so that you can have access to high-quality products with just one click.

Let us help make shopping for Fido easier than ever before!

Check out our reviews today and get ready to watch your pup play!

Barkbox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Puzzle Toy

Best For Puppy Entertainment

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Why We Love It

Barkbox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Puzzle Toy is the perfect way to keep your pup entertained!

It's plush cactus is densely packed with fluffy stuffing and interactive elements that are perfect for shredding, trashing, and squeaking.

Its non-toxic plush is from only the most high-quality manufacturers, ensuring it is safe for all pups to play with.

The whip-n-flip arms are perfect for thrashing or tugging, so your pup will be sure to have a ball and stay engaged.

Plus, it's a great value since it's two toys in one!

What You Should Know

Barkbox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Puzzle Toy is great for playing, fetching, or tug of war and is a fun addition to your dog's active lifestyle.

It's been thoroughly tested to ensure it outlasts and outperforms other dog toys, and is perfect for medium/large dogs.

It's also great for bonding and relationship building, so you can both enjoy your playtime together.

Pets Know Best HuggiePup

Best For Behavioral Aid

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Why We Love It

The Pets Know Best HuggiePup is the perfect companion for any furry friend!

The plush pup provides warmth and comfort that your pet will love to cuddle with.

The life-like heartbeat module and reusable heat pack make it feel like they have a real companion.

Plus, it’s machine washable so you can keep it clean and ready to use.

What You Should Know

The Pets Know Best HuggiePup is a great behavioral aid for any pet.

The life-like heartbeat helps to relax and soothe your pet and can be used for a variety of behaviors.

The reusable heat pack is non-toxic and simple to use, just heat it in the microwave and insert it into the bottom pouch.

When introducing your pet to the HuggiePup, be sure to do it gradually to let them bond with it.

Multipet Lambchop Plush Toy

Best For Cuddling

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Why We Love It

Everyone's favorite lamb, Lambchop, is now available as a plush toy for your pup!

This classic and beloved toy is adored by dogs, as it's made with an extra soft plush exterior, perfect for cuddling.

Plus, it includes a squeaker for playtime fun. The 10" regular size is ideal for most dogs.

What You Should Know

It's important to always supervise your pet while playing with toys.

The Multipet Lambchop Plush Toy is a great addition to your pup's toy box and is sure to bring them hours of joy.

Sedioso Plush Toy for Large Breeds

Best For Durability

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Why We Love It

Sedioso Plush Toy for Large Breeds is the perfect toy for all pet owners!

This toy is made of safe natural cotton material, making it bite resistant and waterproof.

It also has a built-in squeaker that adds fun to your pet's playtime.

Plus, its lightweight design is perfect for all sizes of dogs, making it easy to throw for fetching games.

What You Should Know

Sedioso Plush Toy for Large Breeds is not only fun, but it's also great for your pet's health.

It helps keep your pet's teeth clean and reduces the chance of them biting furniture or shoes.

Furthermore, it also helps relieve stress, depression, and anxiety when left alone. It's the perfect toy to keep your pet entertained and healthy!

goDog Checkers Elephant Squeaky Plush Toy

Best For Playtime

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Why We Love It

goDog Checkers Elephant Squeaky Plush Toy is the perfect toy for pet owners who want to encourage interactive and solo play.

It’s made with soft, checkered-textured plush that dogs love to cuddle with and features reinforced seams and chew-resistant lining for hours of fun.

Plus, it’s designed with a built-in squeaker to entice and excite your pup, satisfying their hunting instincts and chewing behavior to keep their interest during play.

What You Should Know

This soft plush toy is great for pets that love to curl up and snuggle with stuffed toys.

Plus, it’s made with Chew Guard Technology, which adds a tough, heavy-duty, chew-resistant lining to make it a little more durable than your average dog toy.

goDog Checkers Elephant Squeaky Plush Toy is recommended for large breeds and is sure to provide hours of enrichment and stimulation for your pup.

Top Plush Dog Toy FAQs

It can be hard to find the best plush dog toy for your pup, especially when there are so many different shapes, sizes, and materials on the market.

With all of the different plush dog toys out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for your pup.

It's important to find a toy that's durable and safe, but it can be tough to know which ones have what you need.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about plush dog toys so you can know more about these toys and make the best decision for your pup.

Are plush toys OK for dogs?

Yes, plush toys can be OK for dogs, but they should be used with caution. Plush toys can be a great source of comfort and entertainment for dogs, but they should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. Plush toys should also be large enough that your dog can't swallow them, as they can be a choking hazard. If the toy is showing signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced to prevent your pup from ingesting pieces of the toy. Finally, always supervise your pup when they are playing with any type of toy.

Why do dogs destroy plush toys?

Dogs destroy plush toys for a variety of reasons. Some dogs may do it out of boredom, while others may do it out of curiosity or as a way to release pent-up energy. Some dogs may also do it to gain attention from their owners. It can also be a sign of anxiety or stress. Providing your dog with plenty of physical and mental stimulation can help to reduce the urge to destroy plush toys.

Why do dogs eat plush toys?

Dogs may eat plush toys because they are bored, stressed, or looking for something to chew on. Dogs also like the texture and taste of plush toys and may find them comforting. Some dogs may even be drawn to the smell of the stuffing inside the toy. It is important to provide your dog with plenty of safe chew toys to help prevent them from ingesting dangerous items like plush toys.

Do puppies like plush toys?

Yes, puppies typically love plush toys. Plush toys are often soft, cuddly, and can be comforting for puppies. They are also a great way to help puppies learn how to play and interact with their environment. Plus, they can provide hours of entertainment for puppies and their owners.

Do dogs like to sleep with stuffed animals?

Yes, many dogs enjoy sleeping with stuffed animals. Some dogs enjoy the comfort and security of having a stuffed animal to cuddle with, while others may just enjoy the novelty of it. If you want to give your dog a stuffed animal to sleep with, make sure it is made with non-toxic materials and is free of small parts that could be swallowed or choked on.

At what age do dogs stop destroying toys?

Most dogs stop destroying toys around 1-2 years of age, although it can vary from breed to breed. As dogs become more mature and better understand their environment, they become less likely to engage in destructive behaviors. Providing appropriate chew toys and regularly engaging in playtime with your dog can help them learn acceptable ways to express their energy.

Do dogs get jealous of stuffed animals?

It's possible for dogs to get jealous of stuffed animals, especially if the stuffed animal is receiving attention from their owner that the dog is not. Dogs are very social creatures and may become jealous or possessive of their owners' attention. However, it is also possible for a dog to become attached to a stuffed animal and view it as a companion.

Best Plush Dog Toy For Your Fur Baby!

No matter what type of pup you have, there's something here to please everyone.

From classic plush animals to unique interactive toys, these five plush dog toys are sure to become your pup's new favorite playthings.

With their high-quality construction and adorable designs, these plush toys will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your furry companion.

So pick up one of these products on Amazon today and give your pup something to wag their tail about!

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