Point and Shoot Cameras That Will Bring Out Your High-Tech Photography Ambitions

Photography will never ever fade! If you are looking for the budget-friendly point and shoot cameras to carry anywhere you go, you are in the right spot. These cameras will capture good quality images at a very affordable price. It utilizes high-tech features as well!

#2: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II

This point and shoot camera can offer 130 shots, portability, and stunning images. It uses 1-inch sensor that delivers image-quality and good video. You can hold the camera above your head or below your waist and still preview the scene comfortably with its tilting rear screen. It can shoot at a brisk 10 fps even in Raw mode. You will use its external buttons and dials for every aspect of the operation because it does not feature a touchscreen. The downside is that the rear screen isn’t touch-sensitive so you must manually move the focus point around the screen that takes more time and effort.



#1: Canon PowerShot G9 X

This camera has a reasonable price with a touchscreen that put it at the top of our list for the best point and shoot cameras you can buy. You can capture both JPEGs and raw files on this camera though it is very slow in Raw mode. This camera is really small so you won't have any problem in slipping it in your pocket like a wallet. Its 1-inch sensor offers two distinct advantages: better low-light shooting and a shallower depth of field. It creates excellent realistic colors and fairly accurate auto white balance. It has the ability to set the autofocus point anywhere within the frame simply by tapping on the screen which is simply the best feature of this camera. Also, it features a control ring around the lens. In aperture- and shutter-priority modes, rotating the ring changes those specific exposure parameters. In full auto modes, the ring zooms the lens; in the creative modes, it cycles through the effects options. For manual focus shooting, it offers both a magnified image and focus peaking as on-screen aids, and you can focus the lens via either touchscreen icons or the lens’s control ring. Android device owners can use the camera’s NFC compatibility to connect simply by tapping the camera and phone together, once to download the Canon app and a second time to make the connection. The cons are that it has narrow aperture zoom lens which causes less light at longer zoom ranges and slow shooting speed in Raw Mode.



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