Looking for a car seat that’s both safe and easy to use?

Rotating car seats are perfect for busy parents who want to make life a little bit easier. With just a simple rotation, you can get your child in and out of the car seat quickly and easily. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors that your child will love!

You will love how comfortable these car seats are – they provide plenty of support for your little one. They also have an adjustable headrest so your child can always be safe and secure while riding in the car.

Check out our post on the best rotating car seats and find the perfect one for your child!

How We Choose The Best For You

It can be hard to know which car seat is the best for your child.

All of the different car seats on the market can make it overwhelming to choose the right one for your child.

We did all of the research for you and picked out our favorite rotating car seats. Our picks are based on verified user reviews, so you can trust that these are good choices for your family.

At LucksList, we hope you find your next favorite thing on the list below! Our team of editors independently selected each product. Some were sent as samples, but all opinions in this article are our own. We only recommend products we love, and if you decide to buy something, we may earn a small commission (which helps us stay in business). Our reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Thank you for supporting our work!

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall Rotating Car Seat

Baby Jogger City Turn

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Why We Love It

Getting your little one ready for a ride has never been easier than with the Baby Jogger City Turn Rotating Car Seat!

This innovative car seat is designed to swivel up to 180 degrees with just one hand, so transporting your little one from A to B is a breeze. And it's not just super convenient, but safe too – this car seat has been engineered and tested with TRUE Test Plus safety standards to provide superior protection for all those bumps in the road.

Plus, it's made with soft and lightweight fabrics featuring COOLMAX moisture-wicking material so your kid stays nice and cool no matter how long their journey is.

Finally, there's an easy solution for getting your little one in and out of the car safely... with the Baby Jogger City Turn Rotating Car Seat!

What You Should Know

With patented rotation technology, this convertible car seat makes life so much easier for busy parents.

You no longer need to twist and turn to get your child in the car – just push a button and rotate them into place. Furthermore, the forward-facing design not only provides the ultimate comfort for your little one but can make a world of difference for your back too – after all, isn’t it time that someone looked out for us?

Best of all, this seat transitions from a rear-facing harness (4-50 lbs.) to a forward-facing harness (22-65 lbs.), so you can be sure that your child is always safe and secure in their seat. Phew!

Best Rotating Car Seat for Newborns

Evenflo Gold Revolve360

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Why We Love It

Are you looking for an easy way to get your little one in and out of the car? The Evenflo Gold Revolve360 is a car seat that will make life simpler while also helping to keep your kiddo safe. This rotating car seat has so much to offer, but won’t blow your budget—at a considerably lower price than other swivel car seats, it’s a great value!

The Evenflo Gold Revolve360 can rotate a full 360 degrees on its base, making getting your baby or toddler in and out of the car easier than ever. Plus, having an all-in-one design means it can be used in three different modes: rear-facing, forward-facing, and as a booster seat.

Unlike other rotating models on the market, this 360-degree version offers three different modes for all ages! Plus, if you use the Easy ClickLATCH system you’ll only need to install it once.

We could all use an easier way to get our little ones around town; don’t get stuck rotating in circles looking for the perfect solution.

Just grab the Evenflo Gold Revolve360 and keep rolling easily from one destination to another (safely and securely).

What You Should Know

The advantage of a seat rotator is undeniable; however, the Revolve360 falls just shy of living up to its name.

You can only spin it when the seat is fully reclined, meaning maneuvering your baby around corners could be a bit tricky. It’s also worth noting that it’s on the longer side, so those with smaller cars or sedans might find that they’d have to sacrifice a little legroom if they chose to invest in the Revolve360.

While this setback doesn’t make it an awful choice, it's worth being aware of before purchasing.

Best Rotating Car Seat for Toddlers

CYBEX Sirona S with SensorSafe

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Why We Love It

Protect your little one the right way with the CYBEX Sirona S with SensorSafe!

This revolutionary car seat is a full 360-degree rotating convertible option, offering not only convenience but also extraordinary safety features - so you can rest assured that your little one is secure while they’re on the road.

Easily install it with the convenient EasyLock bar and enjoy its unique load leg that allows for easy tightening of straps to ensure maximum protection. It even has an anti-rebound design that reduces car seat rebound movement and linear side impact protection to absorb up to 25% more impact in case of a collision.

With a 12-position height-adjustable headrest, it keeps up with your growing child for long-term comfort and protection.

The CYBEX Sirona S is here to give you peace of mind and make every journey stress-free, every time!

What You Should Know

If you’re looking for the perfect car seat, the Sirona S could be a great option — so long as you have money to spend and a roomy vehicle!

It offers a lot of features, like top-notch safety ratings and an adjustable headrest. Just don’t try installing it in a small car if you decide to go for the Sirona; there’s no getting around its bulk since it runs pretty long.

And although its belt path is quite narrow, making installation a time-consuming task, at least you’ll enjoy plenty of color variety when the seat is all setup!

Best Rotating Car seat for Small Cars

Graco Turn2Me 3-in-1 Car Seat

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Why We Love It

An epic car seat journey awaits with the Graco Turn2Me 3-in-1!

This incredible seat evolves with your growing little one, cradling them so they stay extra snug and safe. With just a turn of your wrist, easily transition between rear and forward-facing positions that can handle up to 50 lbs.

The SnugLock Technology installs securely in just minutes with a vehicle seat belt or LATCH—no more worrying about complicated setups slowing you down.

And with its 10-position headrest, you know your kid won’t be left behind on the ride out of comfort town.

Experience the future of car seats today with Graco Turn2Me!

What You Should Know

Looking for a car seat that provides superior transferable crash protection for your little one?

Look no further than Graco ProtectPlus Engineered! Not only does it come in two great colors, but it's equipped with the most advanced set of safety tests to keep your kiddo safe in the event of an accident.

It features three modes of use – the rear-facing harness 4-40 lb, the forward-facing harness 22-65 lb, and the high back booster 40-100 lb. – so you can depend on this car seat to protect your precious passenger until they outgrow it!

Best All in One Rotating Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Emme 360 All-in-One

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Maxi-Cosi Emme 360 All-in-One Convertible Car Seat—the lightweight, secure, and extra-smart way to keep your little one safe.

The Emme 360's weight capacity surpasses even that of its closest competitors, while its TensionFix Indicator lets you know when you've installed it correctly so you can drive in peace knowing your kiddo is secured right.

Plus, the innovative base lock-off features pressure-sensitive tabs—no manual adjustments needed! We know that safety is always the top priority for parents but with this car seat your baby will also get an extra dose of convenience.

So don't settle for less—safely secure your babe in the Maxi Cosi Emme 360 All-in-One today!

What You Should Know

Whether you want your convertible car seat to blend in with the midnight or stand out in urban, this product is perfect for you!

The Emme 360 can fit family members of all sizes, from 5 pounds up to a whopping 100 pounds, depending on which mode it’s in. This means you can use it from infancy all the way through the childhood years and its 6 color options ensure that there is something for everyone.

Now that’s a great deal!

Rotating Car Seat Pros and Cons

When it comes to picking the perfect car seat, things can get dizzying fast. But once you understand all that a rotating model has to offer - as well as what shortcomings come along with them - deciding if this is right for your family becomes much easier...or at least less overwhelming!

Rotating Car Seat Pros

Ease and Convenience

A swiveling car seat is the way to go if you're traveling with your little one - even more so if there's a physical limitation or an elder taking over the wheel. It'll make strapping in and out of that vehicle seamless, no doubt about it!

Potential for Extended Rear-Facing

For all, you parents out there here's an easy trick for keeping your little one safe - rear-facing them in the car. Not only is it safer than forward-facing but with a rotating seat they can stay that way until their legs are too long!

One-and-Done Install

Converting your swivel car seats from rear-facing to forward? Ditch the hassle of having to install twice with a traditional convertible and check out rotating models! Not sure if you need more than one installation?

Don't forget - using LATCH might require reinstalling depending on your child's weight, so read up on that instruction manual.

Rotating Car Seat Cons


If you're looking to fit three car seats across your back seat, or just want some extra space in general - a rotating car seat might not be the perfect solution. Sure it's great for easy access and convenience but with its bulky size and potential lack of adjacent seating options, don't expect much wiggle room!

Low Rear-Facing Weight Limit

If swivel seats have caught your eye, keep in mind that their rear-facing limit may make them a short spin. Your child will likely outgrow this type of seat faster than some other options on the market – so fasten up and enjoy every moment!


If you're looking to really upgrade your car seat game, there's no substitute for the luxurious experience of a rotating model – just be prepared to fork out a few more bucks.

Rotating Car Seat FAQs

Buying a car seat is hard enough, but trying to figure out which one is the best for your child and your family can be downright daunting.

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new study about car seats and safety ratings. And with all of the different options on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've got you covered. Our team has researched and tried out all of the best swivel car seats on the market so that you don't have to. We've compiled everything you need to know in this easy-to-read guide, from installation tips to safety features.

Do I Need a Swivel Car Seat Really?

Yes, you do need a child swivel car seat for your child's safety. Child rotating car seats are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for passengers in the event of an accident by spreading crash forces throughout the vehicle.

A child swivel car seat is specially designed with a rotating base which allows you to easily install it into your vehicle while providing 360 degrees of rotation so that both rear-facing position and forward-facing seating options can be accommodated.

Additionally, this type of seat helps secure your little one’s head and neck properly as they grow older by allowing them to move around more comfortably when buckled in place.

Ultimately, investing in a high-quality swivel car seat will ensure a safe ride no matter where you go!

What is a Rotating Car Seat?

A child-rotating convertible car seat is a type of car seat designed to make it easier to get a child in and out of their car seat without the hassle of having to unbuckle them each time.

These seats rotate 360°, enabling you to swivel the chair and position it for easy access from any angle. Instead of struggling with straps, buckles, and clips when getting your little one in or out, all you need to do is turn the seat so that your kid can simply walk into or out of their chair. The advantage here is that this significantly reduces the amount of effort it takes the parent or caregiver in transporting the little ones from point A to B; not only does it save time but also prevents potential frustrations and fatigue caused by laborious strapping procedures.

Furthermore, these seats are safer for smaller babies since more natural positioning allows for better protection against head injuries during sudden stops or turns.

As always though safety should be paramount when selecting any kind of product – make sure whatever model you buy has been approved by relevant authorities before using it!

Is a Rotating Car Seat Worth It?

Absolutely – child-rotating convertible car seats are a crucial investment for any parent. Not only do they provide your child with the most comfortable and safest ride possible, but also help to make sure that your little one is in a secure and safe seat when riding in the car.

A swivel convertible car seat can be adjusted so that your baby or toddler faces you while driving, which makes communication much easier and reduces distraction while still providing maximum protection. The headrest can be reclined to multiple positions so that it fits snugly around their neck and provides optimal positioning.

Additionally, many models come with additional features such as an adjustable footrest for extra legroom, safety harnesses for easy adjustment, mounting systems for quick installation/removal of the seat from the vehicle seatbelt system, as well as many others depending on brand and model.

All of these features combined make them some of the best options available when it comes to protecting your little one – both now and into adulthood!

When Do I Need a Rotating Convertible Car Seat?

You should consider purchasing a child-only rotating car seat when your little one has outgrown their infant (rear-facing car seat) and is ready to transition into a forward-facing car seat. At this point, you want to make sure that the child's head, neck, and spine are well supported in their new position.

Most rotating car seats are designed specifically for older toddlers and young children who have reached the recommended height/weight limit for their infant or traditional convertible car seat. They rotate up to 180 degrees, so it’s easier for parents to get their children in and out of the vehicle without having to strain themselves or wake them up from sleep. Additionally, these seats come with multiple adjustable straps which can be easily adjusted as your child grows bigger.

Are Swivel Car Seats Safe?

In terms of safety, no matter what kind of car seat you use, it's essential that you always adhere to best practices for installation and use. All traditional convertible car seats and rotating car seats should be installed by following manufacturer instructions and must be securely fastened using mounting hardware provided with the device. 

Before each trip in a car with a rotating child seat, check that all straps and belts are correctly adjusted for snugness around your baby’s body size — not too loose or too tight — and make sure they can't easily slip off their shoulders or hips before wheeling away from home.

What age do 360 car seats go up to?

Many popular brands of 360 car seats go up to age 10, from infancy up to 80 pounds. The type of seat – rear-facing, forward-facing with a harness, or booster seat – depends on the age and size of the child. Rear-facing infant seats can be used from birth until 12 months or 35 pounds (whichever comes first). Convertible and all-in-one car seats typically start at newborn and go up to 40–80 pounds depending on the model, which can generally accommodate children through age 8–10 years. Booster seats are designed for children over 40–60 pounds and who are at least 4 years old; some booster models extend use up to 80–100+ pounds.

It's important that you select a car seat that meets federal safety standards as well as any state laws in which you may be traveling with your child regularly — this is especially true if you're dealing with different regulations between states or provinces. Additionally, make sure your car seat fits properly in both your and other vehicles your family uses most often so it can offer maximum protection against injury during an accident.

Best Rotating Car Seat For You

We know that you’re looking for the perfect rotating car seat for your baby and we hope that our reviews have helped you in your decision-making process.

Be sure to check the prices below on the Best Rotating Car Seat before making your final purchase – good luck!

Quick Buyers Guide:

Best Overall Rotating Car Seat

Baby Jogger City Turn

Best Rotating Car Seat for Newborns

Evenflo Gold Revolve360

Best Rotating Car Seat for Toddlers

CYBEX Sirona S with SensorSafe

Best Rotating Car seat for Small Cars

Graco Turn2Me 3-in-1 Car Seat

Best All-in-One Rotating Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Emme 360 All-in-One