Do you love taking selfies but hate the hassle of using a timer or asking someone to take your picture?

Then you need a selfie stick! They’re the perfect way to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in one shot, making it easier than ever before to take great photos with just your smartphone.

And with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best selfie sticks out there and helping you decide which one is right for your needs.

We’ll also discuss why having a good-quality selfie stick can make all the difference when it comes to capturing amazing photos.

best selfie stick

How We Choose The Best Selfie Stick

We all know that selfie sticks are awesome, but it can be tough to find the perfect one for you.

With so many different selfie sticks on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. Do you want a Bluetooth selfie stick? A wired selfie stick? A tripod selfie stick?

We've done the hard work for you and chosen the best selfie sticks on the market. Whether you're looking for a compact Bluetooth selfie stick or a heavy-duty tripod selfie stick, we've got you covered.

Best Selfie Stick for Capturing Long-distance Shots

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

The ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick is an incredibly useful tool for capturing group photos, long-distance shots, and steady selfies all in one device.

This selfie stick offers convenience, portability, and dependable stability with its aviation-grade aluminum alloy extendable stick and 50mAh detachable Bluetooth remote.

Additionally, its adjustable angle and rotatable phone holder make it easy to take the perfect shot no matter where you are, while the awesome rechargeable battery life ensures that you can capture those special moments without interruption.

Whether you're using it to capture gorgeous landscapes or a big family photo, this ATUMTEK Selfie Stick offers superior performance that you won't want to miss out on!

What you Should Know

The ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick is perfect for capturing close or distant shots.

With an extendable pole constructed from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and anodized for durability and sturdiness, the selfie stick can extend up to 31.3 inches, making it suitable for a range of creative self-photography options.

The detachable Bluetooth remote allows for easy connection and operation of the selfie stick with your phone.

Battery life is 50mAh, and the unique retractable design means that when collapsed, it is incredibly compact at just 7.7 inches, perfect for taking away with you without taking up too much space in your bag or pocket.

Best Heavy Duty Selfie Stick

Bluehorn Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

The Bluehorn selfie stick is the perfect technology companion for taking stunning, shareable photos.

Its wireless remote control feature has a range of up to 10 meters, making it easy to control your shot from anywhere and get the right angle. Not only is the stick durable and reliable, but the aluminum alloy body ensures that it stands up in any condition.

The highly tough ABS legs make sure that the tripod remains stable and secure, even for longer shoots. This selfie stick also features an innovative Wireless Remote Shutter, which boasts a fast-connecting speed and low energy cost, so you can enjoy it for as long as you need.

Compatible with almost all Android phones like XR/XS/X/8/7/6seriesOr Plus series, Samsung Galaxy series, etc., we think the Bluehorn*YUN TENG Joint Brand Model Selfie Stick is a must-have for anyone who loves taking photos.

What you Should Know

This Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick is one of the top models on the market. Compatible with most cell phones and devices, it's great for all types of uses.

The body is made of Aluminum Alloy, and the legs are made of highly tough ABS, making it durable and long-lasting.

With its wireless remote shutter offering fast connection speeds and low energy costs, you can enjoy easily taking pictures up to 10 meters away!

Whether you're an amateur photographer or a professional trying to capture the perfect shot, this selfie stick is sure to deliver great results.

Best Collapsible Selfie Stick

BZE Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

The BZE Selfie Stick is an incredibly versatile tool for anyone looking to capture the perfect moment, whether you are looking for selfie stick mode or tripod mode.

Its extendable selfie stick design allows for great flexibility - it ranges from 8.07 inches up to 40 inches in length, giving you plenty of options when deciding what perspective fits best.

Not only that, but its collapsible legs allow it to double as a standalone tripod when necessary; not all selfie sticks can do that.

To top it off, its wireless remote control has a range of up to 10 meters and can take over 1,000 photos with just one touch.

With all of these features in mind, the professional and lightweight aluminum construction makes this a surprisingly durable tool every photographer should have in their arsenal.

What you Should Know

The BZE Selfie Stick is a great choice for photographs, video calling, and other activities.

It features an extendable handle that goes from 8.07 to 40 inches long, as well as collapsible tripod legs, so you can use it both as a selfie stick and a standalone tripod.

The wireless remote control has a reach of up to 10 meters for seamless picture-taking, with compatibility for both iOS and Android cellphones. Moreover, this professional and lightweight selfie stick is made of high-quality aluminum alloy ensuring durability.

With the BZE Selfie Stick, you have everything you need for capturing your memorable moments.

Best Easy-to-use Selfie Stick

SelfieShow Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

SelfieShow's Selfie Stick is an incredibly versatile three-in-one system that supports any smartphone. It has a wireless remote control, a tripod base, and a head that rotates 245°, allowing for both vertical and horizontal photos and images with a wider vision.

The stick is made of stainless steel and is lightweight and compact - only 7.6 inches when folded and only weighing 150g. With it, you can take selfies, group photos, FaceTime calls, and life-logging videos and have social live-streaming experiences up to 10 meters away!

We love that the Selfie Stick is designed for convenience - without sacrificing quality or visuals - making selfie photo taking easier than ever before!

What you Should Know

The SelfieShow Selfie Stick is an innovative three-in-one product that comes with a wireless remote control and foldable tripod.

With a capacity of up to 101 cm in length, you're able to take stunning vertical or horizontal photos from almost 10 meters away using the integrated 245° rotation head.

Its stainless steel build is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for anyone on the go, and it's compatible with almost any smartphone in the market today, including iPhones 12/12 mini/12 pro/11/11 pro/Xr/X/8 plus and Galaxy Note 20/S20/S10, etc.

Users can look forward to great new experiences with group photos, face-time, life-logging or video shooting, perfect for capturing moments or simply deepening self-expression in every dimension!

Best Monopod Selfie Stick

Vproof Monopod Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

The Vproof Monopod Selfie Stick is an incredibly useful and sleek gadget that allows you to take your selfies to the next level.

Thanks to its integrated innovation design, it can be quickly collapsed down into a tiny 6.5-inch pipe and then expanded back out into a full 26-inch Bluetooth monopod- perfect for taking high-quality pictures!

Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy with anti-oxidation material, the selfie stick is both lightweight and sturdy - perfect for long-term use.

It's also incredibly easy to use with its wrist strap; no extra batteries are required as it comes with a replaceable battery that’ll last you over 100 hours! Plus, it can be used with virtually any smartphone - making this a universal accessory for all your mobile photography needs.

The Vproof Monopod Selfie Stick is sure to revolutionize the way you take selfies - from its aesthetic appeal to its functionality - this product has it all!

What you Should Know

The Vproof Monopod Selfie Stick is an innovative product that makes taking selfies easy and stylish.

The monopod has a one-piece integrated design, so it can collapse to 6.5 inches when not in use and expand to 26 inches.

Constructed with aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the monopod is sturdy and durable, with an anti-scratch black surface that is easy to clean. It's also simple to use and fits almost all types of phones.

What's more, this product includes a replaceable battery that lasts up to 10 hours, giving you plenty of time to take loads of selfies!

Plus, the selfie stick increases your range, so you can capture amazing photos from a distance or even from low angles!

Best All-Rounder

Yoozon Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

Yoozon's Selfie Stick is a versatile tool that can be used as an all-in-one selfie stick, standing phone tripod, and desktop phone holder for video calling. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter, so you can take photos from up to 10m away.

The phone holder fits most phones within 3.5"-6.5” and is widely compatible with most iOS and Android devices, making it a great all-in-one solution.

Plus, the detachable Bluetooth remote makes it easy to take selfies without having to rely on a self-timer or asking strangers for help. What's not to love?

It's perfect for travel, family gatherings, or any time you want to capture the perfect selfie without having to worry about missing anyone or anything behind the lens. Take it with you and make memories that last a lifetime!

What you Should Know

The Yoozon Selfie Stick is easy to use and set up. It's made out of high-quality materials, so you can be sure it will last for years to come.

The tripod is extendable from 13.3~25.2 inches(7.55 inches fully folded), making it great for taking full-length photos, family photos, or making zoom meetings/video calls. The phone holder has 360° rotation, so you can switch from portrait to landscape orientation as needed.

Lastly, a 1/4 screw and cold shoe interface at each end allow you to attach accessories like microphones and fill lights for more professional video recordings.

Overall, Yoozon's Selfie Stick is a great all-in-one tool that makes it easy to take professional selfies without having to worry about missing any important details.

The extendable tripod, rotatable phone holder, detachable Bluetooth remote, and wide compatibility make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to capture their memories in style.

Make sure you check out Yoozon's Selfie Stick and add it to your collection today! You won't regret it.

Best Versatile Selfie Stick

UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod

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Why we Love it

UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod is an incredibly versatile and easy-to-use product that can accompany you virtually anywhere.

With the capability of extending from 20in to 67in, this flexible product is great for capturing all the moments in life, especially group photos, video shooting, vlogging, and taking selfies.

The tripod stand is made up of highly durable aluminum alloy with stainless steel and ABS plastic materials designed with a locking knob in order to prevent any tilting or wobbling.

It also has a phone holder for mobile phones as well as BC parts for Go Pro cameras and even comes with a wireless remote for long-distance control.

All these features make UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod a must-have gadget when it comes to taking those special memories wherever you go!

What you Should Know

The UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick is designed to fit a wide variety of smartphones, from Samsung models like the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8/S8 Plus/S7 Edge/J7 to Huawei.

It is extremely versatile and can be used for different purposes, including video shooting, group photos, vlogging, adventuring, and taking selfies.

In addition to the phone holder, it also includes BC parts for GoPro cameras and a Wireless Remote that can be used at long distances.

This product is made with highly durable aluminum-alloy material, stainless steel, and ABS plastic, which makes it extremely reliable.

A base locking knob in the center ensures there are no tilting or wobbling issues while taking your shots.

Best Convenient Selfie Stick

Trehapuva Selfie Stick

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Why we Love it

We love Trehapuva's Selfie Stick for its compact, lightweight, and adjustable design. The extension selfie stick can be adjusted in three separate lengths so you can customize how far it goes.

The hand grip has been updated with a soft rubber material that is comfortable to hold, and this twist-lock feature makes it easy to extend the stick from seven inches to nineteen inches.

It's also compatible with most major cameras, such as GoPro Hero 10, 9, 8, GeekPro, and XiaoYi models as well as SJCAM action cameras.

With all these great features, the Trehapuva Selfie Stick gives you a convenient and secure way to take selfies on your next adventure.

What you Should Know

The Trehapuva Selfie Stick is the perfect tool for capturing unique and dramatic perspectives. It is highly convenient to use, as it has a twist-lock feature with three extendable sections that can reach from 7 inches to 19 inches.

The hand grip is also specially updated with comfortable rubber material, providing a secure and pleasant grip compared to other plastic handles.

Additionally, this selfie stick is lightweight and portable for easy transport, fitting in GoPro cases, backpacks, or even pockets!

Compatible with a wide range of cameras, including GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 5 Session, Hero 4 3+, and Xiaomi Yi GeekPro, this selfie stick can help capture amazing moments all around.

Here are Some FAQs to Help Guide you on Your Way

You've seen them all over the place, but you're not sure which selfie stick to buying.

With so many different selfie sticks on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

Here are Some FAQs to Help Guide you on Your Way. Our guide will help you answer the most common questions about selfie sticks and show you how to use them safely and effectively.

What is The Best Selfie Stick?

There are a lot of selfie sticks on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a selfie stick:

  • The size of the phone or camera that the selfie stick is designed to hold. Some selfie sticks only work with smaller phones with compact cameras because of their smaller smartphone mount, while others can hold larger cameras.
  • The type of connection the selfie stick has. There are three types of connections: Bluetooth, wired, and wireless. Wired selfie sticks have a wire that plugs into your phone or camera, while Bluetooth and wireless selfie sticks connect to your phone or camera using Bluetooth or wi-fi. Some people prefer wired selfie sticks because they don't need batteries, but wireless and Bluetooth selfie sticks are usually more convenient.
  • The length of the selfie stick. Most selfie sticks extend up to three feet, which is the perfect range for most people. But if you want to take pictures from further away, you might want to look for one that extends even farther.
  • The stability of the selfie stick. It's important to make sure your selfie stick is stable so your pictures don't come out blurry or shaky. You should also look for one that has non-slip rubber grips, which will help keep it firmly in place.

Finally, it would be best if you always were sure to read customer reviews before buying a selfie stick. This will help you make sure you're getting the best selfie

Is it Worth Buying a Selfie Stick?

There are a few factors to consider when answering this question.

First, selfie sticks can be expensive, especially if you want one that's high quality.

Second, they can be cumbersome to carry around, and they might not be allowed in certain places (museums, for example).

That said, if you love taking selfies and don't mind shelling out a bit of cash for a quality selfie stick instead of some DSLR cameras, then it's definitely worth buying one.

They make taking selfies so much easier (especially group selfies), and they're perfect for travel.

Just be sure to read the reviews before purchasing one to make sure you get a good one.

best selfie stick

What Replaced Selfie Sticks?

Deciding which type of selfie stick is the best for you can be tricky as everyone has different preferences.

However, some of the most popular replacements for selfie sticks include Bluetooth remotes, tripods, and monopods.

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Selfie Stick?

The battery life on a selfie stick really depends on the make and model of the selfie stick. However, most selfie sticks use either disposable or rechargeable batteries, so it's generally not too difficult to find a replacement battery if you need it.

That being said, I usually recommend that people carry a spare battery with them whenever they're using their selfie stick. This way, they'll never have to worry about running out of power in the middle of a shoot. Plus, it's always nice to have a backup just in case something goes wrong.

best selfie stick

Why Do Selfie Sticks Need Bluetooth?

There are a few reasons why selfie sticks need Bluetooth. One is that they need to be able to communicate with your phone to tell it when to take the picture.

Another reason is that they often have buttons on them that let you control the phone's camera shutter, zoom, and other settings.

Having Bluetooth lets you control all those settings without having to reach into your pocket every time you want to change something.

How Do You Take a Picture With a Selfie Stick?

There are a few different ways to take a picture with a selfie stick. The most common way is to hold the selfie stick out in front of you and use the phone's camera app to take the picture.

Another way is to set the selfie stick up on a table or other surface and use the phone's timer to take the picture.

Lastly, some selfie sticks have Bluetooth remotes that you can use to take pictures from a distance.

best selfie stick

In What Countries are Selfie Sticks Banned?

In some countries, like Spain and the Philippines, selfie sticks are outright banned in certain locations because of the dangers they pose to other people.

For example, a selfie stick can quickly become a hazard in crowded areas or during performances.

In other countries, such as the United States, there are no laws banning their use, but individual venues or events may choose to ban them for safety reasons.

For example, at the Coachella music festival in California, selfie sticks were banned this year despite not being illegal.

And just last month at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in England, officials announced that selfie sticks would be banned from the grounds because they posed a "visual obstruction" to other spectators.

Capture Special Memories With The Best Selfie Stick

Whether or not it's worth it to buy a selfie stick is really up to you and your personal preferences.

If you're someone who loves taking selfies, then a good-quality selfie stick could be the perfect addition to your camera bag. Just make sure you check the reviews carefully before buying one, and stay aware of any bans in places you plan to use it.

Also, consider investing in a Bluetooth remote and/or spare battery for extra convenience. With the right selfie stick, you can take amazing selfies for years to come!

Happy snapping!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

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