If you're on the hunt for the best squishmallow (hot topic) on the market, look no further! We've compiled a list of our favorite squishmallows, perfect for cuddling, napping, and snuggling. From the biggest to the smallest, these super soft best seller pillows are sure to please. So whether you're looking for a new bedtime buddy or just something to add to your collection, check out our top picks below. Happy squishing!

How we Choose the Best Squishmallow on the Market

Looking for the best squishmallow on the market? Look no further!

We’ve searched high and low for the best squishmallows out there, and we think we’ve found them. From big to small, cuddly to squeezable, these little pillows are sure to please.

If you’re looking for a new bedtime buddy or just something to add to your collection, check out our top picks below. With so many different kinds of squishmallows to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Happy squishing!

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Best Squishmallow - Super Soft Plush Toys

Axolotl Plush Stuffed Animals, Soft Cuddly Axolotl Pillow Toy Kawaii Gift for Kids

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for something cuddly, soft and totally unique then you need to check out our Axolotl Plush Stuffed Animals! These 8-inch pillow toys will make the perfect companion and decoration for your home. Made of 100% cotton, they are extremely soft and comfortable to hug and can easily be taken with you on all your adventures.

Kawaii gift is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face when they see it! Complete with its unique design and expressive face, it's the ideal present for birthdays, Halloween, or Christmas. Show somebody you care by giving them this thoughtful gift; nobody could ever refuse its warmth and cuteness!

Don’t feel alone anymore; take one of these plush Axolotl stuffed animals home with you today and transform your room into something straight out of a storybook. Hours of fun will be had as it sits in their office, living room, bedroom or car… anywhere really! Plus it makes for an unforgettable conversation starter when friends come over. Just imagine how envious everyone will be of your cuddly little pal - make sure you don't miss out!

What You Should Know

Introducing the best cuddling companion around - our 8 Inch Axolotl Plush Stuffed Animals! We guarantee these soft and cuddly, kawaii-style pillows are perfect for bringing comfort and lightheartedness into your world. These little friends are made entirely of 100% cotton, giving them a soft yet lofty texture that you’ll love snuggling up with. With compact sizes and perfectly sized for years of huggable fun and adventure, these squishies make great companions for kids' everyday play or as decorative pieces in the bedroom, living room, office or car. Plus, their big smiley eyes will have everyone around smiling back! Make this extra special plush toy part of your family today – it’s an ideal gift for birthdays, Halloween and Christmas. Don’t wait any longer to bring a Axolotl Plush Stuffed Animal into your home – they can’t wait to wrap their little arms around you!

Best Squishmallow - Sealife Plush Toy

Rhode Island Novelty 3 Inch SeaLife Plush Toy Bag of 24 Pieces

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Why We Love It

Have fun with the best seller Rhode Island Novelty 3 Inch Sea Life Plush Toys Bag of 24 Pieces! With its colorful selection of squishables, your little one will be instantly drawn in. Each plush toy is approximately three inches long and perfect for small hands. With a bag of 24 pieces, your child can mix and match their sea toys to create unique combinations. All material is ultra-soft and cuddly to handle, inviting even the shyest of children for hours of play. This set of sea creatures put the “awe” back into ocean exploration—perfect for imaginative stories and make believe adventures! So grab a bag today to provide a fun learning experience about aquatic life without leaving the comfort of home.

What You Should Know

Sea Life Plush Toys make the perfect addition to any playroom! Each bag contains 24 characters, each approximately 3 inches in size and comes in a variety of colors. Whether it's adding them to a playroom scene or throwing a few in party gift bags, the characters come to life with adorable features and fun shapes. Kids' imaginations will be running wild as they take their Squishmallow pals on many adventures. With a quality product for an affordable price, these Sea Life Plush Toys are sure to be put to good use for hours of fun!

Best Squishmallow - Stackable Collection Plush Toy

Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Stackable Style Plush Toy Many to Choose (8 Inch, Tazik Monkey)

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Why We Love It

Discover the joy of cuddles with Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Stackable Style Plush Toys! This line of collectible plushies is the perfect size for taking with you everywhere you go, providing warmth and comfort for all ages. Soft and squishy, Squishmallows make it easy to express your love in a unique way - collecting each member of the ever-growing Squishmallow squad to fill your world with cuteness! Made out of incredibly cozy polyester fibers, this pillow-like material will give you an unforgettable hug no matter where life takes you. Choose from any variety and show someone what it truly means to be loved. Let Squishmallows bring out the best kinds of smiles in your life today!

What You Should Know

Discover the joy of cuddles with Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Stackable Style Plush Toys! This line of collectible plushies is the perfect size for taking with you everywhere you go, providing warmth and comfort for all ages. Soft and squishy, Squishmallows make it easy to express your love in a unique way - collecting each member of the ever-growing Squishmallow squad to fill your world with cuteness! Made out of incredibly cozy polyester fibers, this pillow-like material will give you an unforgettable hug no matter where life takes you. Choose from any variety and show someone what it truly means to be loved. Let Squishmallows bring out the best kinds of smiles in your life today!

Best Hello Kitty Squishmallow

Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Sanrio Squad Squishy Stuffed Plush Toy Animal

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Why We Love It

Introducing the newest members of the Squad – Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Sanrio Animal Stuffed Plush Toys! These adorable plushes come in your favorite Hello Kitty (Mermaid) color and feature squishy, marshmallow-like textures that make them as cozy to hug as they are cute to look at. Perfectly sized for on-the-go fun, these toys make a great addition to any playroom or bedroom. Whether you’re a baby, teen, or adult looking for a cuddle buddy, you’ll love Squishmallow’s plushy goodness. Start collecting the entire line of Squishmallows – they’re perfect for all ages and sure to make you smile!

What You Should Know

Welcome the newest addition to the Squishmallows family - the Official Kellytoy Sanrio Squad! This cuddly mini and cozy little plush toy is absolute perfection and will make you feel like a kid again. This adorable animal is crafted with the softest, warmest polyester fiber around, making them a delightfully snuggly squishy treat. They have a Marshmallow-like texture that will make you melt, and their perfect size makes it easy to take your Squishmallow wherever your day takes you! Ready to squad up? Collect the entire line of cute stuffed toys and get ready to fall in love. Perfect for kids, teens, or adults of all ages – there’s something special about this squishy jewel that's sure to bring joy everywhere it goes. Go ahead – indulge yourself now with this irresistible must-have item.

Best Pokémon Squishmallow

Pokémon 4" Pokéball Plush - Soft Stuffed Poké Ball Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

Ready for your next Pokémon adventure? Stay prepared with this fluffy 4" Pokéball Plush from Wicked Cool Toys!

This soft and cuddly Pokéball design is made of plush material and features the classic red color. With its weighted bottom, it always lands right side up—perfect for a game of catch!

This Pokéball plush toy is inspired by all things Pokémon – the anime series, trading cards, Let's Go!, and Nintendo video games. It's a must-have item for any fan! Kids will love playing out their favorite characters and stories come to life with this Pokéball Plush.

Gift it to your favorite Pokémon fan or use as a special treat when they really need a hug – either way, you can't go wrong with this conveniently sized companion. Get ready to explore the world of Pokémon with your own Pokéball Soft Plush!

What You Should Know

Are you a true Pokémon fan? Get ready to catch 'em all with this adorable 4" Poké Ball Plush Toy by Wicked Cool Toys. The plush Poké Ball is perfect for cuddling up with and bringing your love for Pokémon to life! Its weighted bottom and super soft material also make it an ideal toy for playing catch. Its bright red color captures the classic look of the iconic Pokéball from the ever-popular anime, trading card, Let's Go!, and Nintendo game series. This officially licensed product is going to be your favorite companion during any adventure! Don't miss out on adding this super cute Pokémon item to your collection today!

Best Cow Squishmallow

LYZHR Strawberry Cow Plush Pillow,Soft Cow Stuffed Animals Best Cow Squishmallow

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Why We Love It

When it comes to finding a cute gift, the LYZHR Strawberry Cow Plush Pillow is the ultimate choice! This adorable pillow is irresistibly soft and cuddly—perfect for those who can’t resist a squishy hug. Not only will it bring comfort to the recipient, but it makes playtime fun by bringing life to their imaginations with its realistic 3D eyes and mouth showing off expressions.

Plus, this cow pillow is made of high-quality plush fabric and PP cotton insert, so you’re guaranteed a safe and skin-friendly experience that won't cause harm. On top of all that, these comfortable pillows are simply sized to take up minimal space in your bag or luggage whenever you go out. They make excellent gifts for family and friends on special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays too! Gift them something they won't forget this season with the LYZHR Strawberry Cow Plush Pillow today.

What You Should Know

Let the warm and comforting cuddles of our LYZHR Strawberry Cow Squishmallow Plush Pillow fill your home with cuteness! This soft cow stuffed animal is perfect for people of any age, from babies to teens and beyond. With its sturdy construction made from high-quality plush fabric with PP cotton insert, this unique pillow is sure to bring comfort and a smile to anybody who spends time around it. Not only is this cute cow plush toy versatile in terms of usability, but it makes an excellent gift idea for those special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Its 3D facial expressions create a realistic touch that adds the look of joy and happiness to any room. So let the LYZHR Strawberry Cow Plush Pillow provide you with cozy embraces throughout each day!

FAQs About the Best Squishmallows

People love Squishmallows, but they have a lot of questions about them. We've answered the most common ones below.

Not everyone knows what Squishmallows are, what they're made of, how to use them, or where to buy them.

We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Squishmallows so that you can learn more about them before you buy.

Where to buy squishmallows?

Squishmallows are the cuddliest plush toys on the market, and they've been quickly gaining popularity. If you're looking to purchase some squishmallows of your own, there are several great options available to you.

First, many major retailers have started carrying lines of squishmallows in their stores. Target, Walmart, Kohl's and more have these cuddly critters on their shelves. So if you're looking for convenience or want to browse other items in the store at the same time as picking up a new Squishmallow buddy, then shopping in-store could be a great option for you!

Second, if that isn't an option – or if you simply prefer online shopping – there’s always Amazon where individual sellers offer brand new Squishmallows at competitive prices. There’s also eBay which is another excellent place to buy Squishmallows from individual sellers worldwide - giving shoppers even greater selection when it comes to finding just the perfect stuffed animal friend!

Finally – don't forget about visiting official websites which often has exclusive deals, license styles stock delivery not found elsewhere along with some truly unique designs sure to please any collector!

No matter what type of squishy pal you’re looking for – whether it’s a giant jumbo size or something smaller like a pastel pony – there are plenty of places out there selling them so go ahead and pick out your favorite today!

How to wash squishmallows?

Washing your Squishmallows may seem intimidating at first, but it's actually really easy! First off, you'll need to decide whether you're going to handwash or machine wash - the choice is yours.

If you're going to handwash them, then all you need is a bowl of lukewarm water with some mild detergent and a gentle fabric brush (or even just a clean cloth). Put your Squishmallows in the water and start scrubbing gently. Once they’re nice and clean, lay them out on top of a dry towel or air-dry rack.

If you choose to machine wash them, then use an extra-large mesh bag if possible so that the filling won't move around too much during the cycle. Make sure that when using any type of washing agent (especially detergent), it's appropriate for soft toys – read the instructions carefully before using any kind of product like this. Place your Squishmallow into the washing machine on its own for best results - no other items should be situated with it as care must be taken not to damage their stuffing during spinning cycles. When finished, take out your children's favourite toy from its bag and dry thoroughly in direct sunlight if possible – or place onto an air-drying rack!

No matter which method you pick when cleaning up these plush stuffed characters; while they look amazing when cleaned properly, they are also quite delicate so handle with care accordingly!

How many squishmallows are there?

Currently, there are over 400 Squishmallows in the collection that can be found at retailers across the United States, Canada and Europe. Each one is made of super soft marshmallow-like polyester fibrefill and polyester fabric with a round shape, which makes them perfect for cuddling. What's more impressive is that each character has its own unique design — from a multi-colored narwhal to an ice cream cone elephant.

What are squishmallows?

Squishmallows are an incredibly popular and cuddly toy line created by American international toy company Kellytoy. They’re made of super soft marshmallow-like material, making them perfect for snuggling up with and even using as a pillow or cushion. Squishmallows come in a huge variety of sizes, from tiny 2.5 inches all the way up to 24 inches! There are also pillows and stuffed backpacks filled with squishmallow plushies of different sizes.

The characters in the Squishmallows collection include everything from unicorns to cats to dinosaurs, foxes, bunnies and so much more! Each character has its own personality-- there’s even a little one that likes to eat pizza called “Cheesy Pie”! If you love the super soft texture of squishmallows, you can also find hand warmers filled with them too - they would make an excellent self-care gift for someone special this winter season.

The popularity of these toys has skyrocketed over the years due to their quality construction and appealing designs; they have become wildly popular around the world among both children and adults alike. Not only do they serve as great companions but people have also taken to collecting them due to their unique personalities. Their original line began in 2017 but now includes hundreds upon hundreds of adorable characters—you can never really have enough squishy friends!

What is the rarest squishmallow?

The rarest Squishmallow is the limited edition Summer 2019 Unikitty. It was released exclusively in Target stores and only 500 were made, making it the ultimate collectible for any fan of this delightfully unique toy line. The Unikitty features a flocked pink exterior with a lavender spotted pattern and comes with a blue sparkly horn on top of her head.

Squishmallows are also known to release exclusive characters every year, such as their 2020 Valentine's Day edition character, Amaretto Bear. She stands at 8 inches tall and has a dark pink fur with white accents, along with two embroidered hearts that appear on both sides of her head. This cuddly bear was made available only through the official Squishmallows website in extremely limited quantities—so if you got your hands on one you truly lucked out!

In addition to these rare releases, certain versions of regular characters can also become quite hard to find due to their popularity or limited availability from certain retailers—such as Bernard Beaver who’s been deemed one of the “rarest” squishies around due to his exclusivity for Amazon customers only when ordered directly from them online.

No matter which squishy is your favorite, there’s no denying that all Squishmallows provide comfort and joy during any moment they’re hugged or snuggled up next too!

What are squishmallows made of?

Squishmallows are made of a super soft marshmallow-like polyester and polyester blend material. They come in five different sizes and feature an ultra plush, stretchy texture that is perfect for cuddling or even using as a decorative throw pillow. Squishmallows are filled with patented air-infused technology which gives them the unique ability to be able to hold shape and retains its original look no matter how much you squish it. They also feature machine washable fabric so you never have to worry about them becoming dirty or unhygienic over time. Squishmallows were designed to be soft and friendly for all ages, making them popular among children, adults, and everyone in between!

Best Squishmallows for You and Your Kids

If you are still undecided on what the best Squishmallow toy is for your child, friend, or family member, take a look at our list. We have done the research and found you the Best Squishmallows On the Market. With so many different types of Squishmallows available, it can be hard to make a decision on just one. But with our help, we hope that you will find the perfect squishy pal for anyone in your life!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

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