SSDs That Are Thousands Of Times Faster Than Your Traditional Hard Drives

We offer you these high-quality solid-state drives (SSD) that have the capacity to read and write data as fast as you can imagine compared to your normal hard drives. These drives are worthy of the upgrade in your laptop or PC. Performances are its highest potential!

#3: Samsung 960 Evo

This SSD is faster than the speed of SATA with its controllers, flash memory, and hardware encryption support. Its 1TB has a consistency over time, although the 250GB version is not recommended because it does not deliver thesameperformane. The 500GB version is better and more reliable though. Its biggest downside is its basic three-year warranty which is two years lesser than the previous model of it.



#2: Crucial MX300

This SSD offers a bit of better endurance compared to other solid-state drives. It features full-disk encryption and bundled software (including a key for the Acronis True Image cloning software). It claims less power consumption compared to other budget drives. The only con is the three-year warranty that is two years shorter than our top drive on the list.



#1: Samsung 850 Evo

This solid-state storage in 500GB version is ideal for upgrading your laptop or primary drive for a desktop. It cheap, reliable, and fast and comes from a notable company that makes its own SSD controllers, firmware, and NAND which made it to the top of our list for the best SSDs you can buy. It offers also enough write endurance and hardware encryption support. The greatest upside is the five-year warranty of Samsung. It has a feature called TurboWrite, which treats a small portion of the flash storage as faster SLC NAND and caches all incoming write operations there first before writing them to the drive, useful for the 120 GB and 250 GB models. Couldn't be any better!



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