Under Sink Water Filters That Will Keep Your Family Away From Contaminated Drinking Water

Family's safety first! We offer you these reliable under sink water filters will remove harmful substances because you just can't always depend on your local waste treatment plant. They offer multi-stage processes designed to remove a variety of impurities, including mercury, lead, and chlorine. Safety must start at home!

#7: 3M Aqua-Pure

This under sink water filter features a shutoff valve in its head assembly that allows easy filter changes that do not require turning off your water supply first. It works with well or municipal systems. It is an advanced drinking water system has a 6,000-gallon capacity. It has a flow rated over 2 gallons per minute. It has 0.2 nominal micron rating for particulate reduction. Plus, it offers a minimal under sink space in your kitchen!



#6: Apec WFS-1000

This under sink water filter utilizes a dependable combination of polypropylene and extruded carbon to remove dust, rust, and even cloudiness from most sources of tap and well water. It is high-quality assembled in USA system with a super capacity filter for long-lasting dependable filtration. It has a fed water pressure of 20-85 psi. Also, it comes with lead-free chrome faucet for superior safe drinking water. Plus, it has a 1-year satisfaction guarantee!


#5: iSpring RCC7AK-UV

This under sink water filter contains 7 different stages of filtration and sterilization to remove contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, and sodium. It has its alkaline remineralization filter and UV sterilizer. Its filter restores healthy, ionized minerals to your water and balances the pH level and the sterilizer kills any remain of harmful bacteria. It has inline flow sensor switch and color-coordinated tubing. Plus, it has a leak-free installation by simply push tubing ½ inch deep into quick-fitting connectors and lock!



#4: Aquasana AQ-5300

This under sink water filter has a 3-stage filtration process that removes up to 99% of the most common contaminants, the lead, and chlorine. It features filter replacement alerts and this filter can last up to 800 gallons. It has 44% faster water flow and provides better taste to your food and beverages. Also, it has a stylish all-metal design to match your modern kitchen. Plus, a safe faucet is included!



#3: Home Master Artesian

This under sink water filter has a design that helps to minimize the excess buildup of microorganisms and biofilm over time. It has seven stages of filtration and enhancement remove up to 98 percent of chemicals, including chloramine. You only change this filter once a year or every 2000 gallons. It has also a design that prevents water leakage. Plus, it adds calcium and magnesium to water minerals twice during the purification process!



#2: WaterChef U9000

This under sink water filter has an exterior housing constructed from surgical stainless steel. It is rated 1000 gallons capacity that is ideal for most households. It is certified by NSF International and is made in the USA. It includes Cartridge that is pre-installed and a battery for intelligent monitoring. Plus, it is backed by a lifetime warranty with 60 days money-back guarantee!



#1: Filtrete Maximum Under Sink Water Filtration System With Dedicated Faucet

This under sink water filter is a low-cost filter with maximum level filtration reduces select VOCs. It has 750 gallons of lifetime filtering capacity and 0.75 gpm of filtered-water delivery. It offers generous six-month replacement schedule that put it at the top of our list for the best under sink water filters you can buy. It comes with a single cylindrical filter unit about the size of a wine bottle, plus a small bracket and short lengths of tubing to connect the filter to the feed line and dedicated faucet. Plus, it is very easy to install and maintain!



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