Waterproof Cameras That Are Great Companion For Your Water Adventures

If you are preparing for your exciting water adventure this year, you can have one of these affordable waterproof cameras on our list. You get to cross the streams and dive into the oceans with a waterproof camera to capture and record every moment of it. Plus, you can easily share it with your families and friends via built-in Wi-Fi capabilities!

#3: Ricoh WG-50

This waterproof camera is only waterproof to around 46 feet, and drop-proof at 5 feet. It is a fully zoomed out 5x lens that lets in less light. six small LED lights built into a ring around the lens to help illuminate macro shots. In daylight, it is able to capture images with lots of detail and realistic color in many situations. In some circumstances, it tends to sacrifice some detail in darker portions of the scene, such as areas in shadows, by underexposing them. White balance can get thrown off as well, resulting in inaccurate colors. The brighter portion appears harsher though. Unfortunately, you can’t record 4K video with this camera but you can record Full HD at 30 fps.



#2: Olympus TG-5

This waterproof camera has a 4x zoom, covering a full frame focal length equivalent of 25-100mm. It is waterproof around its dive limit from 50 feet to nearly 150 feet and even an underwater strobe. This camera capture great images, neither too dark nor too bright, with vibrant colors and lots of detail which a bit more saturated. Its 1/2.3-inch sensor has 12 megapixels. It can't float in water so you will need a strap for the camera. You can operate the camera remotely or send images to your smartphone through the Olympus Image Share app (Android, iOS).



#1: Nikon W300

This waterproof camera has the deepest waterproof rating of 100 feet and highest drop rating of 8 feet. It has the ability to shoot images with realistic color and lots of detail. It can also capture 4K video if you want to share with everyone your moment with the whales. Its 5x zoom lens is one of the better lenses built into waterproof cameras. It lets in more light compared to other cameras. Its zoom range is a full frame of 22.5-118mm. Plus, the lens has optical image stabilization to help prevent blurry shots caused by the natural shakiness of your hands. When shooting in water, the images have a slight blue/pink cast. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that let you transfer images to your smartphone through Nikon’s SnapBridge app (Android, iOS). However, Wi-Fi does not travel through water.



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