If you're in the market for spectacular white quartz crystals, your search is finally over! We've found the perfect crystals you need to bring out the brilliance of your life!

White quartz holds exceptional power, possessing the potential to bring your aspirations and desires into reality. Famous for its restorative effects, it can also help intensify energy and concentration levels for stronger focus on positivity - essential in helping you stay dedicated to achieving your goals.

Unlock your spiritual potential and bring your dreams to life with these stunning crystals! Available in an array of sizes and shapes, you're sure to find the perfect crystal for whatever purpose it's needed. Not only are they great for creating exquisite jewelry pieces, but can also be used for healing practices, spiritual practices, or while meditating. These crystals will open up powerful energies that were previously hidden away inside of yourself - so don't wait any longer!

Transform your life and manifest your goals with these premium white quartz crystals available on the market. These special stones are ideal for anyone seeking to bring joy, harmony, and positive energy into their lives. Explore this diverse assortment of magnificent white quartz crystals now to unlock a new realm of spiritual might that will help you manifest all your dreams! Shop today and begin unlocking an abundance of positive energy in no time.

How We Choose

White quartz crystals are a beautiful and powerful addition to any crystal collection. They can be used for healing, protection, and amplifying energy. But with so many different types of white quartz available, how do you know which one is right for you?

Our team of specialists has combed through thousands of Amazon reviews to find the best and most suitable white quartz crystals for you. We've spared no effort in ensuring that you can effortlessly locate and purchase an ideal crystal for your beautiful collection with minimal stress!

No more guesswork. No more wasted money. Just the perfect white quartz crystals for your spiritual journey! Don't settle for anything less than perfection, and check out our top picks for white quartz crystals today and add some powerful energy to your life!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

Best Obelisk White Quartz Crystal

White Quartz Crystal Obelisk

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Why We Love It

Experience the power of crystal energy with a White Quartz Crystal Obelisk! At 2" to 2.5", this stylish, polished quartz is perfect for keeping in your pocket or purse during the day. Not only will it make you look extra chic, but its immaculate craftsmanship guarantees that you'll be able to unlock and maintain a positive, focused mindset. Boasting a strong vibration and dynamic energy, this obelisk will help to increase your clarity and insight, while providing protection against negative influences. Keep this stunning gemstone with you at all times to grant yourself clarity of thought and attain inner tranquility with absolute ease! If you're looking for a crystal that can bring you peace, harmony, and balance of the mind, body, and soul, this obelisk is an absolute must-have!

What You Should Know

Whether you practice reiki, meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices, the White Quartz Crystal Obelisk is a must have in your toolkit. Chosen by hand and held to high quality standards, it's perfect for clearing away negative energy from the body and harmonizing any space! Plus, its gift box makes this an exceptional gift idea for any rock collector or crystal lover. So, why wait? Get yourself a White Quartz Crystal Obelisk today and enjoy all of its magical powers!

Best Rough White Quartz Crystal Stones

White Quartz Crystal Stones

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Why We Love It

White Quartz Crystal Stones are ideal for any living space or sacred area. Known as the master healer, these stones will increase energy and intention, along with amplifying other crystal effects. Not only do they remove negative energies from your home but also foster serenity, patience and allow you to gain a new positive point-of-view while learning to live with love. Each piece has been handpicked with care so that our customers can guarantee their quality is of superior standard! If you're looking for a crystal that can help remove energetic blockages, purify the aura and bring clarity of thought, these stones are perfect for your collection. So, don't wait any longer and start clearing away the negative energy in your space today!

What You Should Know

White Quartz Crystal Stones are ideal for meditation, crystal grids, altars, prayer rituals and reiki healing. They make a wonderful housewarming gift too! Each set of crystals weighs 1 pound and comes with a worry-free warranty. Moreover, these crystals are Amazon's Choice for clear quartz crystals, so you can trust that you will get the finest quality stones available. White quartz crystals bring balance and energy to your physical body, as well as invigorate both your mental/emotional and spiritual planes. They're also known to improve one's immune system, spur on psychic powers, help with concentration and memory recall, plus harmonize each of the chakras while aligning all subtle bodies. Why wait any longer? Enhance yourself today by getting White Quartz Crystal Stones!

Best Palm Stone White Quartz Crystal

White Quartz Crystal Palm Stone

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Why We Love It

Experiencing the energy of White Quartz Crystal Palm Stone is effortless! This beautiful, tactile oval-shaped crystal has been polished for optimal use in meditation and healing rituals. It's entirely composed of natural clear quartz stone that can help to tranquilly ease your stress and anxiousness while creating a sense of grounding. Furthermore, it can aid in sharpening focus, quieting distracting thoughts so you're able to think more clearly. If you're looking to clear away negative energy from yourself or the room, this palm stone is the perfect choice! It's small enough to hold in your hands or carry in your pocket, so you can take its positive energy with you wherever you go!

What You Should Know

White Quartz Crystal Palm Stones offer an incomparable way to ease your worries and make the perfect present for any occasion. Not only does this product come with a no-questions-asked, 90-Day money-back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its quality. Plus, it is also proven to provide therapeutic and psychological benefits, as well! Moreover, these palm stones can easily be placed in your pocket or purse, making them an ideal companion whenever you feel overwhelmed. It doesn't get much better than that! Try White Quartz Crystal Palm Stone today to start feeling the positive effects of crystal healing!

Best Angel White Quartz Crystal

White Quartz Crystal Angel

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Why We Love It

The White Quartz Crystal Angel is an exquisite, hand-crafted pocket angel made of natural gemstone that offers Reiki healing advantages and properties for well-being. It can be used as a part of your crystal jewelry collection or carried in your pocket to protect you during the day. This beautiful crystal has vibrations that connect with all chakras, opening gateways to higher realms while aiding in connecting with one's higher self. Additionally, it can act as a catalyst when programmed towards specific goals, amplifying energies from both its user and other crystals! If you're looking for a crystal angel to help you radiate positive energy and bring peace, this one is the perfect choice!

What You Should Know

If you are in need of extra protection and guidance, the White Quartz Crystal Angel is ideal! Not only will it help to regulate your mood swings and purify your body, but it also provides a sense of peace. Additionally, you can place this gorgeous angel ornament and lucky charm wherever you please, be it your car, desk, shelf, countertop, or even a child's room. This crystal angel makes for an exquisite display. Buy one today as something special for yourself, or better yet treat someone special with this thoughtful gift that they won't soon forget! If you're looking for an angel that can radiate positive energy and bring peace to any space, the White Quartz Crystal Angel is perfect! You won't regret, so why hesitate? Get yours now before stock runs out!

Best Pendant White Quartz Crystal

White Quartz Crystal Pendant

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Why We Love It

Add a glimmer of sparkle and energy to your look with the White Quartz Crystal Pendant! This gemstone is handcrafted in 6 facets, strongly connected to an essential Chakra that helps elevate your vibration while emitting positive energy. The necklace chain measures 18 inches in length, making it ideal as a pendulum pendant for both everyone, regardless of gender. Additionally, this gorgeous jewelry is crafted from surgical stainless steel that will not cause allergic reactions due to its lead-free and nickel-free properties, ensuring comfort for those with sensitive skin. If you're looking for an eye-catching jewelry set that can enhance your well-being and vibrational levels, this pendant is perfect! So, get your White Quartz Crystal Pendant today and start radiating positive energy!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for the perfect present to make your special someone's day, then look no further than a White Quartz Crystal Pendant! This luxurious and beautiful accessory is suitable for both formal events and casual wear. Not only does it look stunningly gorgeous on any outfit, but it also provides spiritual support that can help lift one's spirit. Perfect for those who appreciate the healing benefits of crystals, this pendant is sure to bring joy and healing to its wearer. If you're looking for a pendant that can help elevate your vibration and bring balance to your life, the White Quartz Crystal Pendant is the perfect choice. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up yours today and let the healing begin!

White Quartz Crystals FAQs

Are you searching for the ideal white quartz crystals? With such vast choices and extensive brands, it can be difficult to determine which ones would deliver maximum value. The sheer number of types and labels on today's market make deciding on a suitable one overwhelming. How do you decide which white quartz crystal will provide your money’s worth?

We understand how confusing it can be to navigate the world of crystals. That's why we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about white quartz crystals, so you can make an informed decision.

To ensure you're getting the best crystals for your needs, utilize this frequently asked questions list, so you can be sure that you'll make the right choice. Arm yourself with the insight and information you need, and make purchasing the perfect crystal easier than ever before!

What are the benefits of white quartz crystals?

White quartz crystals are known for their amazing healing properties due to their natural balance of energies. They offer emotional and physical protection, can amplify energy, attract abundance and wealth, as well as improve communication with others. Clear quartz benefits include the ability to provide clarity, focus and insight, harmonize all chakras, boost the immune system and calm the mind. White quartz crystals also help you connect with the crown chakra and higher realms, making them one of the most powerful crystals you can use.

The most common use of white crystals is in spiritual healing and meditation. They can help clear the mind of stress and negative emotional energy, create feelings of peace and calmness, promote deeper insight into oneself, and offer protection from external influences. They are also said to bring good luck when placed in the home or around the workplace. White quartz crystals can be employed to aid in rituals and spells for a variety of purposes, such as harnessing intentions, finding love, boosting self-awareness, gaining clarity while making decisions and working on school work, combatting depression- the list goes on!

How can quartz crystals be used?

Quartz crystals are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. Quartz is a popular stone for tapping into your personal energy as well as positive energies of the universe. The most common use is for spiritual healing, meditation, and rituals thanks to its many healing properties. Quartz crystals can be used to help clear the mind of stress and negative emotions, create feelings of peace and calmness, promote deeper insight into oneself, and offer protection from external influences. They can also help manifest intentions, attract love, raise self-awareness, bring clarity during decision-making processes, and more.

Quartz crystals can also be used to amplify energy both within ourselves and our environment. Placing them around a room or workspace will create a positive energy that can aid in relaxation, productivity, or creative pursuits. Additionally, quartz crystals may be used to attract abundance and wealth by placing them in specific locations of the home or workplace. White quartz crystals are particularly powerful due to their natural balance of energies.

What are the different types and forms of white quartz crystals that you can buy?

White quartz crystals come in many shapes and sizes, from large boulders to tiny chips. Some of the most popular forms are raw clusters, which typically range from small to large in size and retain their natural shape; tumbled stones, which have been polished into smooth, rounded pebbles; points, which are tapered at one end for use in crystal grids or spiritual rituals; spheres, which can be placed around the home or used for meditation; and pyramids, which have multiple flat sides and can be used to amplify energy.

White quartz crystals may also come as jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. They are thought to provide healing properties while worn directly on the body. There is a huge variety of white quartz jewelry and accessories available in different styles ranging from chunky raw chunks to delicately hand-crafted designs. There are plenty of gifts available for all zodiac signs, too, even Pisces!

Where can you find white quartz crystals?

White quartz crystals can be found at crystal shops, metaphysical stores, online retailers, and even on the side of the road. The most common places you'll find white quartz are in spiritual stores like New Age shops or holistic health centers. These stores typically carry a variety of shapes, sizes and forms of white quartz such as raw clusters, tumbled stones and points.

You can also find white quartz crystals in nature by visiting rock quarries or hiking trails that lead through areas known for crystal formations. It's important to remember to leave the crystal where you found it instead of taking it home. Finally, you can purchase white quartz crystals from online retailers that specialize in rare minerals and crystals. Many websites offer detailed descriptions about each type of crystal so you can be sure to pick one that is right for your needs.

Are there fake crystals? How can you tell if a crystal is genuine?

Yes, there are fake crystals and it can sometimes be difficult to tell if a crystal is genuine or not. The best way to ensure you are getting a genuine crystal is to purchase your crystals from a reliable source such as a trusted metaphysical store or online retailer.

If you're buying your crystals in person, look for characters of authenticity like well-defined edges, good clarity and feel the surface of the stone for irregularities. It's also important to check if the crystal contains any visible fractures or blemishes that may indicate it was artificially created. Additionally, some gemstones have an energetic signature which can be felt through direct contact with the crystal — if the vibration feels different than expected, avoid buying it.

How much do white quartz crystals typically cost?

The cost of white quartz crystals can vary depending on the size, shape and quality of the crystal. Generally, small tumbled stones can range anywhere from a few dollars to $20 or more while larger raw clusters may cost upwards of $100 or more. I have personally purchased a massive quartz cluster that was originally priced at $1000 (but I got it for half off). Prices can range quite dramatically from store to store so it pays to shop around and compare prices.

In addition to the price of the crystal itself, you should also consider any additional costs associated with shipping and handling from online retailers. When buying crystals in person keep in mind that prices vary by seller so it's important to shop around for the best deal. Overall, clear quartz crystal is an affordable gemstone and can be purchased for a reasonable price if you know where to look.

What crystals work well with white quartz crystals?

White quartz crystals are known to be versatile and work well with many other gemstones. Some of the most popular crystal combinations to pair with white quartz include celestite, sodalite, fluorite, moonstone, selenite, sunstone, and many others. This combination of stones is often used for spiritual purposes such as enhancing intuition and clarity of thought.

White quartz can also be combined with other protective and energizing stones, like black tourmaline and carnelian, for enhancing spiritual protection or for activating the root chakra. When working with crystals it's important to be familiar with their individual properties so that you can choose the best combination for your unique needs. That being said, white quartz or clear quartz is a master healer and amplifier, so it can work with just about any crystal to enhance its properties. White quartz crystals are a powerful and versatile gemstone that offer many benefits. From enhancing spiritual protection to amplifying energy and manifestating intentions, white quartz crystals are sure to be a great addition to any crystal collection.

Does size matter when it comes to the power of crystals?

Although it's widely believed that size does matter when it comes to the power of crystals, this is not necessarily true. The size of a crystal may influence the amount of energy it can absorb or transmit, but it does not determine its overall strength. What ultimately matters the most when it comes to crystals is the quality of the stone, not its size.

A large crystal may be able to emit more energy than a smaller one, but smaller crystals are often just as powerful and beneficial. Generally speaking, the power of a crystal does not depend on its size. The quality of the stone itself is more important, and this includes factors such as the stone’s clarity, cut, and color. High-quality crystals can be more powerful than large mediocre ones. Additionally, the energy that a crystal emits is also influenced by its environment and the energy of the person using it. Therefore, size does not necessarily matter when it comes to the power of crystals. Instead, the quality of the stone and its energy should be considered when evaluating its strength. No matter what size your crystals are, it's important to take time to connect with each stone and tap into its natural healing properties. When cared for correctly, each crystal will provide its own unique benefits regardless of its size.

What are the different colors of quartz and how does that impact the crystal's benefits?

The mineral quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and comes in a variety of colors, each with its own unique healing properties. Quartz grains and crystals form in a range of colors, and they build crystalline structures over time. This powerful crystal amplifies energy in the energy field, and these beautiful gemstones provide emotional stability and psychic abilities.

The most common color is clear quartz or a milky quartz, but quartz crystals come in a wide variety of colors and each color can offer a different set of benefits. Ranging from clear/white to deep purples and blues, quartz crystals come in nearly every hue imaginable. The different colors of quartz can be used for a variety of purposes and each color can bring its own unique energy.

  • Clear quartz is the most commonly found quartz crystal and is associated with clarity, focus, and amplified energy. This crystal can help cleanse other stones, amplify healing energies, and act as a master healer.
  • Rose quartz has a pale pink hue and traditionally used for increasing love and acceptance for oneself. It's believed to bring forth compassion, peace, unconditional love, understanding, and joy.
  • Smoky quartz has an earthy brownish-gray color which helps to ground one's energy. This crystal is believed to help clear negative energy from one's space as well as protect against psychic attack.
  • Lemon quartz has a yellow-green hue that symbolizes optimism and happiness. This crystal can be used to encourage positive thinking and bring more joy into one's life.
  • Blue quartz has a deep blue color and is known for promoting emotional balance and inner peace. It's also believed to help with communication, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Rutilated quartz is clear quartz with golden needle-like inclusions and is associated with protection, enhanced intuition, and increased mental clarity.
  • Tourmalinated quartz is clear quartz with black tourmaline inclusions and is believed to help protect against negative energy and boost creativity.
  • Amethyst is a deep purple crystal which can be used to enhance intuition and psychic awareness. This crystal helps to bring clarity while connecting one with their inner wisdom and spirit guides.
  • Citrine is a yellow to golden hued crystal which is associated with wealth, abundance, and success. This crystal can be used to attract prosperity and help manifest one's goals and dreams.
  • Agate is a multi-colored crystal which is known for its balancing properties. This stone can help to bring balance to one's life as well as restore harmony in relationships.
  • Carnelian is a red-orange stone which can be used to boost creativity and self-expression. It helps to uplift one's mood and connect them with their Inner Fire.
  • Jasper is an earthy green stone which can be used to bring stability and balance. This crystal helps to create a sense of security and promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Tiger's eye is a golden-brown colored stone which can be used to bring clarity, focus, motivation, and courage. This crystal helps to sharpen one's senses as well as inspire confidence and self-assurance.
  • Aventurine is a softly colored green stone which can be used to bring luck and good fortune. This crystal helps to open the heart chakra and attract positive energy into one's life.

No matter what color quartz you choose, it will still provide powerful healing properties. When selecting your quartz crystal look at both the physical color of the stone as well as what emotional qualities it speaks to you the most.

The Best White Quartz Crystal for You

With the top picks highlighted here, sourcing out high-quality and reliable white quartz crystals is a breeze. Boasting powerful healing properties combined with aesthetically pleasing beauty, these natural stones have a range of benefits to offer you. If you are looking for an exclusive gemstone addition or simply need something special to amplify your well-being, these quartz crystals guarantee just that!

Enhance your spiritual practice or make a statement with these awesome quartz crystals! Boasting beautiful clarity, natural healing properties, and unique shapes, you can expect to find the beauty and healing energy you're seeking. Add them to your collection today for an unforgettable experience of the amazing powers that white quartz possesses! So, what are you waiting for? Get your white quartz crystals now and experience the magic for yourself!
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