Wireless Earbuds That Will Give Fantastic Sound Quality

Go for wireless! There are a lot of options to choose from with these wireless earbuds. They offer better features and performance than the expensive headphones on the market. Plus, they are very convenient, portable and durable.

#3: BeatsX

These wireless earbuds are perfect for those who are Apple users that want Bluetooth earbuds that can pair easily by charging via a Lightning connector. These earbuds have treble- and bass-boosted sound profile so gone are the days of poor and loud bass. It brings a little pop to cymbals and consonants, and an extra oomph to basslines that paired well with hip-hop, modern pop, and electronic music. It offers a standard three-button remote and a standard-sounding microphone. If you are not an Apple user, it is a definitely a standard Bluetooth-pairing experience. It gives an eight-hour battery life on an average day, depending on your use. Plus, it comes with a rubbery pocket-sized case for you to carry anywhere you go. However, there are downsides to these earbuds. Even though it quickly charges using a Lightning connector, they don’t function while charging. Also, the cost is quite expensive yet solid earbuds set for everyday use!



#2: Samsung Level U Pro

These wireless earbuds are absolutely great for Samsung devices users. Good news, it can work wirelessly while charging and has a good sound, too. They also have bonus features like allowing it to auto-answer incoming calls when separated and magnets on the earbuds that auto-pause your music when stuck together. Fortunately, Samsung devices users can get the most controls and features through its Samsung-only companion app. With its sound, midrange and bass were well-defined, with a depth that created a sense of space with no muddiness or blur. The design is light and comfortable but the collar was not very flexible. The volume, play, and pause buttons are easy to access, while the cables that connect to the earbuds are unnoticeable and thin. When you get a call, the collar vibrates but when the earbuds are out, you will still be alerted with your phone ringing. When you use the non-Samsung device, its volume will be dependent on your device's volume so you better set your volume to high before using it. They great on calls because it has dual microphones which reduce background noise and echoes. It can't totally get rid of the noise in a loud environment but works better in an office or coffee shop noise. They are sweat- and splash resistant. It claims a 9-hour talk/listen battery life and 300-hour on standby. The only downside to these earbuds is piercing high frequencies when you don't use it with a Samsung phone.



#1: Phiaton BT 100 NC

These earbuds are like no other that made it to the top of our list for the best wireless earbuds you can buy. It offers helpful features at a very affordable price. These earbuds provide great sound quality with a moderate amount of active noise canceling and comfortable fit. It can work while charging and can even work without power in listen-only mode if you plug in the included headphone cable. The sound quality was detailed and clean, and even sonically dense orchestral music had nice separation. When it comes to usage, these earbuds are comfortable balances light weight and functionality. It has a haptic vibration to let you know a call is coming in even if the earbuds are out. The rubberized band that runs behind the neck is thin and flexibles so you won't get choked if you have a thicker neck. From the collar, you can call up voice commands, toggle the ANC on and off, control volume, play/pause and skip tracks. A great unique feature is that the controls also let you fast-forward and rewind tracks. The rated call time is 7 hours with ANC on or 11 hours with it off, while the claimed music listening time is 7.5 hours with ANC on or 12 hours with it off. The con to these earbuds is that although it is sweat- and splash-resistant, not ideal for daily gym routines.



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