Are you looking for a blue motorcycle helmet? Look no further! These blue motorcycle helmets are the perfect way to stay safe and stylish while riding your bike! They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect helmet to fit your personality.

No matter what kind of rider you are, you'll find the perfect blue motorcycle helmet for you right here. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, you'll love the look and feel of these helmets. And, they come with a variety of features that will make your ride even more enjoyable.

Plus, they are sure to turn heads wherever you go. So don't wait any longer and get your hands on the best blue motorcycle helmet on Amazon today!

(Our team of savvy editors has carefully handpicked the list below, and some products may have been sent to us as samples. But don't worry—every opinion in this article is our own! If you happen to purchase any item from this list, LucksList will earn a share of sales or other compensation (which helps keep us up and running!) Reviews have been edited for brevity and clarity, so you can quickly find your new favorite thing! Enjoy exploring what we've got for ya!)

How We Choose The Best For You

When it comes to motorcycle safety, a quality helmet is essential. But with so many brands and types of blue motorcycle helmets available, how do you know which one will give you the best value for your money?

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best blue motorcycle helmets for your needs. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily shop for and purchase the perfect helmet for your ride.

No more guesswork. No more wasted money. Just the perfect helmet to keep you safe while looking great! Check out our reviews of the best blue motorcycle helmets today and get ready to ride in style!

Scart & Two Visors Included

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Why We Love It:

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection. It features a durable and lightweight ABS shell with a removable inner lining pads, designed to protect your head in the event of an accident.

Additionally, it comes with both a clear and tinted visor and a neck scarf for added protection in the winter. And with its stylish design, it's available in a variety of colors to suit any rider's preferences.

What You Should Know:

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet meets DOT safety standards and ships to over 60 countries. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise, allowing you to ride in comfort.

It also features quick-release clips for easy removal. So no matter your needs, you can trust in ILM's quality and safety—making this helmet the perfect choice for any rider.

Best Design Options

1Storm Blue Motorcycle Helmet

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Why We Love It:

1Storm Motorcycle Helmet is perfect for all motorcycle riders! It is DOT approved, so you can be sure it meets the highest safety standards. The helmet has a sleek design for a smoother ride, and a glossy blue color for a stylish look.

It also comes with a flip up face shield with a dual lens that is tinted on the inside with a clear outer shield. The removable and washable padding brings added comfort and convenience.

What You Should Know:

Riders love this helmet for its lightweight and dependable construction. It's easy to put on and take off, and its adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

So, if you're looking for a reliable and stylish motorcycle helmet, 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect customer's choice.

Most Comfortable Helmet

AHR Blue Motorcycle Helmet

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Why We Love It:

Do you want to look stylish and feel safe on the road? Look no further than the AHR Motorcycle Helmet. This high performance modular flip up motorcycle helmet is designed for comfort and safety.

It's aerodynamic to reduce wind noise, comes in a variety of colors, and is safety and quality guaranteed with its DOT certification. It also has an ABS shell and vented EPS liner, as well as a quick release buckle and removable cheek pads for a snug and secure product size.

What You Should Know:

AHR Motorcycle Helmets are perfect for any motorcyclist who wants to look good and stay safe while they ride. This helmet is lightweight and easy to use, so you can enjoy more time on the road.

Its adjustable ventilation system helps to keep you cool, while the visor provides protection from the sun, debris, and insects. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain. So why wait? Get your AHR Motorcycle Helmet today and stay safe while you cruise!

Retractable Sun Visor

Typhoon Modular Blue Motorcycle Helmet

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Why We Love It:

The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet is the ideal choice for any rider. It offers a range of features that make it an attractive choice for both safety and comfort. With just the simple press of a button, you can easily open and close the chin guard for added convenience.

The retractable and tinted visor keeps the sun out of your eyes while still allowing you to take in the view. The helmet also features a ventilation system that ensures utmost comfort while on the road.

What You Should Know:

The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet is available in several colors to match any rider's style. It also meets DOT standards and its products are tested regularly to guarantee safety and quality.

The helmet also comes with an adjustable strap for a secure fit. The liner is washable, and the helmet comes with a drawstring carrying bag. So why wait? Get your own Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet today!

Removable & Washable Liner

CRG Sports Blue Motorcycle Helmet

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Why We Love It:

CRG Sports motorcycle helmet is the perfect choice for all your outdoor activities like ATV riding, racing dirt bikes, and riding motorcycles! With a scratch resistant visor and removable and washable liner and pads, keeping this helmet clean and fresh will be a breeze.

And with its full face protection and DOT approved high impact resistance, you can be sure your head will stay protected on even your most adventurous rides.

What You Should Know:

CRG Sports motorcycle helmet is lightweight and designed to keep your head cool and comfortable while providing superior protection. It is also designed with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles to ensure a secure fit.

Plus, with its sleek and glossy design, you're sure to look stylish while riding. So why wait? Get your own CRG Sports motorcycle helmet today!

Blue Motorcycle Helmet FAQs

Searching for the perfect blue motorcycle helmet as a consumer can be a difficult task, especially when faced with so many brands and models to choose from. How do you know which one will provide the best protection, fit, and look that you desire?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about blue motorcycle helmets so that you can make an informed decision and get the best blue motorcycle helmet for you.

What is the safest type of motorcycle helmet?

The safest type of motorcycle helmet is one that meets the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT-approved helmets are tested for their ability to withstand impacts and protect the rider’s head from injury. Look for a helmet with a DOT sticker on the back, which indicates that it has been tested and approved by the DOT.

Does helmet color make a difference?

Yes, helmet color does make a difference. Different helmet colors can provide different levels of visibility and protection. For example, a white or light-colored helmet is more visible to other drivers and can help increase your visibility on the road. 

Darker colored helmets, such as black or dark blue, can provide better protection against the sun and can help reduce glare. It is important to choose a helmet color that will provide you with the best visibility and protection for your needs.

How long are motorcycle helmets good for?

Motorcycle helmets typically last for up to five years, depending on the type of helmet and how often it is used. It is important to inspect your helmet regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, or cracks, as these could weaken the helmet and reduce its protective capabilities. 

If the helmet has been in a crash, it should be replaced immediately. Additionally, if the helmet is exposed to extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) or has been stored in a damp environment, it should be replaced as well.

How do I know if a helmet is a good fit?

A good-fitting helmet should be snug but not too narrow and tight. It should sit level on your head and not be tilted back. The front of the helmet should sit one to two finger-widths above your eyebrows, protecting your forehead. 

The straps should form a "V" shape just below your ears when buckled. The buckle should be securely fastened and the chin strap should be snug when you open your mouth wide. Finally, make sure the helmet doesn't move around when you shake your head.

What is the average price for a good quality motorcycle helmet?

The average price for a good quality motorcycle helmet is around $100 to $400. The exact price will depend on the type of helmet, the brand, and the features it offers. 

Generally, the more features a helmet has, the higher the price. For example, a full-face helmet with a sun visor and integrated communication system will cost more than a basic open-face helmet.

Final Thoughts On Blue Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re looking for a blue motorcycle helmet that provides superior protection and an eye-catching style, then you’ve come to the right place. From sleek and simple to modern styles, these five blue motorcycle helmets offer something for everyone.

So don’t hesitate any longer, discover the one that suits your needs best! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an experienced rider, these helmets are sure to provide you with the safety and comfort you need for a safe and enjoyable ride.

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