Having a bright and beautiful smile is something that everyone desires. It can boost your confidence and make you look more attractive. While many options exist to whiten teeth, using the right toothpaste is best. With so many whitening toothpastes on the market, it can be challenging to know which is best for you.

In this article, we will provide our top picks for the best whitening toothpaste available today so that you can find one that works well with your lifestyle and budget. We'll also answer frequently asked questions about these products so that you have all the information to make an effective decision when choosing a whitening toothpaste!

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Best For Multiple Benefits

Colgate Total Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste is an excellent choice for brightening your smile without compromise. This toothpaste offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, from fighting cavity-causing bacteria to removing surface stains and providing long-lasting protection. The mint flavor also leaves your breath feeling fresh and invigorated.

Using this toothpaste can help protect teeth against cavities, gum disease, enamel erosion, and bad breath with its unique combination of ingredients like triclosan, fluoride, and stannous fluoride. It also helps prevent tartar buildup and fight plaque while leaving the teeth strong and white.

The whitening aspect comes from Colgate's patented "Stainshield Technology," which treats surfaces deeply to fight stain-causing agents and keep the teeth looking bright and beautiful. Furthermore, this toothpaste contains a unique enamel formula that helps restore lost minerals and gives an extra layer of protection against damage due to acid wear.

What are you waiting for? Get your smile now!

What You Should Know

Colgate Total tooth whitening toothpaste contains fluoride, an essential mineral for strong and healthy teeth. Fluoride helps to protect teeth from decay by preventing the formation of plaque on the surface of your teeth. It also helps to remineralize enamel, restoring its natural strength and hardness. Additionally, this toothpaste is gluten-free and sugar-free, making it suitable for those with special dietary needs.

With regular use of Colgate Total tooth whitening toothpaste, you can maintain optimum oral hygiene levels. The toothpaste helps reduce acidity levels in your mouth, which can lead to cavities and removes stains from your teeth for a brighter smile. It also helps to prevent tartar buildup on your teeth and gums for healthier mouths.

The advanced formula in Colgate Total tooth whitening toothpaste offers 12-hour protection against bacteria that can cause bad breath and other oral issues.

Best For Sensitive Teeth

Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

We love Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste for its commitment to providing a safe and effective oral health system. Not only does Lumineux offer a clean, fresh, and whitening product that rivals other products on the market, but they do so without any of the associated risks or harm that come with many conventional kinds of toothpaste. With over 50 double-blind university studies backing up their claims, Lumineux can confidently provide a healthy microbiome toothpaste that is certified non-toxic and safe for daily use.

The unique formula is designed to work with your body's natural bacteria and detoxify the harmful bacteria to achieve optimal oral health. The product also considers additional factors such as pH balance and salivary activity, which helps ensure maximum effectiveness while protecting and restoring good bacteria.

This makes it an ideal choice for people looking to maintain their oral hygiene without worrying about potential long-term effects or damaging their teeth or gums.

What You Should Know

This natural whitening toothpaste is made with a blend of ingredients to help clean and nourish your teeth. It contains no artificial preservatives, additives, dyes, or flavorings, making it safe even for those with sensitive teeth. It is certified vegan and free from BPA, so you can feel confident that it's gentle enough for everyday use. The formula contains natural extracts such as peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil that can help freshen breath and promote healthy gums and teeth.

Additionally, it has been clinically tested by dental professionals to be highly effective in removing plaque and whitening teeth without damaging the enamel. It also helps to reduce gum inflammation and cavities while promoting healthier gums and brighter smiles. It is also a vegan and BPA-free product.

With its natural ingredients and lack of harsh chemicals or artificial dyes, it's an ideal option for anyone looking to keep their smile healthy and bright!

Best Advanced Formula

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, Vibrant Peppermint

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Why We Love It

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, Vibrant Peppermint, is a revolutionary toothpaste designed to help achieve a brighter and whiter smile. This product provides up to 100% stain removal in just five days while providing 24-hour active stain prevention with twice-daily brushing.

The unique formula of Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste sets it apart from other whitening products. It contains milled silica technology that targets and gently polishes away surface stains without harming enamel. At the same time, its innovative foaming action works to protect teeth from bacteria buildup and cavities. The minty peppermint flavor leaves your mouth fresh and clean all day.

Finally, this toothpaste helps maintain your healthy smile by strengthening enamel and remineralizing your teeth - something that many other dental products don't do.

What You Should Know

This Crest 3D White toothpaste contains an ingredient called fluoride, which helps to fight cavities. The fluoride strengthens the enamel on your teeth, making them resistant to acid attacks from food debris and sugary drinks.

It also prevents plaque buildup and helps whiten teeth by reducing the staining effect of certain colored foods and beverages. This toothpaste is a single-tube formula designed for easy application and quick results. It is also non-abrasive, so that it won't damage your enamel as some other whitening toothpaste can.

The ingredients have been clinically proven effective in fighting bacteria, freshening breath, and helping restore natural whiteness to your teeth. When used with a Crest 3D White electric or manual toothbrush head, you can get even better results due to the extra cleaning action provided by the brush bristles. This product has also been tested by dentists and approved as safe for daily use with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that could harm you or your teeth in any way.

Best Stain Removal

REMBRANDT Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste is an innovative oral care product with a unique formula with micro-polishers, stain fighters, and fluoride, effectively fighting tough stains such as red wine, berries, coffee, and tobacco without damaging your teeth. It also contains fluoride, which helps to strengthen and restore enamel so that you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for years to come. Not only does this toothpaste whiten your teeth, but it also helps them stay strong and durable over time.

Additionally, Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste allows for safe daily use for those who want a brighter smile without the hassle of using dangerous chemicals or going to the dentist regularly. The micro-polishers in the toothpaste help gently scrub away plaque while the stain fighters combat hard-to-remove stains. As a result, you can be sure that your teeth will look their best every day without worrying about taking extra steps or adverse side effects from harsh chemicals or treatments.

What You Should Know

The REMBRANDT Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste is specially formulated to remove 25x more stains from your teeth in just one week when used with the REMBRANDT Whitening Toothbrush. The toothpaste also contains unique ingredients that help prevent dental sensitivity and brighten your smile. Regularly using this toothpaste can make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter after just four weeks!

This product is designed to be gentle on your gums while providing maximum results. It also freshens your breath by removing bacteria and plaque buildup on your teeth and gums. Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste is easy to use; dispense a pea-sized amount onto a soft-bristled brush and brush in circular motions for two minutes twice daily or as directed by your dentist or physician. Doing so will help remove plaque, food particles, and surface discoloration while leaving a pleasant minty taste in your mouth.

This toothpaste also comes with a convenient flip-top lid for easy storage and portability when traveling or vacationing.

Best Post-Whitening Treatment Formula

HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste is an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore the brightness and whiteness of their smile. Its post-whitening treatment formula has been developed to neutralize stains, resulting in a gleaming, confident-giving smile. Not only is this product easy to use, but it also provides fast results with just one application.

In addition, its unique blend of natural ingredients helps to nourish the gums and teeth while removing plaque, bacteria, and other impurities from the mouth. HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste also works as a breath freshener, leaving you with fresh breath throughout the day. With its effective whitening formula, users can expect a vibrant shade of white that will last for weeks. With all these fantastic benefits, it's no wonder why we love HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste!

Give your smile the confidence boost it needs with HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste. Experience a vibrant, lasting shade of white that will leave you feeling confident and proud to show off your gleaming teeth. Get the pearly whites you've always wanted today! Try it now and feel the difference for yourself. You'll never go back to ordinary toothpaste again. Make brighter smiles happen!

What You Should Know

The active ingredient in toothpaste is Propylene Glycol, a non-toxic and non-flammable liquid compound used in many products due to its safety profile. Not only does it help whiten your teeth, but Propylene Glycol also has antibacterial properties, which help keep your mouth clean and helps reduce bad breath.

HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste is designed for convenience, ease of use, and fast results. It doesn't require any brushes or harsh chemicals to get your teeth whiter than ever before; all you have to do is apply the toothpaste onto your teeth, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse off with water afterward! In addition, the product contains no artificial colors or flavors, so those with sensitive teeth can rest assured that it won't hurt their enamel or cause further sensitivity issues.

With consistent use, you can expect dramatic whitening results within just a few weeks. This makes HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste one of the most effective whitening products today!

Best Antiplaque Properties

Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste is a top-notch oral hygiene product that offers both antiplaque properties and whitening benefits. Its unique formula helps fight tartar buildup while removing surface stains to give you a brighter and whiter smile. Moreover, with its natural flavors like Peppermint, Spearmint, and Fennel, brushing your teeth has never been more enjoyable.

The combination of natural ingredients and powerful oral hygiene benefits make this toothpaste an excellent choice. Because it helps remove plaque and surface stains effectively, it can help reduce the risk of cavities by keeping bacteria from forming on your teeth. Moreover, its fluoride-free formula makes it easier for people sensitive to traditional fluoride toothpaste to use this product without any worries about irritation or other side effects.

With this product in your oral hygiene routine, you can be sure that your mouth will stay clean and healthy without harsh chemicals or additives!

What You Should Know

This Tom's of Maine toothpaste is a cruelty-free product, which means it has not been tested on animals. The pack includes two 5.5-ounce tubes of Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste in a refreshing peppermint flavor. This toothpaste is specifically formulated to help remove plaque and promote whitening for healthier and brighter teeth.

This toothpaste is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, making it acceptable for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. This natural toothpaste contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors. It is not tested on animals - making it a fruitful choice for those who want to keep their mouths clean without compromising their health.

Tom's of Maine also has stringent quality control standards to ensure all ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and responsibly sourced worldwide according to their sustainability principles. Using this toothpaste, you are helping reduce environmental impact by minimizing the use of plastics in packaging materials, avoiding excess waste created from shipping and transportation, and supporting the global community through sustainable sourcing practices.

Best Dentist's Choice

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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Why We Love It

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste polishes away surface stains, providing a brighter and whiter smile. Plus, it helps soothe the nerves surrounding sensitive areas of the teeth, providing 24-hour protection against sensitivity. Not only that, but it also fights cavities with fluoride while freshening breath simultaneously.

What makes this toothpaste stand out from the rest? Well, its unique formulation helps to protect sensitive areas of the teeth from further damage or pain. Building up a protective layer around the nerve endings helps prevent further irritation. And since it's formulated with fluoride and other ingredients, you can trust that your teeth are being kept clean and healthy for a longer time.

As a bonus, Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste comes in a range of refreshing flavors that boost your oral care routine. With its pleasant taste and long-lasting effects, you can be sure that your mouth will feel fresh throughout the day. And with regular use over time, you'll notice improved whiteness and brightness in your smile too!

What You Should Know

The pack of toothpaste contains three 4 oz tubes. It is formulated with sodium-free, lauryl-free, and sulfate-free ingredients, making it perfect for those with sensitive teeth or prone to irritation caused by other types of toothpaste. Applying at least 1 inch of whitening strips of the product onto a toothbrush will ensure that you are getting optimal cleaning power. The paste should be used with brushing your teeth for at least one minute twice daily (morning and evening) and no more than three times a day, as per dental advice.

The formulation of the toothpaste is produced to help reduce enamel erosion and promote strong, healthy teeth, resulting in an improved oral hygiene routine. It is gentle enough to use daily without causing any damage to your enamel but powerful enough to break down plaque buildup on the surface of your teeth.

Lastly, this particular brand uses non-GMO ingredients, which means that you can feel secure that there are no added chemicals or artificial ingredients inside the tube that could potentially cause harm down the line.

Here are Some FAQs to Help Guide you on Your Way

A bright white smile can boost your confidence and make you look more attractive. But with so many whitening toothpaste products on the market, it can be problematic to know which one is best for you.

To help you out, we've delivered this list of frequently asked questions about whitening toothpaste to deliver you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your oral health care routine. Read on to learn more!

Does whitening toothpaste work?

Whitening toothpaste is a popular choice for anyone looking to brighten and whiten their teeth. It's formulated with unique ingredients that help remove surface stains and make teeth appear whiter, providing long-term protection against sensitivity. The unique formulation helps protect sensitive areas of the teeth from further damage or pain, building up a protective layer around the nerve endings to help prevent irritation.

In addition to its stain-removing properties, whitening toothpaste can fight cavities with fluoride and freshen breath. Some types of whitening toothpaste are even sodium-free, lauryl-free, and sulfate-free, making them perfect for those with sensitive teeth or prone to irritation caused by other types of toothpaste.

To get the most out of your whitening toothpaste, you must use it correctly. Apply a 1-inch strip of the product onto a soft bristle toothbrush and brush your teeth for at least one minute twice daily (morning and evening). It's essential not to use it more than three times daily per dental advice. Regular use over time can improve your smile's whiteness and brightness and enhance oral hygiene overall.

It's also essential to choose non-GMO whitening toothpaste so that you can be sure there are no added chemicals or artificial ingredients inside the tube that could potentially cause harm down the line, such as tooth decay. Non-GMO products are naturally derived ingredients carefully sourced from sustainable sources, making them safer for your body while effectively cleaning and polishing away surface stains on your teeth.

Is whitening toothpaste bad?

No. Whitening toothpaste use abrasives to remove the built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth as it contains hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. This leaves your teeth looking whiter and brighter. Charcoal toothpaste is also considered safe for teeth.

There are other doubts, such as "can whitening toothpaste damage enamel?"

Any toothpaste can be bad for your teeth if you brush too hard or use it too often, as it can wear away the tooth enamel and increase tooth sensitivity. Please read the instructions on the toothpaste tube carefully and follow them strictly. If you have any doubts, ask your dentist.

Can you use whitening toothpaste with braces?

Having braces or other orthodontic treatments can be a great way to work towards the smile of your dreams. But you may worry about what kind of toothpaste you should use with braces. Fortunately, you still have options when it comes to whitening agents! Whitening toothpaste is generally safe for braces if you choose a gentle formula that won't cause abrasions or irreparable damage.

It's essential also to check the active ingredients of your toothpaste as some ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide (active bleaching agent) and baking soda, could cause discoloration of your brackets and wires over time. If in doubt, err on caution and consult your dentist about which products are best for braces.

Does toothpaste expire?

Toothpaste is an essential part of our daily hygiene routine, which many of us take for granted. But have you ever considered the shelf-life of what's inside the tube? Most toothpaste has an expiration date, but this does not necessarily mean it is no longer safe to use past that date.

It is essential to take note of the expiration date when purchased and inspect the product for any changes in appearance that may suggest it has gone wrong.

Also, pay attention to any clumping, discoloration, or mold growth on the top or sides of the tube. If you notice any changes, it is best to replace your toothpaste with a new one as soon as possible.

Does toothpaste help pimples?

Although there are specific methods of treating pimples, toothpaste is not one of them. While toothpaste may work on some parts of the skin, many argue that this results from excessive drying, which can be highly detrimental to the skin.

Moreover, this ingredient can even cause an adverse reaction to your skin due to chemicals or dyes in some toothpaste brands. Experts suggest using gentle acne cleansers and topical treatments such as benzoyl peroxide rather than using toothpaste as a remedy for pimples.

Finally, diet and lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, eating healthy, and sleeping well are essential for achieving flawless skin.

When was toothpaste invented?

It was not until 1824 that the first actual toothpaste was invented by England-based dentist William Sortisio who combined chalk, water, folk powder, and salt into his concoction. The mass production of toothpaste soon followed in the United States during the late 1800s, beginning with syrup made from hydrogen peroxide and soap powder before various essential oils were added for extra protection.

By the 1950s, modern-day toothpaste containing fluoride made its debut worldwide - a product we have continued to trust as part of our everyday oral hygiene routines today.

Can you bring toothpaste on a plane?

Travelers planning to fly on airplanes need to know what items they can bring on their trip. One item often brought by travelers is toothpaste. While many airlines allow passengers to carry toothpaste in their carry-on baggage, the tube or container must be reasonably sized - typically three ounces or less.

If the toothpaste is more significant than this amount, it will have to be put in checked luggage. Familiarizing yourself with the TSA's official regulations is critical when considering bringing toiletries on a plane.

Best Whitening Toothpaste On The Market

Overall, finding the best whitening toothpaste for your needs can be a tricky task. With multiple products on the market claiming superior results, it's essential to research and read reviews before making a purchase.

It is also beneficial to consult with your dentist about which product may work best for you based on their professional experience and knowledge of oral hygiene. We have done all this for you and compiled a list of the best toothpaste on the market. Visit our list to give your smile a new look!

Here is our list again of best whitening toothpastes:

  • Colgate Total Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  • Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  • Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, Vibrant Peppermint
  • REMBRANDT Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste
  • HealexVazzin Purple Toothpaste
  • Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste
  • Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitive Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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