Are you dealing with anxiety and looking for a natural way to cope?

Crystals have been used for centuries to help people manage their mental health. They can help to reduce stress and anxiety and can even be used as a form of meditation or relaxation. Crystals can also help to balance the body’s energy and promote a sense of inner peace and calm.

Crystals for anxiety come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties that can help to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a crystal to carry around with you, place on your desk, or meditate with, there’s a crystal that’s perfect for you.

This is an article reviewing the best crystals for anxiety you can buy on Amazon!

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How We Choose the Best Crystals for Anxiety

Our team of experts has personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best crystals for anxiety for your needs.

You want to buy crystals to help with your anxiety, but don't know which ones to choose.

It can be hard to find the perfect crystal for anxiety because there are so many different kinds available. How do you know which one will give you the best results?

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best calming stones for your needs. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect crystal to help you manage your anxiety.

Why Use Crystals for Anxiety?

Crystals for anxiety have been used for centuries as a form of natural healing. Crystals can help to reduce stress and create a sense of inner peace and calm, while also bringing balance to the body’s energy system. Many different types of crystals are available, depending on what kind of healing you need.

For example, some crystals have calming properties that help to reduce feelings of fear or worry while others can aid in concentration or focus during times when it is difficult to concentrate. Using crystals for anxiety is becoming increasingly popular because they provide an easy-to-use form of natural therapy without any side effects or risks associated with traditional medications.

Crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, citrine and moonstone are some of the most commonly used crystals for managing anxiety symptoms. Each type has its own unique set of properties that make them beneficial in different ways; some may be best used on their own while others may require being combined with other stones or therapies in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Choosing the right crystal depends largely on personal preferences and what works best for each individual situation--for instance, certain crystals work better for general anxieties than more specific ones like stress due to financial worries or social anxieties.

MAIBAOTA Rose Quartz Heart

The Best Crystal for Self Love to Relieve Anxiety

MAIBAOTA Rose Quartz Heart

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Why We Love It

This beautiful Rose Quartz Heart from Maibaota is the perfect way to give yourself a little self-love. This crystal has calming pink hues that are associated with love, creativity, and inspiration. It can help you to honor respect, trust, and worth within yourself and open your heart, mind and soul to soar free from the challenges of life.

Rose quartz, along with smoky quartz or blue lace agate, can be used to balance chakras, energy amplification, energy charging, protection, calming energy, pocket amulet palm stones, spiritual healing, and more.

What You Should Know

This Rose Quartz Heart with it's soothing and calming properties is made of natural crystal stone, so the color will be slightly different. It measures 1.8*1.4*0.5 inch and weighs 30g.

It comes in a beautiful gift box and if you have any questions about the product, Maibaota offers excellent customer service.

Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree

The Best Crystal to Attract Positivity

Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a crystal to help you relax and reduce anxiety, the Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree is the perfect choice. This beautiful crystal tree is crafted with amethyst, a powerful stone known for its calming and protective effects. It's perfect for those who suffer from insomnia, nightmares, or just need a little extra calm in their lives.

Amethyst is known as the "all-purpose stone" and is a great way to bring positive, calming vibes into your home and relieve that anxious energy.

What You Should Know

This handmade crystal tree is made with metal copper wire and amethyst crystals for the leaves. It measures between 4.7"-5.1" and weighs between 150g-220g. It comes in a beautiful gift box with the "YATOJUZI" logo.

Not only is this crystal tree aesthetically pleasing, it's also a powerful tool for reducing anxiety and calming the mind. Place it in your home or office and enjoy the peaceful energy it brings.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Towers

The Best Crystal for Uplifting Energy

Black Tourmaline Crystal Towers

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Why We Love It

Black Tourmaline are the perfect crystals for anxiety. These crystal towers have a unique ability to absorb and deflect negative energy and provide emotional protection.

The energy of these crystals helps to reduce fear and stress, and can even help to promote peace and calm. The crystal point configuration of these towers provides a focused energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective.

What You Should Know

Black Tourmaline Crystal Towers are a powerful tool for those looking to reduce anxiety. They can be used in multiple ways, such as an air purifier for your space, to send healing energy to someone, to attract business abundance, as the center point of a crystal grid, for meditation and stress relief, and for protection and setting focused intentions.

Be sure to cleanse your crystal often if you place it in an area with dense, low energy.

Rhodonite Thumb Worry Rubbing Stone

The Best Crystal for Suppressing Anxiety

Rhodonite Thumb Worry Rubbing Stone

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Why We Love It

Rhodonite is an incredibly powerful crystal for reducing and suppressing anxiety. It helps to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and nurtures love.

This crystal worry stone also brings order to feelings of panic and helps you feel calmer and more secure. It is a great crystal to have in your space if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

What You Should Know

The Rhodonite Thumb Worry Rubbing Stone is a smooth, polished gemstone, usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb sized indentation, used for relaxation or anxiety relief by rubbing the stone or otherwise messing with it.

The size of the thumb worry stone is 1.5" x 1.3" x 0.5" (38x34x13mm), and Weight is 0.044lb (20g). It is perfect to hold in your hand and can be used in crystal healing, to hold during meditation, carried with you or used as a worry stone.

AYANA Citrine Crystal Necklace

The Best Crystal for Creating Optimism

Ayana Citrine Crystal Necklace

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Why We Love It

When it comes to relieving anxiety and stress, the Ayana Citrine Crystal Necklace is the perfect choice. This beautiful and powerful crystal has the ability to help you unwind tension and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions.

It helps you switch out doubt and worry with warmth, motivation, and clarity. With its adjustable vegan cord, you can wear it over your heart and bring guidance and direction into your life.

What You Should Know

The Ayana Citrine Crystal Necklace is certified by Ayana Crystal Standards for size, form, color, and clarity. It is a popular choice for natural crystals and healing stones used in Wiccan rituals, yoga, meditation, and reiki/pranic healing practices.

It comes with a premium storage pouch to carefully protect it when not in use and its shine and power will not diminish over time.

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

The Best Crystal for Reducing Stress

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

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Why We Love It

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone is an amazing crystal for reducing stress and anxiety. It is known for its calming properties and is believed to help balance female hormones. It is also known for ‘new beginnings’ and encourages inner strength and growth. It dispels the feeling of fear and stress and helps to stabilize emotions, allowing you to move forward positively.

What You Should Know

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone is the perfect size for using during meditation or healing. Its tactile shape and small size make it easy to place on the body or in other locations. It is also easy to transport or even carry with you as you go about your day so it's great for having on hand for panic attacks.

This crystal has healing powers believed to help increase fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and all things related to motherhood. It is the perfect crystal for busy, stressed-out mums, young or old, as it helps to connect with the feminine side.

Natural Raw Blue Celestite

The Best Crystal for Nervousness

Natural Raw Blue Celestit

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Why We Love It

Celestite is an amazing crystal sent straight from the heavens that can help you connect with the angelic realms and allow for the free-flow of divine frequencies. It has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours, making it a great crystal to carry around with you if you are anxious about a new experience. Celestite will bring harmony and balance and will assist you in finding and maintaining the inner peace you so desperately deserve.

What You Should Know

This Natural Raw Blue Celestite is the perfect choice for those looking for superior abrasion resistance. It comes in a quantity of 1x Small Blue Celestite Crystal Mineral/Cluster Specimen with size details of 1.5-2" and weight of 75-150 Grams/PC.

Due to the natural materials used, each specimen is unique and will be similar to the shape and orientation shown in the pictures. This crystal is suitable for home and office decoration, collecting, gifts and study. Celestite can help relieve stress, anxiety and obsessions, and it can also be used for Reiki practice to heighten divine intuition.


You're looking for a way to reduce your anxiety, but don't know which crystals to choose.

With all of the different types of crystals available, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are best for anxiety relief. It's important to find crystals that will work with your energy and provide the most calming effects.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about crystals for anxiety so you can know more about these supplements. With our expert advice, you can find the perfect crystals to help you manage your anxiety.

How do you use crystals for the first time?

The best way to use crystals for the first time is to cleanse and activate them. This involves clearing any negative energy that has been absorbed by the crystal, and then infusing it with your energy.

To cleanse the crystal, you can leave it in a bowl of salt water overnight, or you can smudge it with sage or other herbs. To activate the crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and focus on your intention for using it. Visualize the crystal radiating with light and energy that is in alignment with your intention.

Once the crystal is cleansed and activated, you can use it for whatever purpose you desire. You can carry it with you, place it in your home, or use it in meditation or healing rituals.

What not to do with crystal?

It is important to avoid exposing crystal to extreme temperatures, as this can cause it to crack or shatter. Additionally, it is important not to use any harsh chemicals to clean crystal, as this can lead to discoloration and damage. It is best to use a damp cloth to clean crystal, as this will not cause any damage. Additionally, it is important to avoid dropping crystal, as this can also cause it to crack or break.

Do you need to charge your crystals when you first get them?

Yes, it is recommended that you charge your crystals when you first get them. This helps to clear any residual energy and helps to reset the energy of the crystal. You can charge your crystals by placing them in the sun or moonlight, burying them in the earth, or using a crystal singing bowl. It is also important to cleanse your crystals regularly to ensure that they are clear of any built-up energy.

How many crystals should you start with?

It depends on what type of crystal you are using. Generally, it is recommended to start with one or two crystals and build up your collection as you become more comfortable with the practice. It is also important to make sure that you are using quality crystals, as some crystals may be contaminated or of low quality. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the crystals you are using are cleansed and charged before use.

Do crystals absorb negative energy?

Yes, crystals are known to absorb negative energy. Crystals have a distinct ability to absorb, deflect, and even transmute negative energy from their environment. They can help clear out low vibrational energies and replace them with higher vibrations of love and light.

They act like sponges that can draw in any kind of energy that’s in their vicinity. This makes them the perfect tool for creating a peaceful oasis at home or work where you can relax and feel centered no matter what is going on around you.

Should I charge or cleanse my crystals first?

It depends on the type of crystal you're using. Generally speaking, it is best to cleanse your crystals before charging them. This is because cleansing removes any negative energy that may be attached to the crystal, allowing it to be more open and receptive to the positive energy that will be charged into it.

However, some crystals such as selenite and quartz do not need to be cleansed as they are self-cleansing and will absorb and release any energy that is directed at them.

What do you say when charging crystals?

When charging crystals, it's important to set an intention for how you want the crystal to be used. You can do this by speaking aloud what you want the crystal to do for you, such as providing protection, healing, or helping you manifest your desires.

You can also use visualization to help set your intention, such as picturing the crystal radiating with white light that is filled with your intention. When you are done, it's important to thank the crystal for its help and seal the intention by saying something like "So be it."

How often should I charge my crystals?

It is recommended to charge your crystals once a month, or when you feel they need a boost of energy. Charging your crystals can be done in many ways, such as placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight, submerging them in salt water, burying them in the earth, or using a crystal wand, singing bowl, or other sound vibration tool.

Each crystal has its own unique energy and vibration, so it is important to research the best way to charge each individual crystal.

Do crystals need direct moonlight?

Crystals do not need direct moonlight to work, but they can benefit from it. The moonlight carries energy that can be absorbed by the crystals, which can help to amplify and enhance their properties. It is important to note that the moonlight should be natural and not artificial, so it is best to keep your crystals away from artificial light sources such as electric lights, TVs, and computers.

Additionally, it is best to keep your crystals away from any other sources of energy, such as cell phones, microwaves, and other electronic devices.

How do you look after crystals?

Crystals should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. They should also be cleansed regularly to ensure that their energy is clear and free from any negative energies.

To cleanse your crystals, you can use salt water, smudging with sage, or simply use your own breath. You can also use a crystal grid to amplify the energy of your crystals. Finally, it's important to handle your crystals with care and respect, as they are powerful tools for healing and transformation.

When should you not charge crystals?

It is generally not recommended to charge crystals when they are in contact with metal, as this can interfere with the natural energy of the crystal. It is not recommended to charge crystals in direct sunlight, as this can cause them to become brittle and break.

It is also not recommended to charge crystals with electricity, as this can cause them to overcharge and become unstable.


Crystals for anxiety can be a great tool to help you manage your emotions. They are very versatile and can be used in many different ways such as crystal therapy, aromatherapy, or even simply carrying them around with you.

Crystals possess different energetic properties that can help to balance the body and mind, and they can help release stress, provide clarity of thought and reduce physical symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Furthermore, they can serve as a reminder to take time out for yourself and practice self-care.

It is important to remember that crystals should be used alongside other therapeutic tools such as mindfulness practices, talk therapy or medication when necessary. Ultimately, crystals for anxiety are one of many possible forms of self-care that can help provide relief from anxious feelings and promote overall wellbeing.