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21 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

This list is a short one, I almost added more!

Women, no matter how unpredictable and moody they are, should be put in a pedestal. Every woman should be empowered and not to be pitted against another woman. In movies, women take roles that are really difficult. Also, women love watching movies with a female protagonist in it.

Here are 21 movies that every woman should watch in her lifetime:

1. “Amelie”

Amelie’s mischievous persona is a breath of fresh air making this film an all time classic.

2. “Thelma and Louise”

Just like Bonnie and Clyde, only that there’s two heroines on this one!

3. “Bridget Jones’ Diary”

Who wouldn’t want to re-watch this trilogy over and over? Always perfect for a slumber party with the gals!

4. “Girls Trip”

This chick-flick will have you and your girls planning your own girls trip!

5. “A Separation”

The chaotic storyline and the gripping performances had me gripping my popcorn.

6. “Frida”

The momentous biopic of Frida Kahlo. Set in her hometown, the movie shows her chaotic relationship with her art mentor. This movie showcases Kahlo’s skills as an artist and also her love for her family before anything else.

7. “All About My Mother”

After her son is run over and killed, a mother sets out on a journey in an attempt to reveal secrets to her entire family. Pedro Almodovar’s, ‘All About My Mother’ raises a mysterious plot, permeated by twists and turns, remaining dynamic and always surprising.

8. “The Queen”

This flick is an accurate depiction of the difficult period in the life of the British royal family following the death of Princess Diana.

9. “Belle de Jour”

An estranged young wife worked at a brothel trying to find a whole new meaning for her life. One of her clients became clingy which almost cost her her married life.

10. “A Fantastic Woman”

When Marina’s partner Orlando died, instead of being able to mourn the man she loved, she is treated with scrutiny by his doctors and family. A sensitive film about a trans woman’s grief, loss and becoming a fantastic woman.

11. “Rachel Getting Married”

A movie about a drug user struggling with her family ties and in the process creating chaos and tension.

12. “The Devil Wears Prada”

The bicker between Andy and Miranda is gold. Also, this movie will let you realize that even the most diabolical beings have a mellow heart. Perfect for watching with your girlfriends since the outfits on this movie are so tres chic!

13. “Heartburn”

The protagonists struggles during their married life is set to tug on your heartstrings and make you laugh too!

14. “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Relive your pre-teens with this cool, coming-of-age movie. You can also watch it together with your teenagers if you want!

15. “Frances Ha”

We’re just so glad that we’re over the dog days where we were chasing paychecks and our dreams. Phewy!

16. “Mona Lisa Smile”

A revolutionary film showing women’s roles in the society and how easily one woman can defy it.

17. “Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight”

This trilogy will surely have you grab the tissues. One weekend should be enough for you and your girlfriends to watch this.

18. “Volver”


Strong family ties really can’t be broken, even in death. One of Penelope Cruz’ earliest movies.

19. “9 to 5”

Sexism and gender inequality in the workplace? This flick will show you the hows! Old but really gold!

20. “Erin Brockovich”

A woman landed as an assistant in a law firm, getting a place in the company. There, she will discover new talents as well as help several people. Nourishing a motivational aura, the film presents a lightweight plot, supported by some of the best qualities a human being can have.

21. “Wild”

This is an awesome tale of overcoming obstacles and finding redemption. Stricken with grief, the main character went to a hike alone.


15 Simple Life Hacks for Full and Expressive Lips

Pucker up!

Full and expressive lips are what almost girl desire these days. Probably because aside from the eyes, the lips are the most expressive part of the face.

Here are 15 simple hacks to achieve those full and expressive lips that you desire, without undergoing injections!

1. Whistle for about 3-5 minutes a day to build your lip muscles


2. Contour your lips by using several shades of lip color

3. Apply toothpaste on your lips for around 2 minutes to plumpen your pucker.

4. Use honey as a lip balm

5. Make a cinnamon and olive oil lip scrub. Cinnamon has properties that will make your lips full and tender.

6. Avoid dark colored lipsticks

7. Apply a bit of peppermint oil on your lips

8. Massage ice on your lips for about two minutes for instant plumping results

9. Use a clear lip gloss or a lip plumping gloss

10. Opt for nude lipsticks, they usually make your lips look plumper

11. Apply highlighter on your cupid’s bow and in the middle of your lower lip to mimic fuller lips

12. Apply concealer on your lips before putting on your lipstick

13. Brush your lips with a soft bristled tooth brush to further exfoliate it, thus making it plumper.

14. Slightly over-line your lips with a nude lip liner for fuller looking lips

15. Exfoliate chapped lips with sugar and olive oil mixed together

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35 Useful Tricks for Cleaning Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Safe and non-toxic!

We are all looking for useful tricks everyday to make our live easier. Most especially in cleaning! I daresay, cleaning up a house is no joke and we’re all just wishing someone would clean for us all the time!

Here are 35 cleaning tricks we have gathered that won’t require you to use harsh chemicals!

1. Clean the soles of your sneakers with baking soda, toothpaste and a toothbrush

2. Clean the inside of your microwave by mixing water and vinegar in a bowl and set it on high for 5 minutes

You can add a slice of lemon for a fresher scent!

3. Use bread to pick up tiny broken pieces of glass

4. Clean tufted chairs with Windex and a brush

5. Clean silver and bronze using tomato ketchup

6. Use a lint roller to clean up dust, crumbs, dirt or pet hair

7. Use vinegar to clean cloudy glassware and glass windows

8. Use dish soap and vinegar to clean shower scum

9. Use toothpaste for clearer car headlights

10. Use a microfiber cloth, some alcohol and a few drops of olive oil to clean your stainless steel appliances

11. Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda to get rid of pet odor

Just spray on the affected area.

12. Use salt to remove stains from fabric

13. Clean your blinds using old socks and some dishwashing detergent

14. Clean your cheese grater using  a slice of a lemon

15. Add white vinegar to your laundry for better results

16. Use 2 cups white vinegar to clean the inside of your dishwasher

17. Soak a rag in vinegar and wrap it around a butter knife and use it to clean your vents

18. Clean your sponge by microwaving it

19. Clean your drain using Coca Cola and rinse it with hot water

20. Use salt and baking soda to clean the bottom of your cooking pots

21. Water and lemon slices can clean the pans of your oven.

22. Clean the hard to reach areas of your oven using a toothbrush and a soapy solution

23. Clean your blender using dish soap and warm water

24. Spray your couch using a mixture of denture-cleaning tablets and water

25. Strip off the burnt food from your frying pan using some vinegar and baking soda

Cover the surface of the frying pan with a little water, pour one glass of vinegar, boil it on medium heat, turn off the stove and then add two tbsp of baking soda.

26. Mop your wood floors using this apple cider and baking soda mixture

Make some soapy water out of four liters of warm water and one cup of apple cider vinegar or apple vinegar.

27. Use Coca Cola to remove oil stains

28. Wash your pillows with detergent and boiling water

29. Clean your carpet using a pumice stone

30. Clean your shower curtain using laundry detergent, baking soda and white vinegar

31. Clean your oven racks in the bath tub by soaking them with dishwasher tablets

32. Clean dusty spaces and things using an anti static cloth

33. Deodorize your garbage bin by cutting up lemons and spreading the slices over the top of the garbage

34. Use baking soda and your favorite essential oil to deodorize your mattress

35. Use baking soda to clean your silverware

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32 Ingenious Parenting Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Ingenious parenting tricks are here to make your life (and your kids’ life) easier! Will also keep the kids out of trouble or at least keep them entertained! Little did we all know that these tricks are actually fool proof!

Here are 32 of the best parenting tricks we live by!

1. Invest in a backseat car organizer

It will do you wonders, promise!

2. Use pizza boxes for crafts

Make them with your kids so they have something new to play with!

3. Make a fort using a hula hoop and some sheets

Your kids will surely enjoy staying in their makeshift fort!

4. Cleaning toys using a dishwasher

5. Cover your kids picnic table with oil cloth

For it to be water resistant!

6. Use cute, out of this world beddings

So your kids will be happy to sleep every night!

7. Toothpaste to clean marker marks

From your precious wooden furniture!

8. Remove crayon marks anywhere using a WD40

9. Have your own splinter removal tip

Which is a paste of baking soda and water. Put the paste into the affected area and wait for a few minutes for a pain-free splinter removal.

10. Using a rubber band to open stubborn jars

11. Tie a rubber band around the head of your soap or shampoo dispenser

So not too much will be wasted!

12. Spray bottle with water inside the car

To use for spraying the hot buckles of the seatbelts!

13. A kitchen timer to time your kids activities

So that they’ll know how long to brush their teeth, get dressed, tie shoes, etc.

14. Meter stick to keep drawers locked

Baby-proofing ain’t hard!

15. Sponges as ice packs

Put the cold sponges into ziplocks so nothing gets wet!

16. Use potatoes as stamps

So you can make as many as you please!

17. Tape ziplocks with paint on windows

For mess free painting!

18. Coffee filters to separate snacks

No fuss, no dirty food containers!

19. Put a tape on your kids’ “noisy” toys

To muffle the sound!

20. Put a tape on your nail clipper

To catch the pesky nail clippings!

21. A board game plate

To have you kids eat their food!

22. Keep your kids apple slices fresh

Place the apples inside a lunch bag, drizzle it with salt and slosh them with water! No brown apples!

23. Place cupcake liners at the bottom of your kids popsicles

The liners will catch the dripping mess.

24. Put stickers on the inside of your kids shoes

So they will know which shoe is for which foot.

25. Make your kids use only one cup by putting magnets on their favorite cups

So they can stick it in the fridge and they can always find it.

26. Freeze your toddler’s pacifier

To help soothe aching gums!

27. Vinegar for mild burns

Surprisingly, applying vinegar over a burn will ease the pain.

28. Pool noodles for a safer trampoline

To avoid having your kids legs getting trapped in the wires!

29. Placing a laundry basket in the tub

To keep your toddler and their toys contained during bath time.

30. Using a rubber band to prevent the door from being locked

You’re gonna need sturdy, huge bands for this.

31. A lint roller for picking up debris

Your craft room should have a lint roller to pick up glitter, buttons, sequins and really tiny objects.

32. A pizza cutter not just for pizza

A pizza cutter can cut almost anything from waffles, sandwiches to bread.

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