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25 Cheat Sheets If You’re Vegetarian Or Vegan

Being Vegan or Vegetarian means consuming less meat and (or) dairy, which also means lesser grocery spending. Whoooo!

1. For when you know where and when to buy your food.

Knowing where to source your vegan and vegetarian goodies is a good start.

2. For when you are looking for fibre rich food.

Fibre is a really important part of our diet. We cannot excrete the toxins out if not for fibre.

3. For when you are sourcing for iron.

Iron deficiency is a really serious matter. So here are some plant-based sources to choose from.

4. For when you want a lot of green juice choices to choose from.

Your blender, juicer or food processor will be very happy!

5. For when you want your kids to start eating clean too.

Start ’em young!

6. White flour substitutes?

We got your back!

7. For when you want to fully transition to being dairy-free.

A week of clean eating for starters!

8. For when you want to choose among a lot of snack choices.

The possibilities are endless!

9. Some sources of calcium that aren’t from dairy.

Calcium that are from plants are well absorbed by the body.

10. Egg substitutes, anyone?

Splish, splash, some mixing and voila! Egg substitutes!

11. Some vegan mayonnaise will do your greens some good.

A universal dip and garnish, vegan edition.

12. For when you decide you want to bake.

Vegan bread and pastries is the bomb!

13. For when you want to know how to start.

We all gotta start somewhere, right?

14. For when you want to know which things to buy from the grocery.

Grocery shopping for Vegans could be a bit rigorous.

15. For when you are finding which sumptuous dish to cook.


Yep, 101 Vegan recipes! All for you!

16. You will also need a list of comfort foods that you can consume when your mood is not the best.


PMS? Migraines? Here’s how to combat them the vegan way!

17. For you to learn making your own milk.


Without the guilt!

18. If you still wanna be a sweet tooth despite of being Vegan.

Yep, we all need some candy!

19. If you are a bit of a drinker, here’s a cheat sheet for Vegan alcoholic drinks.

We’re giving you a comprehensive list!

20. For when you know how much protein is in your food.

You might be surprised that almonds has more protein than potatoes!

21. For you to know how to cook your own food.

Everyone’s cooking is different, most especially if you’re transitioning to the plant-based lifestyle.

22. For when you know where to derive your protein.

Yep, protein without eating meat!

23. Just so you know what to stock in your pantry


Stocking your pantry with plant-based stuff will ensure that all your dishes will be Vegan or Vegetarian.

24. For you to start eating clean even though everyone else isn’t.

Start off by buying your own food and everything else follows.

25. To be Vegan or Vegetarian on a budget:

Healthy, plant-based food isn’t expensive!


15 Nighttime Workout Tips

Here are some really bright ideas for your night-time to pre-dawn workouts.

1. Team Up With A Buddy

Go out with a buddy or two (or even more) for safer nighttime workouts than when you are alone. If you’re with a group, you’ll be more visible to approaching cars. Moreover, muggers would more likely avoid you if you’re jogging with a pack.

2. Eat At The Right Time

Avoid eating a big dinner just before you go out for your workout. Set your meal two to three hours before exercising.

3. Be Reflective To Stay Visible

To stay visible at night, wear fluorescent colors. Make sure you’re wearing glow-in-the-dark clothing that covers your back and sides—not just your front.

4. Don’t Forget To Sip Water

If you get dehydrated, you can get cramped up. Stay alert with a sip of water during your workout.

5. Run Against The Traffic

When you run against the traffic, you’ll be in a better position to notice an approaching car.

6. Alter Your Routine

Don’t let attackers track your routine. Change up your routes and the times in which you go out for a workout.

7. Pack Up Wisely

Be sure your gadgets are all charged up. Carry your identification card, and have an emergency contact number handy. Bring pepper spray, too!

8. Follow Familiar Paths

In case you’re going out alone, stay close to home and follow familiar paths. Avoid streets that are usually dim and too quiet.

9. Don’t Carry Jewelry

Avoid wearing anything that can attract robbers!

10. Have A Backup Place To Run To

Familiarize yourself with the nearest stores and their opening hours. Keep them in mind in case you have to run to them for safety.

11. Trust Your Intuition

In case you’d suspect something could be wrong, just follow your intuition. Avoid going out if you feel something might happen on that particular night.

12. Get Your Keys Ready

Keep your key handy and get it ready just before you arrive home so you can quickly get in.

13. Leave Your Earbuds At Home

Music can be a huge distraction during nighttime workouts. You could get hit by a car if you don’t hear it approaching you in dim light!

14. Take Precaution

Working out in low light always has its dangers. As much as possible, stay on sidewalks or bike lanes, and pay attention to cars that might cross your way!

15. Plan, Plan, Plan

Set a plan for your nighttime exercise routine. You only have a few hours to spare at night; So when you hit the road, be sure you’re already ready with what you have to do.

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11 De-Bloating Tricks Ranked By Effectiveness

Feeling bloated? I know how awful and discomforting that feels. So, here are 11 de-bloating tricks you can try to get your tummy back on track.

1. Avoid or reduce intake of gas-producing foods

2. Put away the salt shaker

3. Watch your fiber intake

4. Stop chewing gum.

5. Drink plenty of fluids

6. Avoid carbonated beverages

7. Gulp Green Tea

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

9. Eat potassium-rich foods.

10. Dandelion Tea

11. Consider taking a magnesium pill.

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10 Healthy Habits to Prevent Weight Gain at Work

Actually, it’s not that hard to get trim while on the job.

1. Drink Water All Day

Going for the soda can give you 715 calories throughout the whole week! Just stay hydrated with nature’s most useful beverage: water. Make sure you have your own bottle of water right by your desk!

2. Pass Up On The Candy Bowls

Never mind dismissing the fun. Just stick to your dietary plan and politely deny the candy bars.

3. Store Healthy Snacks In The Fridge

Do you feel you might be tempted by coworkers snacking on baked goodies? Go and stack fruits in the fridge just in case! Munch on these before you pick those fat-laden offers.

4. Sweat Out By Noontime

Do you find yourself idling around during noon breaks? Why don’t you use that precious time to go for a walk, a jog, or a cycling session? Take note, too, that physical exercise can actually activate your brain and make you better ready to face a few more work hours in the afternoon!

5. Avoid The Elevator

If you’re a little early, take the stairs instead of the elevator! Grab every opportunity to shake off those extra pounds.

6. Take A Huge Salad With You For Lunch

Save your health as well as your own pocket by bringing a homemade salad for lunch! You can have baked tofu, grilled chickpeas, and some greens to keep you in your best shape even in your workplace. Just vary your lunch box content every day so you won’t get discouraged or bored!

7. See Some Sunlight

During breaks, try to expose yourself to sunlight. It has a slimming effect!

8. Rise Above the Stressors

You may really avoid stressors, but you can at least rise above the stress. Breathe. Relax. You can make it!

9. Maintain A Minty Breath To Avoid Snacking

After a full, healthy meal, go ahead and brush up. The minty aftertaste will remind you that you were already done eating. Those chocolate candy offers should never have to tempt you too easily again!

10. Avoid Staying Up Late

Still burning the midnight oil as an employee? Better ditch the habit or you’ll gain weight! Go home early and sleep well for 8 hours.

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