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Leg Press Machines That Every Weightlifter Will Definitely Add To Their Favourite Gym Equipment

Strong legs! These leg press machines can have a space of its own at home to avoid costly gym membership. They allow you to build your leg muscle and maintain lower body fitness in the comfort of your home. You can save gas consumption, time and money if you stay right at your house for a workout!

#7: Powertec Fitness

This leg press machine is driven by nylon bearing wheels that produce a smooth and precise exercise motion. It features adjustable footrest and backrest. The design of the carriage and seat section allows for a leg sled that is more compact. It comes with a foot tube to provide calf raises but the weights are sold separately. Plus, the sled has a weight capacity of 700 pounds.



#6: TDS Mini Press

This leg press machine can only hold up to 500 pounds. Its 90-degree sitting angle focuses on your legs and keeps pressure off the vertebrae and discs. Its carriage is mounted on 8 rollers. It has a deluxe padding for a firm support at your bottom. Plus, it includes removable incline bench and a lifetime warranty!



#5: XMark Fitness 7616

This leg press machine is supported by an 11-gauge frame that provides extended durability when used daily. Its footboard and backrest offer four settings that allow smooth adjustment of height and length. It has sweat-proof vinyl cushions and scratch-resistant finish. Fortunately, it can hold up to 1000 pounds which means it can accommodate heavier users. Plus, you will love the fact of how simple it is!



#4: Powerline Vertical

This leg press machine can effectively support your back and hips and reduces. Its compact design will require less amount of space at your house. It features extremely stable press deck and half-inch steel locking pins. It can only hold up to 400 pounds but it is perfect for you who is between that weight and if you have a small space at home. Plus, it offers a 10-year warranty on the frame and 1-year on all other parts!



#3: Powertec Fitness

This leg press machine has a footplate that is very comfortable and positioned adequately for users of any size. Its roll unit for the carriage is smooth, and its nylon reinforced wheels are durable enough to last a lifetime. This machine also can hold up to 1000 pounds. It has levers on each side of the reclining bench that are safe. Plus, it is really easy to put together!



#2: TDS Premier Vertical

This leg press machine features solid security that ensures safety for all the lifters. It has 3-inch thick stitched padding and standard weight bars. It is mounted on heavy duty eight rollers. It is built in four positions positive safety stops. It works with quads, hams, gastrocs, and soleus muscles. Plus, it does not need a seated calf machine!



#1: Body-Solid

This leg press machine has three handy lockout positions for safety option. It features quad-track roller system that minimizes stress on knees that put it at the top of our list for the best leg press machines you can buy. Its back pads utilize a quick flip-and-lock mechanism. Its gauge steel mainframe minimizes torsional flex for maximum strength and stability. Plus, you can assure a professional packaging and delivery!




18 Ways to Get Fit On the Couch

Just when you thought a couch is only for sitting or relaxing, think again! It’s also for fitness.

Fitness doesn’t have to be confined in the four corners of a gym. It also doesn’t require any type of equipment all the time. Modifying your exercises and making use of what you have around you can greatly benefit your body. Here are ways you can use a couch for fitness purposes.

1. Inclined Push-up

2. Couch Squat

3. Tricep Dip

4. Shoulder press

5. Single Leg Lunges

6. Hip Bridges

7. Seated Leg Raise

8. Bicep Curls

9. Pistol Squats

10. Push-up

11. Z Lifts

12. Couch Crunches

13. Vee sit hold

14. Couch Glute Bridge

15. Plank

16. Bulgarian Split Squat

17. Clamshells

18. Flutter Kicks

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16 Most Effective Thigh Workout Moves EVER

Build stronger and toner thighs with these workouts.

The legs are the area that many females prefer to target in the gym. And so, it is essential to build leaner muscles in this area. These 16 hip exercise movements when coupled with good nutrition and a total loss of weight, can assist you in constructing a powerful lower body.

1. Sumo Squat

2. Dumbbell Squat Press

3. Reverse Lunge (via

4. Lunges with Dumbbells

5. Plie Squat

6. Curtsy Lunge

7.  Plyometrics: Jump Squat

8. Single-Leg Deadlift With Kettlebell

9. Frog Bend

10. High-Knee Oblique Twist

11. Side Lateral Lunge

12. Side Squat with Band

13. Inner Thigh Toning Leg Lift

14. Goblet Squat with Kettlebell

15. The Single-Leg Circle

16. Seated Ball (or Pillow) Squeeze

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14 Moves to Lose Your Love Handles

Apply these moves today to get rid of love handles!

“Love handles” are skin areas extending out of hips. Combined with tight clothing, love handles can be pronounced, but tight clothing alone is not responsible. Excess fat accumulation around the hips and abdominal area is indicated in them. So now, you’ve been trying situps, cardio and dumbbell side bends, but there’s nothing on your side to get rid of that stubborn fat belly. It may be time to modify or begin a fresh fitness routine. Here are moves to get rid of those love handles in no time.

1. Side Plank

2. Bicycle Crunches

3. Turkish Get-up

4. Hollow Body Hold

5. Flutter Kicks With Resistance Band

6. Box Jump

7. Double leg stretch

8. Mountain climbers

9. Plank

10. Weighted Russian twists

11. Bird-Dog

12. Plank and Rotate

13. Standing Ab Rollout

14. Sledgehammer Swings

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