Home Security Cameras That Will Keep An Eye On Specific Areas Of Your Property

Monitor your homes! If you want to keep an eye on every corner of your property in a world full of break-ins and thieves, these home security cameras identify criminals and discourage thieves from trespassing. You could also watch your pets running around all day long from work!

#3: Netgear Arlo Pro 2

This home security camera has a compact design and an easy-to-use outdoor with a removable and rechargeable battery so it can be used hardwired or completely wireless. It is also the only cord-free 1080p camera on our list that offers seven days of free cloud storage (with more available for a monthly fee). It is prone to sensor resets that allows the camera to properly detect motion and not get stuck recording on a loop. It is great for checking your family and pets but not ideal for primary concern of home security. It produces an outstanding 1080p video with accurate colors during the day, two-way audio that was easy to understand on both ends and a wide 130-degree viewing angle though not much during nighttime but clear enough to cars and rabbits. It can trigger alerts for motion and audio by configuring rules of its system. This camera can send push notifications or emails, turn on the siren, record video clips when motion is detected or do nothing. You can set up alerts based on a schedule or geofencing using your mobile device and can also adjust the alert sensitivity will cut down on nuisance notifications. The Base Station which is the brains behind the system needs to be powered from an AC outlet, connected to your router via an Ethernet cable and placed within 300 feet of the cameras. It also includes a piercing 100-plus–decibel siren which can be triggered manually through the app which is available for iOS and Android devices or automatically by motion and/or audio. The Base Station also has a USB port for storing recordings on an external hard drive, a nice supplement to the free cloud storage and more secure than systems that record to a microSD card in the camera itself so no one can steal the videos.



#2: Logitech Circle 2 (corded)

This home security camera has a capability to deliver crystal-clear 1080p images day and night, two-way communication, and notifications that distinguish between people and general motion. It requires a nearby outlet. Images both during day and night are the same with the previous model. It includes support for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, as well as 24 hours of free cloud storage (with an option to purchase more). For extra storage, you can add a paid subscription that makes this camera a lot better which is the Circle Safe Basic plan will provide 14 days for $4 per month per camera. The $10 Premium plan up to 31 days of storage and adds zones, filter options, and the capability to differentiate between people, pets, and another movement. The premium can also filter event notifications by High Activity, Days, or Person within the Logi Circle app (available for iOS and Android devices and as a Web app). You adjust alert frequency, so you receive them every minute, every 15 minutes, or every 30 minutes when motion is present with this camera. The downsides are, there is lack of 24/7 recordings, additional smart-home partners, a truly weatherproof cord, and longer recordings may be broken up into multiple clips.



#1: Nest Cam Outdoor

This home security camera is a Wi-Fi camera, weatherproof, and reliable. It can continuously record and upload 1080p HD video to cloud-based storage at all hours of the day. The images are quite impressive both during day and night. It has a wide 130-degree field of view and an 8x digital zoom that delivers some of the most detailed and clearest images. Its mount is magnetic but strong, so you can attach the camera easily and move it up, down, and everywhere in between. It comes with an outdoor-rated 25-foot adapter/power cable. Its app is easy to navigate with the option to zoom in for a better peek, clear imagery, and a graphical timeline. Aside from entering a name and password to access the camera and recordings, it has now a two-factor authentication where you must provide a security code that’s sent via a text message. However, the camera would occasionally downgrade the quality of the picture based on available bandwidth which could fluctuate throughout the day.



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