Bed Risers That Will Give Extra Space and Height

Improve the access to your bed or add extra space for storage and at the same time, you can get a good night's sleep for rising extra inches of your bed's normal height which is healthy. These best-reviewed bed risers we found all over the internet will give extra 1 to 8 inches of storage space for a stylish new look in your room. Not only for beds but used as furniture risers also for getting up easily from very low couches or chairs. Don't worry about the height, some are adjustable!

#7: GL-10 Pro Bed Glide

This bed riser includes six top pieces, six bases and six plastic plug inserts to ensure a tight fit. Each one is made of black plastic that measures 5.5″ tall that sits on a base for stability. It can increase the height of bed up to approximately 10″ Make sure the hollow portion of the metal bed leg this is the item being used in is 1/2″ in diameter. A better replacement for bed glides or wheels!



#6: SoftTech Steel Bed Risers

This all-metal steel bed riser construction is reliable for its sturdiness. Each piece can handle up to 300 pounds, available in 3″, 5″ and 6″. During, installation, it is needed to connect the top cup and the base. Have your desired colors by painting them!



#5: Slipstick CB654

This bed riser has 4 pack of heavy-duty floor protecting furniture risers will support 2,000 pounds. Ideal for low furniture beds, chairs, desks, sofas, couches and other heavy stationary furniture height 2 inches to assist the sit to stand process. Attached is a holder cup with memory foam cushion pad built into the top of risers securely locks in furniture legs and caster wheels measuring up to 3 inches.



#4: Raise Its 16 Pack

This bed riser is the perfect solution to easily adjust beds and other furniture to increase under bed storage and improve ergonomics for your home. It has non-slip inserts that won't slip on hard surfaces to safely adjust furniture height. Plus, it is made from durable plastic, rugged, and interlock as you stack them.



#3: Home-it 4-Pack

This bed riser offers a simple, functional, and strong construction with 5.25 inches of extra space. It is also used on virtually any type of bed, includes a 1-inch lip to keep bed post or caster securely in place. Excellent for platforms at a very affordable price!



#2: Richards Homewares Wood Bed Lifters

This bed riser has an elegantly universal design to fit several different bed styles. Its internal dimensions are 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 0.8″ and its external dimensions are 4.25 x 4.25″ x 3.43″. Available in three stylish colors! mahogany, espresso, and honey.



#1: Home Solutions Premium Adjustable Bed Risers

Made it to the top our list for the best bed risers you can buy, this bed riser has the easiest way to change the height of your furniture. Every set has eight pieces: four 3″ risers and four 5″ risers that are perfect for elevating single or double beds with 4 posts. Plus, it has an improved mobility!



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