Blenders That Are Excellent Kitchen Aid For Preparing Healthy Foods For Your Family

Food is love! Prepare the best and healthiest recipes you have in the kitchen and use one of these powerful blenders you can buy. They will pulse, puree and juice fruits, vegetables and more effortlessly while retaining all the food's vitamins and nutrients. They also work well for preparing all kinds of other ingredients for baking and more!

#4: KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender

This blender works fine for rustic smoothies that creates pulpy texture for smoothies, fantastic in blending beans and smooth puree without stopping the motor to tamp down any ingredients. However, you might not like the hard plastic lid on this blender.



#3: Vitamix 5200

This blender is perfect for professional chefs or even blender enthusiasts. It consistently works well that powerfully purees and pulverizes foods compared to other blenders though does not make the smoothest smoothies. Its variable speed dial has the best range of any of the blender. Its low is really low, and there is a noticeable shift in each number you go up to. Plus, it is backed up by a seven-year warranty and between six to ten days of filing a claim to receiving your blender back in working order.



#2: Cleanblend

This durable blender is reasonable for its price. It can blend silky smoothies and pina coladas compared to others. It has a newly-designed durable Tritan plastic jar and a tamper to help move thick mixtures while blending. The downside is that it can burst into high gear even at the 1 setting which can shoot the hot liquid up to the lid when you make soup for instance.



#1: Oster Versa Pro Performance Blender

This blender performs twice as good as its price measuring 17½ inches tall to the top of the jar. It can make silky smoothies, purees, and blended cocktails. It has a broader range of speeds, and the motor runs more quietly that made it to the top of our list for the best blenders you can buy. It features a tamper and overheating protection. It is a great aid with its combination of manual speed control and preset programs for soup, dip, and smoothies. Unfortunately, it is loud when the motor is turned up all the way although not that annoying.



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