Thermometer For Kids That Offer More Accurate and Hi-Tech Features

No more mercury-filled stick tubes! Thanks to modern developments in heat-reading technology, now you can keep an eye on your kids using these high-end thermometers that are much more accurate and offer high tech features for different functions according to your needs at home. We also included models for an oral/rectal/axillary function and for an ear or forehead dual-function thermometer.

#5: Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer offers a silent reading for sleeping babies that can be only used for forehead only. Compared to other brands of forehead thermometer, this one stood out with its large color-coded display and is silenced by a switch on the handle. It has a no-touch option that immediately reads the temperature when you hold it still in a few inches from the skin. It is basically magical!



#4: Kinsa Smart Stick

This is a smart oral thermometer that comes with an associated app with 12 options for iOS and Android devices that stores your entire temperature history and allows you to enter illness details like diagnoses and symptoms. Results can be stored in your created health profile, or add in any symptoms associated with your temperature. Unfortunately, it requires a smartphone near the sick bed at all times and the device plugs directly into the headphone jack which makes it awkward on the face, but the app allows you to share details of your illness with community organizations. Gladly, it is a great choice for regular temperature monitoring for health reasons but not ideal for fertility tracking device!



#3: Kinsa Ear

This smart thermometer can be used only with your ear and does not need to be synced first with your device to display the temperature. It features syncs via Bluetooth with any iOS or Android device and it records temperatures in a free app and syncs with Apple HealthKit. It takes accurate 1-second digital temperature readings, best for sleeping babies ages 1 and above, squirmy kids and adults too!



#2: Generation Guard MT-4320

This thermometer features a switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius by pressing and holding the power button. It uses a superior microchip and highly sensitive accurate dual mode tip sensor that is best for the mouth, anal and armpit use. It is accurate and very reliable to use at home or at work. Sadly, it is about 3 seconds slower compared to other brands slower and its display is not backlit.



#1: iProven DMT-489

This device has a dual-function which is exclusive for ear and forehead thermometer. With the cap in place, the thermometer is designed for use on the forehead where you use the button labeled Head. When the cap is removed, it reveals an ear measurement tip where you press the aptly named Ear button. Plus, its last 20 measurements are stored in the device’s memory. It is the #1 clinically tested and trusted by pediatricians and medical professionals as a secure solution for all ages that tops on our list for the best thermometer for kids that you can buy!



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