White Noise Machines That Will Give You A Good Night Sleep Despite The Commotion

You can sleep well under a commotion! We offer these white noise machines that produce a masking audio that allows you to sleep well, meditate or concentrate on the midst of annoying aural landscape. They also provide soothing nature sounds to ground you.

#3: Homedics Deep Sleep II

This white noise machine is the largest measuring 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide that is why it takes a lot of space on a nightstand. It features a blue-lit digital display which you can also make it dim and on its face are the plethora of buttons. Unfortunately, there are unnecessary ocean, nature and “sleep therapy” sounds. Also, its 11-button interface is unresponsive and complicated to use.



#2: Marpac Dohm DS

This white noise machine produces slightly pleasant sound like a wind rushing through a field or a shell over your ear. When running in high setting, you can notice a slight whining undertone. It has a narrow volume range so its lowest setting is at about 61 dBa measured 18 inches away which is louder than the softest setting from other machines while on the higher end, it can reach only 69 dBa.



#1: LectroFan

This white noise machine is perfect for your nightstand that made it to the top of our list for the best white noise machines you can buy. It has non-repeating white noise settings, interface of 3 simple buttons to toggles random noises and 30-volume settings into one of the widest volume ranges. Its 10 white noise settings, ranging from “dark noise” (low frequency) to “white noise” (high frequency) sound like different kinds of rushing winds, low rumbles or static. Its sound level ranges from a silent 31 dBa to a thoroughly loud 80 dBa. It measures 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches high which is the second smallest machine on our list. It features a 60-minute timer which is very useful as you fall asleep then turns off.



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