HP Sprout Pro G2 3D Scanning

Isn’t 3D scanning becoming extremely popular and affordable nowadays? Yes! Right? And, moreover, there have been quite a few manufacturers who were successful in building various Intel RealSense depth sensors into laptops and tablets. But, HP came up with something different!

Well, I can say that with quite a lot of confidence because I’ve personally bought such an innovation recently which is nothing but the HP Sprout Pro G2 3D Scanning. I bought this outstanding gadget from argos at an affordable rate.

HP has definitely built an overall desktop computer which has a bit more special touch on everything. The Sprout, one of the HP’s finest invention, is composed of all the hardware within the 23.6-inch touchscreen including even an integrated Sprout Illuminator. Also, I liked the overhead device of this incredible gadget which has a digital camera inside along with a reading lamp and a DLP projector.

However, the best part of this whole set-up of Sprout G2 3D scanning is that it projects a second screen which goes down onto a TouchMat which is nothing but a pressure-sensitive placemat that I was able to operate with fingers and the included stylus.

Also, I was almost awestruck to find Sprout with many applications which are perfectly designed to use the TouchSmart. I found many creative apps on the device which let me draw, make music, and even stop animations.

Further, if I need to talk about the hardware of this gadget then I would definitely say that it’s a very powerful machine which is possibly a bit more overpowered for the educational purposes. Well, prices vary a lot for this device but it’s a smart idea to spend a little more than € 25,000 for this machine.

Moreover, it can be confidently said that HP has taken every possible stride to make this computer look stylish and smart. The resolution of this screen is even enough for serving the educational purposes i.e., 1920×1080 pixels. So, I am completely satisfied with the fact that I am able to read fluently with this device.

Now, when it comes to the illuminator then I liked the way in which the HP DLP Projector is housed at the back of the computer which is nothing but beaming upwards. It makes the use of the device very easy.

And, this is not the end! HP has even put many efforts for making a dedicated user interface (UI) for the Sprout. I just loved the way it resembles a tablet which allowed me to start all the works just with a touch.

Lastly, I found the amount of geometric detail of the gadget is being too good. Also, on my very first day with Sprout, I was wondering whether it is possible to take a selfie with this gadget. And, guess what? It’s possible to take a spectacular 3D selfie with Sprout. I just laid down with my head on the Touch Mat and that’s it, it was done!

So, I am pretty sure that this excellent gadget is something which is pretty much perfect for the classrooms. So, if you are a student or someone who just love reading a lot then buy this device soon.

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