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18 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

Why didn’t I think of these?

1. Have a glimpse of the night sky with a star-gazing sunroof.

2. Give your kids a space for their slumber parties with a bunkroom.

3. Vacuum baseboards? Why not?

4. Built-in seating frame your living room fireplace.

5. Built-in wine rack to utilize dead space.

6. Have a convenient place to wash your delicates by putting a sink with jets in your laundry room.

7. Build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space instead of typical cabinets.

8. Build a playroom in a dead space above a staircase.

9. Between the bathroom and the bedroom install a two-sided fireplace.

10. Tacking on a huge treehouse or guesthouse? Ask you contractor about it.

Source: Quora

11. A walk-in shower is a great idea!.

12. Use baseboard drawers to maximize your space.

13. Create a conversation pit in the lower of your living room.

14. A pillow room from an attic nook.

15. Display your book collection under the stairs.

16. Or you can even use that space for a book nook.

17. As part of the family, give your dogs a haven underneath the stairs.

18. And lastly, adding a master bedroom balcony would be amazing!


Portable Chargers That Serves As Your All Day Go-To Batteries For Your Smartphones

Anytime and anywhere! These portable chargers are the most convenient way to charge your smartphones several times especially when you are mostly away from an outlet. Portable chargers are one of your necessities in life!

#4: Tronsmart Presto 10000 PBT10

This portable charger can about three times has an extra port for charging a second device, and recharges itself at the faster QC 3.0 speeds. It includes extras like integrated charging cables. It can charge a compatible device from zero to 70 percent in about 30 minutes. Only one of the ports is capable of QC 3.0 speeds (easily identified by the green plastic), while the other one charges at the standard USB full speed of 2.4 A.



#3: Anker PowerCore 20100

This portable charger is able to charge two devices at full speed—just over 2.4 A. It can charge on every port at once without slowing down. It is 20,000 mAh and lightweight of 12.5 ounces. Plus, it has an 18-month warranty.



#2: EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank with Built-in Cable (Lightning)

This portable charger is for iPhones with speed at only 2 A charging. Although it is slow in charging, some people will still prefer this for its thinner construction and pocket-friendly design. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price!



#1: Jackery Bolt

This portable charger’s maximum combined output is 2.7 A, and it has a standard USB port that can put out all of that at once. The only downside is the thickness of the housing around the connectors. The connectors are too bulky to work with cases that have a small opening for the charging port and the charger is difficult to slip in your pocket though.



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Micro USB Cables That Are Extremely Handy For All Electronics Or Accessories

If you are looking for cables that can be easily put in your bag or pocket that will serve as charger connector or a host to any electronics and accessories, these micro USB cables are perfect! They function on Android phones, tablets, speakers or to Bluetooth headphones. Techy people must have one of these!

#5: Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB (3ft)

This micro USB cable has the extra durability of a nylon-wrapped cable. It has three ground wires that provide better EMI insulation. It claims that it can withstand 10,000 bends. Plus, it is available in the standard 3-foot length, as well as 1-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot versions.



#4: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (multipacks)

This micro USB cable has an aramid fiber construction and can withstand a 5000+ bend. You can purchase various configurations of three to six cables, with different combinations of lengths. This is great to supply the whole family’s cable needs!



#3: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (1ft)

This micro USB cable is ideal for travelers who do not need 3 feet of cable. It is more lightweight and less clutter in your bag. Also, it can be one of those small things on your working desk in case you will be needing it without taking too much space. Plus, it actually measures about 11½ inches from tip to tip.



#2: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (10ft)

This micro USB cable can be very useful when you want to use your phone while it’s charging or any electronic device. You will need this if the outlet is a good distance away and you want your device to be put somewhere near you. Plus, the price is reasonable!



#1: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (3ft)

This cable is everything you are looking for in a cable that made to the top of our list for the best micro USB cables you can buy. It has a strong housing around both USB connectors: Each has a hard-plastic casing holding the plug, with a slightly more flexible material covering the connection between the plug and the cable. It is designed for a lifespan of more than 10,000 bends. Plus, this has the most reasonable price for a great cable!



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Food Scales That Are Reliably Accurate In Getting The Measurements Of Your Ingredients

There we have it! Our list of the most convenient food scales for professional chefs or even aspiring ones that love to spend time in the kitchen more than anywhere else. The precision of your ingredients has a big effect on your food preparations. It’s much more accurate to weight them than to fill them into a measuring cup.

#4: American Weigh Scales SC-2KG Digital Pocket Scale

This food scale weighs in increments of 0.1 gram, has a tare button, and offers a small but brightly backlit screen. It has a nice plastic cover that protects the scale from damage whenever you want to store it in a crowded utensil drawer. It is very responsive with a slight delay when reading. It offers accuracy at a very affordable price. However, the push buttons are more prone to water damage.



#3: My Weigh KD8000

This food scale is perfect for serious bakers who make a lot of bread or want to prepare large batches of food at once. It has the highest weighing capacity, at 17 pounds, 6 ounces. It can give you the flexibility to disable the automatic-off function as well as the backlight. It is also accurate and very responsive in weighing your ingredients. This scale can also run on a DC 5 V 300 mA AC adapter (not included). You can remove its stainless steel weighing platform for cleaning. It includes a removable plastic cover that protects the interface.



#2: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

This food scale is way too inexpensive but excellent in accurately weighing your food. It has a shorter auto-off function, it’s slightly slower at reading weights, and it comes with a shorter warranty. It has two buttons: one to turn the unit off or on and to tare ingredients, and another to switch the unit of measure between grams, ounces, pounds, and pounds plus ounces. However, its screen isn’t backlit, but its elevated weighing platform still allows you to read the scale.



#1: Escali Primo Digital Scale

This scale made it to the top of our list for the best food scales you can buy. It weighs faster than other scales and with the most accurate one. It is a lightweight and compact scale that won’t take up too much space in a drawer or cupboard. It has two buttons: one to turn the unit off or on and to tare, and another to switch the unit of measure between grams, ounces, and pounds plus ounces.It is capable of weighing ingredients between 1 gram and 5,000 grams (about 11 pounds). Plus, is available in nine different colors. Lastly, it has the longest battery lifespan so you don’t need to replace batteries all the time.



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