Ergonomic Keyboards To Prevent You From Forearm and Wrist Pain

Great keyboards for editors, writers, programmers, data cruncher or extreme gamers. These ergonomic keyboards are the solution for your wrist or forearm pain at some point by taking the pressure off from the aching joints. Be more productive!

#3: Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue (Mac)

This ergonomic keyboard can be tent-angled to 5, 10, or 15 degrees. It will prevent you from pain while typing with its sharp angle. It allows your fingers to sit flatter rather than reaching up over tall keys. Whether with the VIP3 accessory or without it, it is completely flat with a zero-degree slope. It needs only a light touch, with an actuation force of 35 g and the keys are easy to press without a bump.



#2: Matias Ergo Pro

This ergonomic keyboard can be positioned halves for the most wrist, shoulder, and arm comfort. Its keys are effortless to press that requires the slightest of taps to register and they are quiet. It is more adjustable compared to other keyboards. If you don’t need that much space between the halves, the cable that connects the two keyboard halves allows you to separate them by about 24 inches and retracts into a spool. In the bottom of the keyboard are the rubber feet that you can adjust the height and angle of each keyboard half— into either a tenting mode with up to 9 degrees of vertical tilt or into a negative tilt up to 4.5 degrees. Unfortunately, the cables are a hassle somehow but a wired connection allows the Ergo Pro to provide three USB 2.0 ports for connecting other peripherals.



#1: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard is great for people on a budget but wants to have an ergonomic keyboard that puts it at the top of our list for the best ergonomic keyboards you can buy. Its designed with a curved bump in the middle to achieve tenting of about 10 degrees while a magnetic attachment tilts the back of the keyboard down about 5 degrees. It has a curved palmrest with shallow and laptop-style keys that is comfortable to rest your hands on. It has full-size well-spaced chiclet keys, except for the top function row. It is easy to adjust compared to other keyboards with such reason that the partial split between the left and right sections is only one-half-inch to one inch wide.



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