Universal Remotes That Will Control Your Devices All Together At Once

It's universal! Remove all the remote controls that clutter your home with these universal remotes that can control your TV, cable box, sound bar, streaming devices, DVR and DVD player. Spend more of your time watching your favorite show and less time looking for the right control for the unit that sometimes is being misplaced at home especially when you have children. Have one of these all-in-one universal remotes at a very affordable price!

#5: URC RFS200

This universal remote can control up to 10 devices including TV, DVD, cable, satellite & A/V devices. It features Macro Power that turns on or off all components and Simple Sound for total volume control for all components. Plus, it includes one MasterControl RF20 remote and 1 power blaster. Unfortunately, you can only list five items at a time with its small LCD screen.



#4: Inteset INT-422

This universal remote is pre-programmed for Apple TV, XBox One, Media Center and Roku device codes which are easily changed. It features volume lock that allows you to lock the volume in all modes and channel lock that allows you to lock access to the channel changing capability in one mode such as the cable box. The only con to this remote is that the illumination takes 5 seconds only that can't be changed.



#3: Sony RMVLZ620

This universal remote has learning function for expanded AV equipment control. It can control up to 8 AV components such as TV, VCR, and DVD on-screen menu. Plus, it has 12 one-touch system control functions. The disadvantage of this remote is that the buttons are awkward to use.



#2: RCA RCR503BZ

This universal remote has a palm-sized design that makes the remote easy and comfortable to hold. It can control up to 3 devices and multi-colored keypad for TV, DVD or VCR, and satellite receiver, cable box, or digital TV converter. Unfortunately, it lacks input button.



#1: Logitech Harmony 650

This remote made it to the top of our list for the best universal remotes you can buy. It can support 8 devices that are enabled at software setup to reduce complexity and clutter in your living room. It has one-touch activity buttons like “Watch a DVD” that automatically switch the right devices to the right settings. Sadly, to correctly program the remote may not be easily done.



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