USB Microphones That Will Make Your Voice Sound Fantastic Like No Other

Enhance your voice! We offer you these reliable USB Microphones to make your voice sound the best with the least hassle. If you are an amateur musician, podcaster, or anyone looking for a better mic for their projects or dubbing some videos, you can pick one that will give favor to your tone. You will be confident to share your voice!

#6: Samson Stage X1U

This USB microphone is wireless but has issues with Windows desktop and Mac laptop. On Windows, setting a level that matches the other microphones requires many adjustments to the mic’s gain. On pairing with MacBook Pro, it does not connect at all. Very inconvenient for a grab-and-go microphone.



#5: MV51

This USB microphone has a large diaphragm for capturing sound, more processing modes, and touch-bar buttons for input level and muting the mic or headphones. It's quite heavy though to be portable and small for the desktop. It is Apple MFi certified for direct connection to any iOS device without the need for any additional adapters or connection kits.



#4: Blue Raspberry

This USB microphone sounds awesome and can fold up into a small size. It includes a headphone jack, gain control, an intelligent level/clipping light, and direct iOS/Lightning recording. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive though and the mute function requires pressing in the mic volume dial.



#3: Samson Meteor

iPad users will benefit this USB mic using Apple's Lightning USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit (30-pin). However, it has a lot of noises and does sound unnatural because the grill causes bounce-back sound. Nonetheless, it is still a decent mic though.



#2: Shure MV5

This USB microphone can save you a lot of money as a beginner and ideal if you move your mic between spaces. It has a good voice quality with a proper height for recording as well. It has a mute button is easy to reach on the back of the mic, as are a headphone jack and slightly recessed volume knob. It also provides an iOS app that allows for quick recording and sharing, with gain control, clip trimming, a live visual monitor, and more presets for equalizing your recordings. It weighs 5.6 ounces with its stable stand. However, depending on your height and seating, you can hardly see the small blinking red lights.



#1: Yeti by Blue

This USB microphone is ideal for those who would like to plug a microphone into your computer or iPad and have a clear sound in recording or even live. It provides a natural sound compared to other mics on our list. It features live headphone monitoring and gain control, two key features for any recording setup: a zero-latency headphone monitoring jack and without any delay if you sing or speak over another track. It has a master volume control, which mimics a headphone monitor control on a professional recording console plus a light-up mute button comes in handy for live recordings. However, it is taller than other mics, and its own swiveling table stand is quite heavy,



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