Are you looking to add some security to your home?

Owls are one of the best cameras on the market, offering a range of features including night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio. With an owl camera installed in your home, you'll be able to keep an eye on what's happening around the house anytime and anywhere with live streaming video and an easy-to-use app.

You can also easily customize settings such as recording schedules so that you're always up to date. Plus, owls come with powerful storage options for keeping all your recordings safe. Take control of your safety and security - with owl cameras watching over your home 24/7!

Check out our selection of the 5 best owl cameras today! Get yours now before it runs out!

How We Choose the Best Owl Camera?

You want to keep an eye on your property, but don't want to spend the money on a security system. We've done the research for you and found the 5 best owl cameras that are affordable and easy to use.

Night Owl 1080p HD Wired Indoor/Outdoor Add-On Cameras

Best For Motion Activated Spotlight

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Why We Love It

Wired Spotlight Cameras offer peace of mind for those who want added security at their home or business. With its motion-activated spotlight, you can be sure that any suspicious activity will be highlighted and easily spotted.

Not only do these cameras monitor the area, but they also act as a deterrent - potential burglars may not even attempt to break into your space when they know there is a camera recording everything.

Furthermore, with their advanced digital monitoring capabilities and smartphone connectivity, you can feel safe knowing that you always have eyes on what’s happening in your space.

America's # 1 Wired Security Camera Brand offers top-of-the-line technology and reliable service, making them an ideal choice for your home or business security needs. Hence, this is the best business-compatible option for you.

What You Should Know

Staying safe in the dark is made easier and more vivid with Color Night Vision security cameras from Night Owl. Recordings remain in full color even as light levels grow dim, making it easier to identify persons and objects that appear on your security Feed.

And with up to 100 ft. of clear Night Vision and a wide field of view, you can continuously monitor a large area without ever sacrificing video quality.

All this enhanced dusk-to-dawn surveillance requires compatible Night Owl DVRs – sold separately – so you can rest assured that when night falls, nothing escapes your watchful eye.

Meeting Owl 3 (Next Gen) 360-Degree

Best For Microsoft Teams Compatibility

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Why We Love It

With the Microsoft Teams compatible Meeting Owl 3, teams can now collaborate better than ever before! This revolutionary device captures full 1080p HD video from all angles of the room so that everyone can feel included and connected.

By automatically focusing on whoever is speaking at any given time, collaboration becomes even more active and dynamic. What's more, set up takes less than 7 minutes—all that's necessary is to plug in the power and USB cable, connect to your preferred video conferencing platform, and you're all set to start collaborating right away!

The integrated apps by owl labs for desktop, mobile, or tablet make managing these meetings faster and easier than ever before. You can pair two meeting owls and get an immersive hybrid meeting experience in your meeting room.

What You Should Know

The Meeting Owl pro offers an unprecedented level of universality and flexibility when it comes to video conferencing. The pairing of two meeting owls offers a greater experience.

With its compatibility with virtually all web-based video platforms, including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and BlueJeans among many others, you can deploy Meeting Owl no matter what platform or even devices your team members use.

Furthermore, with its WiFi-enabled Owl Intelligence System technology focused on people 4x faster and with higher accuracy than industry averages, the Meeting Owl also gets better over time with software upgrades and enhancements delivered over the air.

And if that's not enough to make you excited about the device, the Meeting Owl also adapts to any space with its ability to pair two units for larger areas or pair with Expansion Mics for additional coverage.

Add in other integrated technologies like Whiteboard Owl and Meeting HQ for hybrid meetings and your meetings have never been better organized!

Night Owl Sp, Llc Night Owl 8 Channel Bluetooth Video Home Security Camera System

Best For Home Security

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Why We Love It

Night Owl SP, LLC's 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder provides an unmatched level of surveillance. This system includes four high-definition wired cameras that are equipped with night vision and two-way audio capabilities.

The cameras have a wide viewing angle for complete coverage and built-in motion detection and recording capabilities. This system also has a Bluetooth feature for easy setup and remote viewing from a smartphone or tablet.

All data is securely stored on the included 1TB Hard Drive. With this advanced security system, users stay connected and in control of their valuable property from any location at any time.

What You Should Know

Night Owl app users can now enjoy the added safety of a camera siren with preset voice alerts. With this latest update from one of the leading video security companies, you can live with peace of mind knowing that any unwanted visitors to your home will be deterred by both audio and visual warnings.

This is just one more way that Night Owl has provided for its customers to stay secure 24/7. Combine this new feature with their already industry-leading cameras and customer service, and you have a product line that's unbeatably reliable!

Night Owl 1080p HD Wired Indoor/Outdoor Add-On Cameras

Best For Wired Spot Light

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Why We Love It

When it comes to securing your home or business, Wired Spotlight Cameras are a great choice for protection. Not only does the motion-activated bright built-in spotlight provide a sense of added security, but the camera also continues recording in full color as the light fades.

This ensures that you're capturing important details even when the environment is dimly lit. With WIRED being America's #1 wired security camera brand*, you can rest assured that your property and assets are in good hands with their innovative and reliable products.

What You Should Know

Enhanced night vision with a wide viewing angle allows for improved visibility and an expanded field of view when it comes to security surveillance. With up to 100 feet of clear night vision, this new capability offers clearer sight during the evening hours so that you can monitor your property from far distances as well as in dimly lit areas.

Additionally, this is compatible with Night Owl's smart video conference camera and video recorders to further bolster your security system.

With the recent technological advancements in enhanced night vision capabilities, you can ensure your safety and peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of advanced surveillance technology.

Night Owl AC Powered 1080p HD Wi-Fi IP Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Best For 2 Way Audio Enabled Camera

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Why We Love It

Get the ultimate peace of mind with the 1080p AC-powered wi-fi IP indoor/outdoor spotlight cameras. With built-in motion-activated spotlights, these cameras are precisely designed to capture the most important moments when you're least expecting them.

A unique human detection technology with facial capture capabilities ensures that only human movements from guests and family members trigger an alert, making it faster and easier for you to monitor your home or property.

Plus, meeting owl pros include 2-way audio-enabled cameras, so you can interact directly with anyone found on your property while keeping security as a high priority.

What You Should Know

Get the most out of your security measures with WNIP2 series cameras that feature color night vision, giving you up to 100 ft. of visibility and reliable surveillance. Set-up is also flexible and easy, whether you need a permanent installation or something quicker.

Plus, they are simple enough to store away when not in use. Additionally, with remote viewing capabilities at no extra cost to you, you'll be able to monitor your property no matter where you are. Convenient and efficient, these cameras make the ultimate addition to any system!

Owl Camera FAQ

What does the Owl camera do?

Owl is a security camera system that combines AI and advanced video analytics to provide homeowners with an enhanced level of home safety. Although it looks like a traditional security camera, it has some key features that set it apart from the competition.

It allows you to detect motion up to 50 feet away, track people or vehicles moving in multiple directions, and recognize faces with its facial recognition technology.

Additionally, Owl comes equipped with two-way audio so you can communicate with visitors on your property even when you’re not there. Furthermore, Owl includes cloud storage support so your recordings are backed up for easy access later down the line.

What is the range of the Meeting Owl camera?

The Meeting Owl camera has a wide field of view of up to 180°, which can capture a full room or boardroom with ease. It also has 8 auto-focus microphones and dual opposing omnidirectional audio that helps it pick up sound from any direction for crystal clear audio.

The built-in intelligent active speaker tracking ensures all the members in the meeting are heard and seen clearly, regardless of their location.

Does Owl's camera record?

Yes, the Owl camera records audio and video. The owl labs devices include a built-in microphone and store HD quality recordings on an onboard 16 GB micro SD card. It also supports other external storage devices like a USB C cable or NAS system for even more storage space. Additionally, you can connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network and remotely view live video feeds from anywhere in the world.

What does the Owl camera do?

The Owl camera is the world's first security camera that comes with facial recognition technology and a two-way audio system. It uses its facial recognition capabilities to detect people or objects in your home, so you receive only important notifications while ignoring false alarms.

Additionally, the Owl's two-way audio system allows you to communicate with whoever is at your door without ever having to leave the house or answer blindly.

Lastly, the Owl camera can be integrated with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for versatile automation possibilities.

Do Night Owl cameras require Internet?

No, Night Owl labs meeting cameras do not require an Internet connection for basic functions and setup. You will need to owl connect them directly to your router and the included Ethernet cable in order for the recording to be sent back to your router or NVR (Network Video Recorder).

This can also be done wirelessly with a Wi-Fi-enabled NVR. However, having an internet connection is required if you plan on accessing the cameras remotely through their mobile app.


In conclusion, finding the best lab meeting owl camera for you is no easy feat. However, with careful research and our reviews of reviews from verified customers on Amazon, you can be certain to find a solid owl camera that will meet your needs.

With reliable functions like night vision, wide-angle lenses, and motion alerts, the cameras we outlined are sure to give you the look and security you desire.

Whether it’s eliminating intruders or capturing special memories with the family, these cameras can help capture life’s moments while offering a sense of peace and protection. Invest in one of these awesome cameras today and enjoy a worry-free future!